staining new pressure treated wood
When to Stain New Pressure Treated Wood There are a huge amount of OPINIONS about staining new pressure treated wood.
lawn crabgrass and goosegrass
Treat Crabgrass and Goosegrass in Lawns Doc helps you identify crabgrass and goosegrass in your lawn, then shows how to
drought lawn watering
Watering Lawn During Drought Conditions Doc talks about saving and watering your lawn during hot drought conditions. Give the short
lawn renovation bermuda grass
Bermuda Lawn Renovation and Big Irrigation Doc renovates the back lawn and scarifies the seed into the soil. Then installs
fixing lawns
Fixing Lawn Problems in June Doc returns to the farm property to find all kinds of problems. The past week
lawn renovation
Lawn Renovation of Ugly Lawn Doc goes to the beach house for a full lawn renovation of the ugly lawn.
thick green lawn
Make Your Lawn Thick and Dark Green Doc shows you how to make your lawn thick and green very quickly.
May Lawn Care 2024 Updates Doc gives a full update on the lawns and the property as well as some
dgl dark green lawn
DGL Dark Green Lawn Fertilizer Doc explains the new DGL Dark Green Lawn Fertilizer.  An all fast release nitrogen lawn
spring fertilizing and seeding
It's Time Spring Fertilizer and Seeding Doc talks about spring fertilizers and spring seeding. When the temps hit 80 it's
mclane reel mowers 2024
Mclane Reel Mowers 2024 Models Doc shows the new McLane GK2 and the McLane Low Cut models as well as
lawn core aeration
Lawn Core Aeration Tips and How To Doc does a core aeration on two lawns and explains why he hates
cutting spring grass short
Cutting Grass Short in the Spring Doc explains why cutting the grass lawn short in the spring is actually good.
How to Fix and Replace Sprinkler Head Doc explains how to replace, adjust, and move a sprinkler head. Once you
lawn scalp bermuda
Scalping Bermuda Lawns Doc talks about scalping Bermuda lawns and gives some tips. He has new ideas about the scalping
seed bermuda lawn
Should You Reseed Bermuda Lawns Doc explains why most lawn owners should not reseed Bermuda lawns. Most Bermuda lawns are
fix an ugly lawn
How to Fix an Ugly Lawn Doc shows you how to fix an ugly lawn and shows the before and
prevent ticks and chiggers
How to Prevent and Kill Ticks and Chiggers Doc explains how to prevent ticks and chiggers from attacking your body.
fertilizing before rain
Fertilizing Lawns Before Rains Doc uses Green Shocker to fertilize the lawn just before the rain starts. This can be
do fertilizers kill the soil
Do Synthetic Fertilizers Kill the Soil Biology Doc explains that nutrients are the same in the soil whether they come
best garden soil
Best Garden Soil Doc shows the best garden soil and how to make it. After making super compost with DirtBooster,
veggie garden soil and compost
No-Till Myths and making Veggie Garden Compost Doc starts the process of making vegetable garden compost. He explains why many
How to Kill Fire Ants Doc shows how he kills fire ants both on residential lawns and in large fields.
lawn preemergent not working
Is My Preemergent Working We get a lot of comments about lawn preemergent not working or not working as well
Lawn Care in Times of Heavy Rain Doc talks about dealing with heavy rains when it comes to lawn care.
killing lawn weeds
How to Kill Weeds in Spring Lawn Doc explains how to kill weeds in the lawn during the transition period
Full Work Day and Preview of Solar Doc has a full day of reel mowing, brush cutting and gives you
kill stink bugs
How to Kill Stink Bugs If you have stink bugs coming into your house this late winter / spring, it's
spring lawn aeration
Lawn Aeration Spring Doc does a spring lawn aeration along with reel mowing and feeding. Most lawns should not get
reel mow lawn
First Reel Mowing of 2024 Doc cuts all the lawns then does the first cut of the year with the
when to fertilize lawn spring
When to Fertilize Lawns in the Spring Doc goes over when to fertilize your lawns in the spring. Many rush
kill poa annua in bermuda lawn
How to Kill Poa Annua in Bermuda Grass Doc answers the question, should you kill poa annua in Bermuda grass
lawn preemergent
How to Apply Lawn Preemergent Tips Doc talks about tips on applying lawn preemergent. Timing is critical but there are
lawn care spring 2024
Spring Lawn Care 2024 Doc goes over some 2024 lawn care information including some new lawn products and updates. He
before you buy apple watch
Before You Buy an Apple Watch What to Know Doc breaks down all the reasons he bought an Apple Watch
best lightweight boot work and hiking
Best Lightweight Boot Yard Work and Hiking Doc gives a review after 2 years of searching on his top pick
how much to cut a tree pro
How Much Does it Cost to Cut Down a Tree Doc talks to his tree guy and explains how much
fall preemergent
Fall Preemergent Lawn Treatment Doc talks about the fall preemergent treatment and why it's important if you have Poa Annua
winter lawn overseed
Should You Overseed Lawn in the Winter Doc explains why he does not overseed his lawn in the winter and
tiny house cabin
Custom Built Tiny House Shed Cabin Doc gets delivery of the new tiny house / cabin. Custom designed by Doc
nutrient imbalance soil
Soil Nutrient Imbalance Gardens Lawns and Fields Doc spends the day on the farm talking about high potassium and other
deer food plots
Deer Food Plots Late Season Planting When planting deer food plots in the late season two factors must be considered;
how to run a skid steer
How to Operate a Skid Steer In this video Doc shows the basics on how to operate a skid steer. 
end of drought rain
Drought Lawn Reel Mowing Before the Rain A very busy few days on the farm getting the lawns, gardens and
fall lawn soil testing
Soil Testing Your Lawn and Soil Doc talks about lawn soil testing and how important it is to know exactly
lawn reel mower review
Lawn Reel Mower Review 2024 The new 2024 Low Cut series reel mowers. Watch the video below and doc explains
fall lawn care armyworms and grubs
Fall Lawn Care Armyworms Moths and Grubs Doc talks about fall lawn care and armyworms in the lawn. The first
fall lawn winterizer fertilizer
Fall Lawn Fertilizer Winterizer Myths Doc talks about fall fertilizers and the myths around winterizers. He does soil testing on
falling seeding and mixing grasses
Fall Seeding and Farm Work Full Week Doc gives a summary of a long week of fall seeding, lawn care
Best Security Camera WIFI and Cellular Doc shows and reviews his top pick for the best security camera for 2023
fall lawn care schedule
Fall Lawn Care Schedule and Lawn Care Doc goes over fall lawn care and the fall lawn schedule. As temps
best deer food and food plots
Best Deer Food and Food Plots for Deer Doc shows how they turned an abandoned farm property into a deer
lawn ph and lime application
Lawn PH and How to Apply Lime Doc finds out the backyard lawn is very low on PH and does
how much are gutter guards
How Much do Gutter Guards Cost Doc shows the full cost of having gutter guards installed.  Doc explains how much
lawn seeding tips
Lawn Seeding Tips Doc give some lawn seeding tips and shows the various seeding projects around the property.  With five
fall armyworms in lawn
How to Kill Armyworms in the Lawn Doc explains how to treat for fall Armyworms and grubs in the lawn.
how to kill fruit flies and house gnats
How to Kill Fruit Flies Drain Flies and Phorid Flies Doc shows his full plan on how to kill fruit
how to seed a lawn
How to Seed a Lawn Late Summer Early Fall Doc shows lawn seeding techniques and talks about lawn seeding time
co sensors on generators
Portable Generator with Carbon Monoxide Sensors Problems Doc explains why carbon monoxide sensors ON the generator might not be the
crabgrass and goosegrass herbacide result
Crabgrass and Goosegrass Herbicide Results Doc shows the results of the herbicide application for both crabgrass and Goosegrass. While there
Home Water Filter Under Sink and Whole House Filters Doc shows his home water filtration systems. Both the under sink
lawn weeds goosegrass and crabgrass
Lawn Weed Killers How to Find the Right Weed Killer Doc shows you how to find the right weed killers
best value king or queen mattress
Best Value Luxury Mattress King and Queen Size "My family and I have slept on these mattresses for over two
is solar worth it
Is Solar Power Worth the Investment Doc asks the question is solar power worth it? He also invites you to
how mycorrhizal fungi works
How Mycorrhizal Fungi Works Lawn and Garden Doc explains how Mycorrhizal Fungi Works in the lawn and garden and then
hot summer lawn care
Extreme Heat Summer Lawn Care Doc works in the heat and applies hot summer lawn treatments. This time of year
leveling bumpy lawn
How to Level a Bumpy Lawn Doc and the gang decide to level the backyard for the first time. This
home inverter generator
Best Inverter Generator for the Home Doc goes over home inverter generators and some warnings and tips. Most new generators
cutting new grass and lawns
Cutting New Lawn and Summer Spoon Feeding Fertilizer Doc cuts the newly seeded lawns for the first time and then
crabgrass in lawn
How to Get Rid of Crabgrass in Lawns Doc talks about treating crabgrass with varying methods and how the heat
pressure washing concrete driveways
How to Pressure Wash Driveways Doc explains how to pressure wash driveways and other surfaces as well as showing the
hot weather lawn care
Hot Summer Lawn Care and Tips Doc explains how we adjust our lawn care in the summer heat. It's time
kill japanese beetles
Kill Japanese Beetles and Bugs in Gardens Naturally Doc shows how to kill Japanese beetles and bugs in the garden
u-shaped ac unit
U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner Review Doc reviews his new GE U-Shaped window air conditioner unit. This is an wonderful high
how to aerate lawns
How to Aerate Lawns Important Tips Doc does a lawn aeration on the back yard and the new front grass
summer lawn scalp
Summer Lawn Scalp with a BIG Surprise Doc scalps the back lawn and gets a big surprise. Summer scalping can
organic gardening
Organic Gardening and Best Natural Fertilizer Doc and Jess start to harvest the massive amount of produce from the natural
fast grass seed germination
Fast Grass Seed Germination Doc shows the fast germination of the newly planted seed and lawn. He uses 3 different
lawn fungus treatment
Lawn Fungus Treatment Doc explains why the lawn fungus is so bad in his new lawn and explains the treatments.
installing new lawn from scratch
Turning a Rough Natural Area Into a Pretty Lawn Doc begins that last project on the farm property. Turning the
cutting long wet grass too much rain
Cutting Tall Lawn Grass Too Much Rain Doc comes back to the house to find the lawn at 6" tall
mixing grass seeds on lawns
Can You Mix Different Lawn Grass Seeds Doc explains that mixing grass seeds is actually quiet common. Many cool season
fast release summer lawn fertilizer
When to Use Fast Release Fertilizers Doc explains summer fertilizers and when to use a fast release, mild fertilizer on
summer lawn care drought
Summer Lawn Care Heat and Drought Doc talks about summer lawn care and what changes when the heat and droughts
dethatch verticut bermuda zoysia lawn
Dethatching Bermuda or Zoysia Lawns Doc discusses why we don't dethatch warm season lawns like Bermuda and Zoysia. Instead we
fix ugly lawn
Fix Ugly Lawn Fast Fix the ugly lawn fast. Doc visits the Zoysia lawn which really is ugly and in
organic fertilizers
Organic vs Synthetic Fertilizers What to Use When Doc covers when to use organic fertilizers vs. synthetic fertilizers and the
planting grass seed tips
How to Plant Grass Seeds Successfully Seeding lawns and over seeding lawns can be frustrating if your seed doesn't germinate
thiick green bermuda lawn
How to Make Bermuda Grass Thick and Green Doc talks about the PUSH ZONE for both warm season and cool
watering lawn during drought
Lawn Watering During a Drought Doc explains how he keeps his lawn healthy and green during a drought. Drought watering
compost vs raw manure in gardens
Raw Manure vs. Composted Manure in Gardens Doc talks about raw manure vs. composted manure in gardens and why composted
how long seed germination
How Long for Seed Germination Grass and Vegetable Seeds How long does it take for seeds to germinate? Doc discusses
amazing natural soil
Amazing Natural Soil Results Using No Fertilizers Doc shows the results of Dirt Booster testing. This soil has had nothing
thick green lawn
Thick Green Bermuda Lawn Reel Mowing Doc cuts ALL the lawns including the Bermuda lawn which is now turning green
clear up dirty pond water
How to Clear Up Pond Water Doc shows the results of treating the dirty / cloudy pond water. Testing different
lawn grubs
Grubs in the Lawn - How to Identify and Kill Lawn Grubs Doc explains grubs in the lawn. How to
spring lawn fertilizer application
When to PUSH Your Lawn with Fertilizer Doc explains when to push your Bermuda lawn with heavier fertilizer treatments in
applying dirt booster lawn and garden
How to Apply Dirt Booster Lawn and Garden Doc explains how to apply Dirt Booster to the lawn and garden.
reel mow lawn care full
Reel Mowing Lawns Full Spring Care Doc is reel mowing the Bermuda lawn after fertilizing and rain. Then moves to
hot water smells like rotten eggs
Hot Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs and Sulfur Doc explains why your hot water smells like rotten eggs or sulfur.
lawn aerating
Aerating Lawns When How and Why Doc is aerating the lawn and discusses the whole aeration subject.  He uses spikes
scalp lawn cool season
Should You Scalp a Cool Season Lawn Doc scalps down the cool season lawn to give the new germination a
spring lawn fertilizer
Spring Lawn Fertilizer What to Use Spring lawn fertilizers should be applied once we enter the "growing season" which is
Planting Grass Seeds Multiple Varieties Doc plants multiple varieties of grass seeds on one lawn. This is NOT something you
prepare garden soil for planting
Great Vegetable Garden Soil Adding Clover and Organic Matter Doc explains some misconceptions about no-till gardening and why tilling your
fertilizing around ponds
Fertilizing Around Ponds Lakes and Pond Berms When fertilizing around ponds and lakes synthetic fertilizers should not be used. Instead
spring seeding lawn
Spring Seeding Lawns and Over Seeding Doc talks about spring seeding and spring over seeding of lawns. Whether is a
march lawn care
March Lawn Care Doc talks about March lawn care and the crazy weather swings that this month can bring.  One
best garden soil and compost
How to Make the Best Garden Soil and Compost Doc explains how to make the best garden soil and garden
spring lawn scalp and fertilize
Spring Lawn Scalp and Fertilizer Doc scalps the spring Bermuda lawn and applies first fertilizer. After that he finds grubs
weeds in new lawn
Weeds in Newly Planted Lawns Doc explains that weeds in new lawns are not all bad. Weeds have roots and
old house renovation before and after
Old House Full Renovation Before and After After a year of renovation on the old farm house the work is
organic lawn fertilizer
Organic Lawn Fertilizers and How to Use Them Doc goes over organic lawn fertilizers and why we don't use them
scalping bermuda and zoysia lawns
Scalping Bermuda and Zoysia Lawns Spring Doc shows how to scalp Bermuda and Zoysia lawns but this cut is actually
kill poa annua and premergent
Killing Poa Annua and Lawn Preemergent Doc applies lawn preemergent and at the same time applies a weed killer for
Preemergent Lawn Treatments How To Doc explains what needs to happen and how to schedule your first lawn preemergent treatment. 
make new wood look old and weathered
How to Age and Weather Wood Doc shows you how to age and weather new wood to look old.  This
deck and fence stain oil vs hybrid
Oil vs. Hybrid Wood Stains Fence and Deck Doc explains the difference between oil and hybrid stains.  The application method
how to shiplap ceiling
How to Install Shiplap Ceiling Doc installs shiplap on the ceiling and some walls at the farmhouse project.  It's important
stone veneer installation adhesive
Stone Veneer Installation and Adhesive Doc and crew do a stone veneer on the foundation of the new house.  Many
pond water test kit
Pond Water Testing Kit DIY Doc shows the pond water testing kit that tests for the most common problems in
winter rye grass care
Winter Lawn Care Annual Rye Grass Lawn Doc cuts the winter green rye lawn and applies fertilizer and carbon. This
winter preemergent poa annua
Winter Lawn Preemergent and Killing Poa Annua Doc explains winter lawn preemergent treatments and also covers poa annua which is
wood and wire dog fence
Wood and Wire Dog Fence Doc shows the construction of the wood and wire dog fence on the new farm
blink camera system review
Blink Camera System Full Review and Tips After 3 years of using Blink Security Camera systems Doc does his review.
lawn leaves mulch or pickup
Should You Mulch Leaves or Pick Them Up Lawns Doc talks about mulching leaves on your lawn and whether or
best value priced chainsaw
Best Value Priced Gas Chainsaw Doc reviews his two new value priced gas powered chainsaws. The name brand might shock
biochar for lawns
Lawn Biochar Carbon Winter Applications Doc explains the benefits of biochar and why we add it to the lawn.  Carbon
winter seeding of grass and bare dirt
How to Seed Bare Ground Doc and crew do a winter seeding on the bare ground of the pond berm.
pond berm tree removal
Pond Berm Tree Removal Doc shows the pond berm tree removal. Trees must be removed from both sides of the
deep well drilling
How Much to Drill a Deep Water Well Doc shows the entire process of drilling a deep well, installing the
Fall Lawn Preemergent Treatments Doc explains why so many preemergent treatments fail and the mistakes many make. Timing of the
bare pots in the lawn
Bare Spots in the Lawn Doc talks about bare spots in the lawn and the importance of getting both cover
winter overseed bermuda lawn
Overseeding Bermuda Lawn Winter Rye Doc discusses overseeding your Bermuda lawn in the winter. Should you overseed with annual rye?
winterize vegetable garden
Winterize Vegetable Garden for Better Spring Soil Doc winterizes the new vegetable garden and adds organic matter to the soil.
cool season grass seed and fertilze puting green
Cool Season Grass Reel Mowing Putting Green Doc cuts the cool season putting green with the reel mower and applies
fall grub killer and fertilize
Fall Lawn Killing Grubs and Fertilizing Doc treats the fall lawn for grubs and puts down the last treatment of
brown spots on lawn
Brown Spots on Lawn - Lawn Fungus and Grubs Doc finds brown spots on his back lawn and starts the
lawn soil test online
Lawn and Garden Soil Test Kit Online Doc shows his top pick for an online soil test kit.  Not only
dark green lawn in the fall
How to Get Green Lawn in the Fall Doc fertilizes the fall lawn with a mild fertilizer while the dew
Lawn Soil PH Testing and Lime Doc shows the new Soil PH tester on the lawn and farm fields. Then
fall lawn fertilizers
Changing Fertilizers for Fall Lawns Doc explains why cooling temps have us switch to a fall lawn fertilizer.  As our
deer food plots
Planting Deer Food Plots Doc finishes planting the deer food plots for the upcoming fall season.  Once these food plots
new lawn seeding roto tilling
New Lawn Seeding Rototilling the Soil After two attempts to seed the sediment clay soil and failures, Doc decides to
custom ordered shed
Custom Ordered Shed from TuffShed Doc shows the custom ordered lawn sheds. The smaller shed from 3 years ago and
too much rain for lawn cutting
Too Much Rain Cutting Wet Lawns After months of dealing with droughts and heat the forecast now has days and
cheap pond fountain
Cheap Pond Fountain Install Doc installs the pond fountain and gives it an initial run. While most pond fountains range
fixing ugly bermuda lawn
Ugly Bermuda Lawn Fixed Doc shows the amazing recovery of the Bermuda lawn that was abandoned for over 2 months.
sharpen chainsaw file
Sharpen Chainsaw with File Doc sharpens chainsaw with a file in just a few minutes.  This quick field sharpen is
pressure washing driveways
How to Pressure Wash Concrete Driveway Doc shows how to pressure wash a driveway step by step. From picking the
seeding lawn aeration
Lawn Aeration and Seeding Doc reseeds the back lawn.  Aerating the lawn before seeding will help open up dry lawns
august lawn care
August Bermuda Lawn Care Doc shows the lawn recovery and talks about what to apply in the month of August.
live video game camera
Deer Game Camera with Live Video Doc reviews his new live view deer game camera with full 2k video. This
setting beaver traps
Setting Live Beaver Traps Doc sets the live beaver traps around the pond. The beaver damage is getting quite extensive
reseed bermuda lawn
Reseeding Lawns the Dos and Don'ts Doc explains why most homeowners should NOT reseed warm season lawns. The difference between
bermuda in flower beds
Bermuda Growing into Flower Beds and Gardens Doc shows how to treat Bermuda grass that is growing into your flower
fixing ugly lawn
Fix Ugly Lawns in the Summer Fixing the ugly lawn after 2 months of no care. In about 2 weeks
diy termite treatment
DIY Home Termite Treatment Doc puts his first home termite treatment on the new farm house property.  Termites can attack
shed foundation with gravel
Gravel Shed Foundation Doc builds another storage shed foundation out of gravel. This shed will be a large barn shed
lawn grubs and army worms 6
Lawn Grubs and Army Worms Treatment Doc talks about lawn grubs and army worms. This is the time of year
new lawn and seed fertilizer
Fertilizing New Lawns and New Seed Doc fertilizes and treats the new seed planted in the back yard. When treating
installing a new lawn and seeding
New Lawn Installation Doc begins the new lawn installation including the leveling and seeding of the new lawn. With drainage
planting a new lawn
Planting a New Lawn and Grass Seed Doc starts the process of installing a new lawn at the farm house.
summer lawn scalp
Summer Lawn Scalp Product Links → Doc goes over summer lawn scalping and why he does it every year. Most
Farmhouse and Farmland Renovation Doc returns the farm to find it overgrown but the house renovation starts in just a
restore damaged lawn
Fixing Ugly Lawn - Lawn Restoration Doc returns home after 2 months with nothing being done to the lawn. Now
hot drought lawn treatment
Summer Drought Lawn Care Doc explains why he is letting his Bermuda lawn burn off in the summer heat. Then
Hot Summer Lawn Treatments Doc explains residual vs. temporary treatments and applies Dirt Booster to the lawn. The hot summer
when to sharpen lawn mower blades
When to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Product Links → Doc discusses sharpening lawn mower blades and making adjustments to the
fertilize in the summer heat
Summer Lawn Fertilizer in the Heat Doc applies fertilizer to the lawn in the hot summer heat. Everyone will say
zoysia vs bermuda grass which is better
Zoysia Grass vs Bermuda Grass for Lawns Doc compares the Zoysia grass to the Bermuda grass and talks about the
kill bugs and grubs in the lawn
Killing Bugs and Grubs in the Lawn and Around the House Doc kills bugs and grubs in the lawn and
lawn liquid spray fertilizer
Spraying Lawns with Fertilizers Doc sprays the lawn with a liquid fertilizer / supplement.  Super Juice is a very mild
best pool cleaner automatic
Top Pick Automatic Pool Cleaner Doc reviews his top pick for best pool cleaner.  After a year of full testing
reel mowing lawn
Reel Mowing Lawns - The Full Yard Cut Doc reel mows the full lawn. After repairing the drought damaged lawn
drought lawn repair spoon feeding fertilizer
Drought Recovery Spoon Feeding Lawn Fertilizer Doc works on repairing the drought damaged and nutrient poor lawn. By using mild,
summer lawn fertilizer and zoysia seed
Summer Lawn Fertilizer Doc feeds the Zoysia lawn with a summer fertilizer Green Shocker then plants Zoysia seed in the
best garden compost and soil
Best Soil Compost for Vegetable and Flower Gardens Doc goes over the best garden compost and how to make it
Planting Bermuda and Zoysia Seed - Shaded Areas Doc plans on planting Bermuda and Zoysia seed but runs into a
Improving Lawn and Garden Soils Understanding CEC Doc explains CEC, cation exchange capacity, and how we can improve our lawn
septic tank install and drain field
Septic Tank Install and Drain Field Replacement Doc on the farm property having a new septic tank and drain field
Lawn Watering Schedule During Drought Doc explains his lawn watering schedule during a drought. (Not normal conditions)  Doc switches to
dethatch bermuda lawn verticutting
Dethatching Lawns vs. Verticutting Doc talks about dethatching lawns vs. verticutting lawns and which you should do.  The majority of
New DirtBooster Plus - Creating Great Soils Doc applies the new DirtBooster Plus to the fields and to his front
organic vegetable garden fertilizer
Growing Vegetables without Fertilizers Naturally Doc prepares the fields for vegetables that will be grown without using fertilizer.  Using only
seeding bermuda and zoysia lawns
Seeding Bermuda and Zoysia Lawns Doc explains how to seed a Bermuda and Zoysia lawn.  The critical factors are temperature,
Spring Lawn Aeration and Organic Treatments Doc explains the importance  of organic matter and applies after doing his spring lawn
install gravel driveway
How to Install Gravel Driveway Doc installs the second gravel driveway which is also over 1000 feet long.  When installing
Old Farmland Renovation and Food Plots Doc spent the past 4 weeks taking the old farm property and turning it
dark green lawn
Dark Green Lawn Doc shows the dark green lawn and explains how to get one.  Over the years by improving
pressure washing old wood decks
Pressure Washing Wood Decks and Docks Doc pressure washes an old deck / dock and prepares it for staining. Many
spring lawn weeds
Spring Lawn Weeds Prevention and Treatment Doc talks about spring weeds in the lawn. Even though we put down preemergent
lawn cutting height spring
Lawn Cutting Height Spring Doc explains lawn cutting height in the spring and why we need to resist the urge
barn renovation
Old Barn Renovation Fix Up and Clean Up Doc works on the old barn and restoration. While it's more of
dark green thick lawn
How to Get Dark Green Thick Spring Lawn Get a dark green thick lawn early this spring without pushing your
cellular and solar security camera
Cellular Solar Security Camera Review Doc reviews his new cellular solar powered security camera.  This new security camera not only
when to fertilize your lawn
When to Fertilize Your Lawn Doc explains when to fertilize your lawn in the spring.  Our lawns slowly wake up
spring lawn and fixing a pond
Spring Lawn Issues and Fixing a Pond Drain Doc goes over the spring lawn care and also takes a trip
lawn care late frost
Lawn Care Late Frost and Freezes Late frost and freezes are normal with spring lawn care, there is not much
Seeding lawns and overseeding lawns
Seeding Lawns and Overseeding Lawns Doc does several seeding projects this year and in this video he talks about seeding
how low to scalp bermuda
How to Low to Scalp Bermuda and Zoysia Lawns Doc does the full spring lawn scalp on the Bermuda lawn.
spring lawn fertilizers
Which Lawn Fertilizer is Best for Spring Doc explains which fertilizers to use on spring lawns and when to apply
prepare vegetable garden soil
Vegetable Garden Soil Preparation Organic Doc prepares the vegetable garden soils well before the planting season begins.  The vegetable gardens
spray preemergent lawn
Liquid Preemergent Lawn Doc applies liquid preemergent to the lawn with a tow behind sprayer. After ordering the wrong granular
staining wood fence with graco sprayer
Wood Fence Staining - Restain Fence with Sprayer Doc stains the wood fence after cleaning with the Graco sprayer.  The
rainwater gutter runoff lawn
Moving Rain Water Gutter Run Off on Lawn After years of battling runoff issues Doc decides to move the downspouts
seamless gutter install
Seamless Gutter Install Doc has the old gutters replaced with new six inch seamless gutters. This the second time we
spring lawn fertilizer jump start
Spring Lawn Fertilizer Jump Start Early Green Doc applies the spring lawn fertilizer which is part of the jump start
scalping bermuda lawn
Scalping Bermuda Lawn and Preemergent Prep Scalping the Bermuda lawn in prep for the preemergent treatment. Doc PRE scalps the
cleaning fences and decks
Cleaning Old Fence and Deck Restore Wood Doc cleans and restores the fence and removes the dark colors and gray. 
small engine won't start
Small Engines Won't Start - Lawn Mower Pressure Washer Doc shows a common problem with winter storage of small engines.
kill weeds in bermuda lawn poa annua
Killing Winter Weeds Poa Annua Doc kills winter weeds mainly poa annua in the Bermuda lawn. Now is the time
lawn spring preemergent
Lawn Care Preemergent Treatments - How They Work Doc goes over spring lawn preemergents and how they work. He shows
repupose old windows art
Repurpose Old Windows Into Art Doc repurposes two old historic windows into a wall art. A big empty wall needs
staining wood fence with sprayer
Staining Wood Fence with Sprayers Doc uses a new sprayer to stain the wood fence.  Spraying wood fences with stain
Best Life Insurance Policy Doc explains the best life insurance policy for families and children.  The return of premium life
mattress in a box best value
Best Mattress in Box Review Important: This → LINK will take you directly to the QUEEN make sure you have
2022 reel mower
2022 Lawn Reel Mowers Review and Information Doc shares reel mower information and reviews for the upcoming lawn season.  Due
oven pot roast recipe
Oven Baked Pot Roast Recipe It's winter time and Doc is finishing up projects around the house. Perfect time for
Remodel Building Codes and Flood Zone Regulations Doc explains some of the building codes and flood zone regulations you may
dormant lawn care
Dormant Lawn Care and Treatments Doc discusses what needs to be done to your dormant lawn in the winter.  He
lawn square footage calculator
Calculate Lawn Square Footage Doc shows how to calculate your lawn's square footage in seconds using Google Maps.  It's critical
cutting winter rye short
Short Cutting Winter Rye Grass Doc cuts the winter rye grass lawn down to 3/4 inch and shows a bunch
hose end spray bottle lawns
Hose End Spray Bottles for Lawns Doc explains hose end spray bottle for lawns. When using hose end bottles for
killing winter lawn weeds
Killing Winter Weeds in Lawns Killing winter weeds in your lawn. Doc explains how to kill your winter weeds and
kill bermuda in gardens
Kill Bermuda Grass in Gardens Stopping and killing Bermuda grass in gardens without killing other plants.  Doc talks about a
low cutting rotary mower
Low Cutting Rotary Mower Finding a low cutting rotary mower for your lawn is not easy.  The majority of lawn
lawn winter pre emergent
Winter Lawn Preemergent and New Sod Preemergent Winter lawn preemergent is only used in certain circumstances. Doc explains how they
best spam call blocker free
Best Free SPAM CALL Blocker for IPHONE Doc shows you the best free spam call blocker for your IPHONE.  Doc
dry aging meat
Dry Aging Meat and Cooking Venison Recipe Doc goes over the benefits of dry aging aging meat and then cooks
lawn care products 2022
Lawn Care Products 2022 Doc goes over lawn care products and news for the upcoming 2022 season. Things will be
Paint vs. Solid Stain Wood Fence Staining Doc talks about using paint vs. solid stain on raw wood.  The picket
winter rye overseeding
Overseeding Bermuda with Rye Grass Problems Overseeding Bermuda grass with winter rye can cause problems in the spring.  Not only
lawn lime
Lawn Lime When to Apply and Who Should Apply Doc talks about applying lawn lime and who should apply it.
fall bermuda cool temps
Bermuda Lawn Care Cooling Temps Doc talks about the changes in the daily temps and how he is changing his
wood picket dence diy
DIY Wood Picket Fence Construction Doc shows the making, design, and installation of the stick built wood picket fence. The
reel mower blade damage
Reel Mower Blade Damage How to Fix Nicks and Burrs Doc hits a nail while cutting the Zoysia lawn. He
winter overseed lawn
Winter Overseeding of Warm Season Lawns Doc overseeds the back lawn with a cool season grass seed. Not the normal
Best Beer Batter Fish Fry Recipe To make this recipe use 50% four and 50% Louisiana fish fry. Add baking
planting bamboo
Planting Bamboo Clumping vs Running Doc talks about planting bamboo and clumping vs running bamboo.  Planting Bamboo Video No
dark green lawn
Dark Green Lawn in the Fall Doc shows the dark green lawn that is only 4 months old. He is
lawn pre emergents
When to Apply Fall Lawn Pre Emergents Doc shares some tricks and tips for fall lawn pre emergents and applications.
invisible window screen
Invisible Window and Porch Screening Window screens in years past were pretty ugly and heavy. The new generation of invisible
fall organic fertilizer
Fall Organic Lawn Products Last Chance to Apply Doc applies the last organic treatment to the Bermuda lawn and reel
fix lawn dog pee spots
Dog Pee Spots in the Lawn How to Fix Dog pee burns lawns due to high nitrogen levels. It has
fall bermuda lawn products
Fall Bermuda Lawn Care and Products As temps fall our Bermuda lawn care changes.  Growth generally slows and we need
fall lawn cutting height
Fall Mowing Height Reel Mowing New Zoysia Lawn Doc finally gets a reel mower for the new Zoysia lawn.  He
lawn lime ph seeding
Lawn Lime PH and Fall Lawn Care Doc shows the results from the new seeding project and talks about soil
starter fertilizer
Fertilizing Newly Seeded Lawns Doc seeds the back lawn with a mix of seeds and then fertilizes it with the
overseeding fall lawns
Fall Lawn Over Seeding and New Lawn Seeding Doc did a Zoysia seeding and now is doing an overseeding and
lawn french drains
Installing French Drains Lawn Drainage Issues Doc installs French drains in the lawn to solve drainage issues.  Pooling water can
Cheap Lawn Mower and Zoysia Grass Planting Doc shows the results of the first Zoysia seeding and cuts with the
armyworms in lawn
Lawn Army Worm Treatments Armyworms start to show up in lawns late summer through the fall. In this video Doc
lawn spreader settings
Lawn Spreader Settings for Lawn Products Doc explains how he decides lawn spreader settings for new products.  Lawn spreaders have
blink outdoor camera batteries
How Long do Blink Camera Batteries Last Doc replaces the Blink camera batteries after 2 years.  The Blink cameras were
cutting grass in the heat
Cutting Lawns in Hot Weather Summer Yard Word Doc and crew cut the lawns in the hot summer temps. With
growing big zinnias
Growing and Care for Big Zinnia Plants Doc goes over planting zinnias and caring for zinnia plants.  Zinnias are a
Summer Lawn Fertilizers and Soil Treatments Doc applies the final lawn treatments of the summer to his Bermuda lawn.  This
greenshocker lawn fertilizer
GreenShocker ™ Lawn Fertilizer New GreenShocker ™ is a high-tech, all fast release, HIGH-TECH DG granular, lawn fertilizer that works as
bermuda scalp and aerate
Bermuda Lawn Summer Scalp and Aerate Doc and crew spend three long days scalping and aerating the Bermuda lawn.  Summer
thinning your lawn
How to Thin Out Bermuda Lawn Doc prepares to thin out his thick Bermuda lawn.  We don't dethatch Bermuda but
Fast Acting Whitetail Deer Attractant Doc explains Moonshine Gold deer attractant and how it attracts deer so quickly.  Moonshine Gold
Warm Season Lawn Care Schedule for July and August Doc explains critical dates about warm season grasses and why must
Trimming Large Bushes and Hedges Doc prunes, cuts, and trims large overgrown bushes around the house.  The older bushes and
clean house siding
How to Clean House Siding Mold and Algae Doc cleans house siding in 5 minutes with simple to use products. 
wireless rain gauge
Wireless Rain Gauge - Self Emptying Doc buys two wireless rain gauges and puts them to the test. One of
Lawn Care and Gardening Tips Doc, JR, and Jess work all day on the lawn and garden.  Doc spends a
growing huge tomatoes
Growing Big Tomatoes Naturally Doc shows the natural garden and the big tomatoes that are being produced.  The natural garden
growth regulator lawns
Granular Growth Regulator for Lawns Doc applies the granular growth regulator listed below to his lawn.  We recommend that you
verti cutting lawns
Verti Cutting Lawn and Growth Regulator Doc explains the various forms of dethatching, verticutting, and the difference between residential lawns
dethatch lawn
Should You Dethatch Your Bermuda Lawn Doc explains why he does NOT dethatch the Bermuda lawn.  Bermuda and other grasses
lawn seeding bermuda grass
Seeding Bermuda in the Summer Doc begins the seeding the Bermuda lawn. The areas being worked on are the fairway
deep watering lawn irrigation
Lawn Watering Depth How Deep Does Water Go When you water your lawn or it rains, how deep does the
How Often Should You Cut Your Lawn Many factors play a role on how often you should cut your lawn,
replace sprinkler head rotor
How to Replace Sprinkler Head Rotor Rainbird and Hunter Doc shows the simple method of replace lawn sprinkler heads.  Irrigation
reel mower backlap and mow
Backlap Reel Mower and Reel Mow Bermuda Lawn Doc experiments with a quick back lapping method for the Mclane Reel
summer lawn drought watering
Summer Lawn Watering Schedule and Lawn Watering Tips Doc goes over lawn watering tips for the summer. Summer lawn watering
summer garden fertilizer organic
Summer Fertilizer for Vegetables and Flower Gardens The summer heat is here and Doc shows a great way to fertilize
lawn bugs
Lawn Grubs Bugs Mosquitoes Detection and Treatments Doc talks about both detecting lawn bugs and treating for grubs, armyworms, mosquitoes,
lawn organic matter fertilizer
Organic Lawn Fertilizer Treatment Golf Course Lawn Doc talks about adding organic matter to the lawn and explains why summer
bermuda lawn scalp summer
Bermuda Lawn Summer Scalp Low Cutting Doc does a hard cut or light lawn scalp to the Bermuda grass.  As
summer bermuda lawn
Summer Bermuda Lawn Care - The Return Home After 6 LONG weeks working on the beach house Doc returns to
beach house renovation
Beach House Renovation and Landscaping Doc walks you through the final beach house renovation and shows the changes. From the
Amazon Prime Lawn Deals and The New Zoysia Lawn Doc goes over some of the lawn care deals that will
reseeding warm season grass
Reseeding Warm Season Lawn Doc kills the existing lawn and reseeds with Zoysia grass.  The same procedure  applies to Bermuda
dark green thick lawn
How to Get Thick Dark Green Short Lawn Doc goes over the steps of how to get a short, thick,
carvana review
Carvana Review Buying and Selling Your Car Doc reviews both the Carvana buying and selling experience.  Used cars have increased
lawn growth regulator
Applying Lawn Growth Regulator Doc applies growth regulator to the lawn.  Growth regulator can be applied to lawns that are
organic garden fertilizer and mulch
Making Organic Garden Mulch and Fertilizer Doc and Jess make organic mulch and fertilizer using the Dirt Booster mix.  This
when to apply organic to lawns
How to Apply Organics for Lawns and Soils Doc talks about the importance of adding carbon and organic matter to
wifi security camera outdoor
Outdoor WIFI Security Camera Solar Doc has multiple Blink Camera systems but today he installs a different kind of security
best under sink water filter
Best Under Sink Water Filter 2023 This under sink water filter system comes with 3 filters and can realize 8-stage
perfect bermuda lawn
Making the Perfect Bermuda Lawn There comes a time... when your lawn looks perfect. Doc goes over the Bermuda lawn
Lawn Organic Fertilizer Doc explains the role of lawn organic fertilizers and how they work.  A key element of adding
reel mowing lawn low
Gas Powered Reel Mowers Cutting Short Doc shows the two models of gas powered reel mowers and cuts the lawns
seeding warm season grasses
Seeding Warm Season Lawns Doc talks about seeding warm season grasses and warm season lawns.  Unlike cool season grasses, warm
lawn leveling mix
Lawn Leveling Mix - What to Use What lawn leveling mix should you use on your lawn?  Doc goes over
lawn care products
Lawn and Garden Supply Shortages and Inflation Doc talks about the impact of heavy demand of lawn garden and home
fix lawn bare spots
Fixing Bare Spots in Warm Season Lawns Doc shows how to fix bare spots in your warm season lawns.  The
putting green backyard
Backyard Putting Green Sanding Aerating Reel Mowing Doc and Jr work on the backyard putting green. Reel mowing the putting
thick green lawn
How to Get a Thick Green Lawn How to get a thick green Bermuda lawn in the spring.  Doc goes
raise lawn phosphorous
How to Raise or Lower Lawn Phosphorus Levels Doc explains how to raise your lawn phosphorus levels and how to
lawn beetles and grubs
How to Kill Grubs in Your Lawn Doc explains how to kill grubs in your lawn in the spring.  Preventative
growing big vegetables naturally
How to Grow Huge Vegetables and Tomatoes How to make your vegetables grow faster and bigger? Doc explains the key
leveling lawn
How to Level Bumpy Lawn How to level a bumpy lawn with sand or leveling mix.  Doc answers all the
seeding putting green
Home Putting Green Repair Seeding Reel Mowing Doc does repairs on the home putting green.  Seeding the putting green and
bermuda lawn cutting height
Proper Cutting Height for Spring Bermuda Lawns Proper cutting height of your Bermuda lawn can make a huge impact on
late frost lawn garden care
Dealing with Late Frost on Lawns and Gardens Doc goes over dealing with a late frost and how it impacts
reel mowing fixed ugly lawn
Fixed Ugly Lawn First Reel Mowing After a decade of abuse and neglect Doc fixes the ugly lawn and gives
reel mowing bermuda first cut
First Bermuda Lawn Cut of the Spring The first reel mowing of the Bermuda lawn in the spring.  When we
lawn soil testing and results
Lawn Soil Testing and Fixing Problems Lawn soil testing is an important part of proper lawn care.  Doc explains that
fix ugly lawn first fertilizer
Ugly Lawn Fixed and First Lawn Spring Fertilizer Doc shows the progress after fixing the ugly lawn full of weeds. 
vegetable garden mulch weeds
Natural Vegetable Garden Mulch - Leave the Weeds Over the years we have tried all forms of vegetable garden mulch. 
overseeding spring lawn
How to Overseed Your Lawn in the Spring Doc explains how to overseed your lawn in the spring and early
improve lawn soil spray supplements
All in One Lawn Spray - Bio Stimulant Aerator Dethatcher How do you improve your lawn soil?  You will never
organic lawn and garden fertilizers
What Lawn and Garden Products are Truly Organic Are you confused when it comes to the term "organic"?  Doc helps
heavy rains lawn care
Fixing Bermuda Lawn after Heavy Rains Three days of heavy rains have taken their toll on the Bermuda lawn.  Doc
when to plant vegetable garden
When to Plant Your Vegetable Garden Common question we get is when do I plant my vegetable garden.  Well the
best vegetable garden soil and fertilizer
What is the Best Vegetable Garden Soil and Fertilizer It's easy to create the best garden soil and produce amazing
spring lawn care before the rain
Crazy Spring Lawn Care Day Before Rains Doc and crew scalp Barb's lawn, spike aerate Doc's full lawn, apply grub
reel mowing low
Reel Mowing Grass Really Low and Spray Supplements Doc reel mows the putting green down to 1/8 inch in the
planting flowers and plants in hard clay soils
How to Plant Flowers Seeds and Plants in Hard Clay Planting in hard clay soils, Doc plants seeds, potted plants
how to aerate lawn
How and When to Aerate Your Lawn Aerating your lawn will greatly improve your lawn's health.  Most lawns will use
fix ugly lawn full of weeds
How to Fix an Ugly Lawn Full of Weeds Doc shows you how he fixes ugly lawns that are full
reel mowing low putting green
Low Reel Mowing Home Putting Green Doc trains Jr on how to reel mow a putting green.  When cutting a
First Spring Fertilizer and Lawn Irrigation Check Doc applies the first growth fertilizer of the spring with PGF Complete and
tow behind spreader vs push spreader
Tow Behind Lawn Spreader Doc reviews the new tow behind lawn spreader and gives his thoughts vs. a regular push
spring weed preemergent
Spring Lawn Preemergent Weed Treatment Doc applies the second preemergent treatment of the split treatment.  This treatment is the liquid
spring scalp bermuda lawn
Final Spring Scalp of the Bermuda Lawn Doc and son do the final spring scalping of the Bermuda lawn.  Reducing
best lawn npk ratio
Best Fertilizer for Spring Lawns Do a little Googling and look for .edu websites and extension offices.  What you'll find
lower mclane cutting height
How to Lower Mclane Reel Mower Doc shows you how to lower your Mclane reel mower cutting height down to
spring trimming trees shrubs palms bushes
Spring Trimming Trees Bushes Shrubs and Palms Doc spends the day doing spring trimming of the bushes, roses, trees, shrubs,
spring bermuda grass stages
How to Care for Bermuda Grass in the Spring Understanding the three ZONES and transition times will help you care
scalping bermuda lawn
Scalping Bermuda Lawn in the Spring Doc does a pre-scalp of the Bermuda lawn. This pre-scalp will reduce some of
starting seeds indoors
How to Start Garden Seeds Indoors When it comes to starting garden seeds indoors you'll hear so many varying points
march lawn care
March Bermuda Lawn Care When March rolls in our Bermuda lawns only need a few things.  Doc reviews the few
heavy rains lawn care
Lawn Care During Heavy Rains Heavy spring rains can confuse people when it comes to timing of their lawn care
cheap organic fertilizer
Best Organic Fertilizer for Gardens and Lawns Doc explains how we can use natural, pure, organic matter to fertilize our
Best Large Capacity Lawn Spreader "Once you USE IT... you'll fall in love with its performance of this large lawn
Spring Bermuda Lawn Care Understanding the Bermuda lawn transition from winter to spring is critical.  Doc explains this transition and
tow behind sprayer review
Tow Behind Lawn Sprayer Review Doc tests his new tow behind sprayer on the lawn and gives his review of
killing poa annua in lawn
How to Kill Poa Annua in Lawns Doc discusses how to treat the poa annua in your lawn as well
Q&A About Bermuda Lawns You asked Doc the questions about Bermuda lawns and now Doc answers them.  You can SCROLL
best oil for lawn mowers
What is the Best Motor Oil for Lawn Mowers What's the best motor oil to use on lawn mowers and
making compost piles
How to Make and Activate Organic Compost Piles There is GOOD healthy compost and BAD unhealthy compost.  Using DIRT BOOSTER
soil microbes and carbon
What are Soil Microbes and how do they help plants and lawns? (Products at Bottom of Page) There are more
february and march lawn care
Late Winter Lawn Care February and March Doc goes over some early points to apply to late winter and early
how to make biochar and how it works
How Biochar is Made and How Biochar Works Doc makes biochar at home using a variety of organic matter from
bermuda lawn calendar
Bermuda Lawn Calendar 2021 Below you will find links to the 2021 Bermuda lawn calendar, the Bermuda lawn guide, and
early lawn preemergent
Lawn Preemergent Application and Timing When to apply your lawn pre-emergent. Doc explains the QUARTER year method of using and
Replacing Old Bathroom Vent Fans Doc replaces the bathroom vent cover and and fan plate that is over 20 years
DIY Home Renovation Interior The final days of the beach house interior renovation.  Two weeks of long days and lots
Installing Shiplap Nickel Gap Doc installs shiplap nickel gap on the back of some open stairs to give it a
cheap bathroom remodel
Cheap DIY Bathroom Renovation Doc starts to finish the guest bathroom remodel and renovation.  New shiplap / nickle gap wood,
cheap wood floors
Installing Cheap Real Wood Floors Doc installs real wood floors in the upper two rooms of the beach house. These
ceiling shiplap nickel gap
Shiplap  Nickel Gap Ceiling Installation Doc installs shiplap nickel gap on the ceiling of the first bathroom.  This is done
battery nail gun
DeWalt Battery Powered Nail Gun - Brad Nailer Doc reviews his new Dewalt 20 volt brad nailer / nail gun
painting wood cabinets
Painting Wood Cabinets White How to paint wood kitchen cabinets white. Doc walks you through the process for the average
Beach House Renovation The work starts on the beach house renovation. The first few days of interior work. Painting, appliances,
Christmas Lawn Care Cold weather moves in and Doc prepares for the Christmas work trip to the beach.  Cutting the
Reel Mowing the December Putting Green Doc reel mows the putting with temps down in the 30s. No Spam...
winter lawn care
Winter Lawn Care Doc comes home after 10 days to find the yard is a mess.  He and the son
lawn care cyber monday
Amazon Cyber Monday Lawn Specials On Monday, November 30th return to this page and we'll have a special code.  This
how to trim palm trees
Trimming Palm Trees - How to Trim Palms How to trim palm trees the right way?  Most palm trees should
best mattress in a box
Best Mattress in a Box Review Doc has a NEW winner. Select the 12" version. NEW 2023 TOP PICK
fall lawn preemergent
How and When to Apply Fall Lawn Pre-Emergent Doc explains when and how to apply your fall lawn preemergent.  He
ego battery lawn mower
Ego Battery Lawn Mower 2021 Doc reviews and discusses the new EGO 21 inch battery lawn mower.  Not only the
Giveaway Winner November Congrats to our November winner of a $1000 check.  Eric G. of Fayetteville GA.  Spend wisely my
wireless home video camera
Wireless Home Video Cameras -2021 NEW Blink Cameras The all new 2021 Blink Outdoors home video camera system review.  In
november lawn care
November Fall Lawn Care Doc and Jess have a mess to clean up after the storms and high winds.  Doc
custom built wood fence
Custom Built Wood Privacy Fence Doc shows you how to build the specialty custom built wood privacy fence.  The new
crazy green fall lawn
Crazy Green Fall Grass and Return from Beach Doc returns from the beach house to find the new fairway and
lawn stripes
How to make Lawn Stripes Lawn stripes are a simple process. It's the result of lawn blades bending in different
cool season lawn
Cool Season Grass Overseed Germination and Cut Update on the cool season grass fairway germination, cutting the putting green, packing
aerate and seeding cool season
Aerating and Seeding Cool Season Grass Doc spike aerates the green and seeds the putting green with a dwarf creeping
humichar lawn biochar
Humichar Lawn Treatment Fall Lawn Care Doc and Jess apply Humichar and PGF Balanced lawn fertilizer to the fall lawns.
fall overseeding
How to Overseed Lawn in the Fall Doc discusses overseeding a fall lawn.  Cool season lawns should be lightly overseeded
reel mowing putting greens
Fall Fertilizer Numbers and Reel Mowing Putting Green Doc mows the golf putting green and fertilizes. Doc cuts the backyard
fall soil testing
How and Why to Take a Fall Lawn Soil Test Fall soil tests are a great way to understand your
backyard golf fairway
Backyard Golf Fairway and Putting Green Doc seeds the new backyard golf fairway with winter rye and also works on
adding carbon to soil
Fall and Winter Lawn Care Adding Carbon to Soils Doc discusses the importance of adding carbon to your soil and
overseeding bermuda with rye
Overseeding Bermuda with Rye Grass In this video Doc discusses overseeding Bermuda lawns with rye grass during the fall and
replace mclane drive wheel
Mclane Reel Mower Drive Wheel Replacement Doc replaces the drive wheel on his Mclane reel mower and talks about an
fall lawn cutting height
Fall Lawn Cutting Height In the fall when temps drop into the 70s our Bermuda lawn starts to SLOW DOWN
how to with doc
Fall Lawn Care and Doc's News Doc has some BIG news. They 2020 giveaway, fall lawn updates, and a new
pgf balanced fertilizer
PGF Balanced™ Lawn and Garden Fertilizer PGF Balanced ™ Fertilizer is a professional grade 10-10-10 fertilizer with micro nutrients and
new sod lawn care
How to Care for New Lawn Sod Doc walks you through how to care for new lawn sod and Bermuda
fall lawn care planning
Fall Lawn Care Planning Doc shows you some tips for planning your fall lawn care. Understanding the long term forecast
killing crabgrass in bermuda lawn
How to Kill Crabgrass in Bermuda Lawn How to kill crabgrass and weeds in a Bermuda lawn.  Doc shows the
killing weeds in the lawn
How to Kill Lawn Weeds and Fix Ugly Lawn Doc treats the ugly lawn full of weeds and applies everything
fixing an ugly lawn
How to Fix an Ugly Lawn Doc will fix an ugly lawn full of weeds in just a few hours.
lawn repair grub damage
Lawn Repair Grub Damage How to fix and repair lawns that have grub damage. Dealing with heavy rains and when
back lapping reel mower
How to Back Lap a Reel Mower Doc shows you how to back lap your reel mower using a Mclane. 
fall lawn care
Fall lawn Care and Yard Work Fall yard work and lawn care. Doc shows the fall Bermuda lawn after being
lawn soil treatments
Yard Care Tips Improving Lawn Soil A full day of yard work on Monday and some soil testing results from
fall pre emergent
Applying Fall Lawn Pre Emergent Do explains fall lawn pre emergent and shows how to apply.  Remember, lawn pre emergent
fall bermuda lawn care
Fall Lawn Care Schedule Doc goes over the fall lawn care schedule step by step. Bermuda lawns will continue to
lawn grubs and bugs
Treating for Lawn Grubs and Armyworms Late summer and early fall bring on the subject and problem of armyworms and
aerating bermuda lawn
Aerating Bermuda Lawn Doc and the crew aerate the Bermuda lawn the day after the lawn scalp.  Reducing the lawn
bermuda lawn scalping
Scalping Bermuda Lawns Doc scalps the Bermuda lawn because the lawn has grown too tall.  A common problem in the
home putting green cutting
Cutting the Back Yard Putting Green Doc treats the putting green with Super Juice then double cuts with two different
clogged riding mower
Grass Clippings Clog Bagging Tube Doc shows a quick tip on keeping grass clippings from clogging your riding mower.  Most
kill dallisgrass bermuda lawn
Killing Dallisgrass In Bermuda Lawn Doc covers killing dallisgrass in your Bermuda lawn as well as other grassy weeds.  A
heavy rain lawn care
Summer Lawn Care Applications and Heavy Rains Doc discusses how heavy rains can benefit your lawn care applications and how
lawn soil test results
How to Fix Soil Test Results Doc shares his soil test results and talks about lawn PH and Lawn nutrients
summer lawn treatments
Apply Multiple Lawn Treatments the Same Day Doc and Jess apply multiple lawn treatments all at once.  This question comes
electronic dog door
Installing the Electronic Dog Door Doc replaces the girls' electronic dog door with the same model after many years of
how to use lawn spreaders
How to Use Lawn Spread Best Time 2021 Update Doc's Best new pick.  Click to see the new spreader.  Doc
pressure washing concrete driveways
How to Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways Doc and the helpers pressure wash the concrete driveway and sidewalks in roughly two
wifi irrigation controller
WiFi Lawn Irrigation Controller Doc shows the new WiFi / wireless lawn irrigation controller and the features that are important. 
CRAZY Hot Summer Day of Bermuda Lawn Care The long hot Sunday of lawn care includes cutting the Bermuda lawn,
First Time Reel Mowing Bermuda Lawn Doc and the "good witch" train a new rookie on how to reel mow
trimming bushes
How to Trim Bushes and Old Hedges Doc walks you through trimming bushes as well as hard cutting old hedges. 
lawn drought watering
How to Water Bermuda Lawn During Droughts Doc explains how to water your lawn during long hot periods where rains
lawn growth regulator
Lawn Growth Regulator Granular GGR Doc explains how to use the lawn growth regulator which is in granular form. (GGR) 
lawn soil test online
Soil Testing Your Lawn Doc covers the importance of soil testing your lawn.  Without a soil test you are simply
hot weather lawn care
Hot Weather Lawn Care Doc has a busy weekend preparing for storms and taking care of the hot weather lawn
organic garden fertilizer
How to Make Natural Organic Garden Fertilizer Doc walks you through his tips for creating natural organic garden fertilizer.  This
putting green cutting
Cutting the Home Putting Green Doc cuts the home putting green with the reel mower in preparation for July 4th.
lawn army worms
How to Kill Lawn Army Worms Army worms live in the thatch layer of your lawn. There is a two
Lawn Care Gear Tips and Updates Doc goes over some tips, updates and wear gear.  Wearing the right foot wear
dark green lawn
How to get a Dark Green Thick Lawn Getting a dark green thick lawn is easy with two simple steps. 
lawn care fall planing
Lawn Care Planning for the Summer and Fall Doc talks about lawn care planning for the late summer and fall. 
Summer lawn scalp
Summer Bermuda Lawn Scalp Bermuda lawns are usually scalped in the spring, however if your lawn starts to look a
bermuda lawn care summer
Summer Bermuda Lawn Care Doc and crew had a rather strange week of Bermuda lawn care but in the end,
reel mowing lawns
Reel Mowing Lawns and Best Reel Mowers Reel mowing lawns and Doc explains his top pick for reel mowers. The
Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Harvest Doc spends the morning harvesting from the raised bed vegetable garden.  This year's vegetable garden
putting green seed and leveling
Overseeding and Leveling Lawn Putting Green Doc overseeds the Bermuda lawn / putting green with dwarf style grass seed.  During
improve lawn soil humichar
How to Improve Your Lawn Soil Doc walks you through how to improve your lawn soil using Humichar biochar and
pressure washing concrete pool deck
How To Pressure Wash Concrete Pool Doc and the crew pressure wash the concrete pool deck.  He walks you through
short cutting bermuda grass
Short Cutting Bermuda Grass Doc and crew short cut the Bermuda grass and prep the home putting green for some
Rainy Days Lawn Care and Gardening Only watch is nothing new is on Netflix....  passing the time in the yard
vegetable garden disease insects
How to Treat Vegetable Garden Disease and Insects With the warm humid weather comes problems with our vegetable gardens.  Doc
summer lawn fertilizer
Best Summer Lawn Fertilizer Bermuda lawns actually need a summer lawn fertilizer, however the key is to apply lightly and
how to stain fences
How to Stain a Fence Doc stains the new wood fence with stain using an airless sprayer. Staining a fence
vegetable garden fertilizer natural
How to Fertilize Vegetables Naturally Fertilizing your garden naturally can be done using the basic approach of breaking down organic
pressure washing fences
How to Pressure Wash Fences Doc and crew pressure wash the new fence and prep it for staining. Doc covers
reel cutting bermuda lawn
Double Reel Mowing Bermuda Lawns Reel mowing the Bermuda lawn, but sometimes our lawns just don't look healthy or just
vegetable garden organic soil
Hot to Make Organic Garden Soil Using HUMICHAR and a few other ingredients, Doc makes a super nutrient rich garden
lawn fungus lawn insects
Lawn Disease and Lawn Insect Damage The warmer temps and humid conditions of late spring bring lawn disease and often
bare spots in lawn
How to Fix Bare Spots in Your Lawn Doc shows you how to fix bare spots in the lawn which
cutting wet grass
How to Cut Wet Grass Doc and the crew cut the Bermuda lawn while it's wet but also while it's
reel mowing bermuda magnetic pickup tool
Lawn Magnetic Pickup Tool After the fence construction the big worry is metal objects in the lawn that may hurt
carpenter bee control
How to Control Carpenter Bees Doc shows you a few methods to control and kill carpenter bees.  Carpenter bees can
cutting bermuda grass putting green
Cutting the Bermuda Golf Green Short Doc cuts the the Bermuda grass green short at 1/4". The fence install is
Heavy Rains and Fence Construction Lawn Care Rough week dealing with lots of rain, delays in grass cutting, construction lawn
pruning tomatoes disease prevention
How to Prune Tomatoes and Disease Prevention Doc shows you how to prune your tomatoes to help prevent against diseases. 
best garden dirt compost
How to Make Nutrient Rich Garden Soil Compost Doc breaks down step by step how to make the super nutrient
Backyard Social Distancing When there's nothing to do... you create your own special times.  Doc spends the weekend relaxing and
battery lawn edger
What Battery Powered Lawn Edger to Buy Doc has been testing his new battery powered lawn edger combo for the
pressure washing concrete driveways
How to Pressure Wash Concrete Driveway How to properly pressure wash your driveway? Pressure washing can be done by anyone
watering lawns
How to Water Your Bermuda Lawn Watering your lawn has two basic modes.  The standard mode of watering your lawn
best first drone
Best First Drone to Buy Doc walks you through his selection process as a drone USER. Buying your first drone
bermuda seed germination
Bermuda Lawn Seed Planting Doc planted Bermuda lawn seeds and now they are germinating. The germination process and some care
seed heads bermuda lawn
Seed Heads in Bermuda Lawn Doc walks through the seeds heads that form this time of year in Bermuda lawns.
super juice golf green
Spraying Putting Green with Super Juice Doc sprays the backyard putting green with Super Juice and figures out the putting
how to make tomato cages
How to Make Tomato Cages Doc shows you how to make DIY tomato cages which can support very large tomato
feeding soil lawn and garden
How to Improve Lawn and Garden Soils Doc walks you through the process of improving your lawn and garden soils. 
lawn watering schedule
How to Water Your Lawn Seems simple, but your lawn watering schedule will vary based on the time of year
reel mower back lap
How to Back Lap a Reel Mower Doc walks you through reel mower back lap on his Mclane reel mower. 
seeding bermuda lawn
How to Seed Bermuda Lawn Doc walks you through seeding a Bermuda lawn and planting Bermuda grass seed.  While this
Perfect Green lawn
How to Get a Thick Green Lawn Doc walks you through the spring lawn care checklist showing how to get
home putting green
How to Make Home Putting Green Doc takes you step by step through making a home putting green in your
best rated pressure washer
Which is the Best Pressure Washer There seems to be a sweet spot when it comes to pressure washers.  It's
flower bed soil
How to Plant Flowers Best Soil Planting flowers in beds is not that complicated but a few simple tips will
humichar application
How to Apply and Use Humichar Doc shows you how to apply Humichar and how it works in the lawn
bermuda lawn care
Spring Lawn Care Treatments Doc and friends do a full day of spring lawn care including cutting the Bermuda lawn,
How to Increase Water Pressure in a Garden Hose If you have low water pressure or low water volume in
lawn irrigation system
Installing Lawn Irrigation System A full irrigation system installation in the back portion of the lawn.  Using Rain Bird sprinkler
biochar in gardens
Adding Biochar to Gardens and Plants Doc shows how to add biochar to existing plants and gardens using a mix
spring lawn care humichar
How to Apply Humichar A full lawn treatment including HUMICHAR lawn biochar, PGF Complete fertilizer, organic lawn fertilizer (organic matter),
best lanscape solar lights
Best Solar Landscape Lights Doc has been testing solar landscape lights for the past year. In this video Doc shows
Casual Quarantine Yard Work Just a casual Saturday morning with Doc getting ready for some yard work and thunderstorms.  
how to aerate lawn
Aerating Your Lawn - How, Why, When A lot of questions come up when aerating your lawn and Doc answers
clogged septic tank
Fixing a Clogged Septic Tank and Toilet It's 6am... your flushed toilet gurgles when you flush. Then it starts to
over seeding bermuda
Over Seeding Bermuda Lawn People often make the mistake of over seeding their Bermuda lawn when all the really need
yellow blades grass red tips
Red Tips and Yellow Blades in Lawn Discoloration of grass blades is fairly common and there are two main color
fescue lawn calendar
Fescue Lawn Calendar The 2022 Fescue lawn calendar and FULL GUIDE are now up at  → Free Lawn Guide  
garden bed edging
How to install Garden Bed Edging Garden bed edging will really reduce the amount of maintenance you do during the
leveling lawns
Level Bumpy Lawn Doc shows you how to level a bumpy lawn, but focuses more on lawn ruts and holes. 
smoked boston butt
Smoked Boston Butt Recipe Doc shows you how to smoke a Boston butt with an easy overnight smoke recipe.  Using
thick green lawn
How to Get Thick Green Lawn Doc shows the steps to get a thick green lawn. Follow some simple rules
cheap organic lawn fertilizer
Cheap Organic Lawn Fertilizer Organic lawn fertilizer is a little tricky to understand but Doc explains it.  Doc shows you
bermuda cutting height
Bermuda Reel Mowing - How Low In today's video Doc discusses the proper cutting height of Bermuda lawns in the
home vegetable garden organic
Home Vegetable Garden Organic In this video Doc shows you how to make an organic home vegetable garden.  Using the
Spring Cutting Bermuda Grass Some people make the mistake of not cutting their Bermuda grass until it is tall.  In
spring lawn grubs
How to Kill Lawn Grubs Grubs remain in your lawn all winter long and now that spring is here it's
Making Great Garden Soil The best garden soil for Flower and vegetable gardens require healthy, rich soils to produce great
lawn fungus webs
Small Webs on Lawn?  Lawn Fungus If you see the small webs on your lawn and they are in in
mulching beds and gardens
Mulching Garden Beds Doc shows you the correct way to mulch garden beds and at the same time stop both
spring lawn care
Spring Lawn Care Bermuda Grass In this video Doc talks about the early spring lawn care and some of the
scalping bermuda lawn
Spring Lawn Scalping It's critical that we scalp our lawn in the spring.  Spring lawn scalping reduces the dead brown
best reel mower
Best Gas Powered Reel Mower BUY THEM → HERE After MANY models and much testing, Doc finally made his top
best spring lawn fertilizer
Best Spring Fertilizer What is the best spring lawn fertilizer?   Lawns want nutrients in a basic ratio of 4-1-2.  (NOTE:
coronavirus preparation
How to Prepare for the Coronavirus Preparing for the Coronavirus is unlike any preparation you have done in the past.
spring lawn scalp
Spring Lawn Scalp Spring scalping your Bermuda lawn is done when you lawn is ready to grow.  However, we can
spring pre emergent how to
Spring Pre Emergent for Lawns The rules and guidelines for spring pre emergents are listed below. Follow Doc's simple rules
spring bermuda lawn treatments
Spring Bermuda Lawn Treatments In the video below Doc talks about spring Bermuda lawn treatments and the recent wet weather
kill weeds in bermuda lawn
How to Kill Weeds in Bermuda Grass It's late winter or early spring, depending on your area, and while your
spring lawn preemergent
When to Apply Preemergent in the Spring When do you apply your spring pre-emergent? Well it's not just the date
biochar myths
Biochar Myths, Truths, and Misunderstandings A lot of misleading information often gets circulated around when a product is not fully
2020 bermuda grass lawn calendar
Bermuda Grass Calendar The 2022 Bermuda lawn calendar is located on the Bermuda Lawn Guide website. Visit that website →
lawn soil test
Lawn Soil Test and Fixing Your Soil In this video Doc shows you how to do a lawn soil test
what is biochar
How Does Biochar Work If you'll take the time to WATCH the video below, it will completely explain how biochar
winter weeds lawn
How to Kill Winter Lawn Weeds in Bermuda This year winter has been a late comer. Many lawns have green
best lawn biochar
Best Lawn Biochar It's critical to understand that biochar must be located around a plants roots to actually work. The
bermuda lawn care guide
2020 Bermuda Lawn Care Guide Below Doc discusses the new 2020 Bermuda Lawn Care Guide as well as the upcoming
winterize plants
In this video Doc has a little "fun" winterizing his plants. He preps his banana trees for the cold winter.
For a limited time The Andersons is doing a fall Amazon inventory sale.   I am passing this info along
winterize sprinker system
Winterize Sprinkler System Doc shows you how to winterize your sprinkler system in the southern zones of the US.  In
Bermuda Lawn Leopard Pattern
Bermuda Lawn Leopard Pattern In the fall our Bermuda lawn goes dormant in vary stages. This leopard pattern on the
dormant bermuda grass
Dormant Bermuda Grass Bermuda grass starts to go dormant when daytime temps remain about 50 degrees. However, our Bermuda lawns
lawn sweeper
Lawn Sweeper Fall brings on the issue of leaves and pine needles, Doc reviews his new lawn sweeper. The push
fall bermuda grass care
Late Fall Bermuda Grass Care In the this video Doc discusses everything about late fall Bermuda grass care.  The reduction
bermuda grass dormancy
Fall Bermuda Grass Dormancy Doc discusses how temperatures affect our Bermuda grass lawns. The fall temperatures change the energy in
armadillo lawn damage
Armadillo Lawn Damage Doc shows you armadillo lawn damage due to the armadillos digging up grubs. Then he shows you
lawn soil ph
Lawn Soil PH Lawn soil PH testing and treatments are the one test that home owners should do every year. 
cutting bermuda grass lawn
Bermuda Grass Cutting Heights Doc goes over the short Bermuda grass cutting project. Most Bermuda grass should be cut between
reel mower bermuda grass
Low Cut Gas Reel Mowers The new 2024 Low Cut series reel mowers. Watch the video below and doc explains
super juice fall fertilizer
Fall Fertilizer Super Juice Fall lawn fertilizing is all about understanding timing and when to switch from granular fall fertilizers,
reel mowing bermuda low
Reel Mower Bermuda Lawn In Chapter 2, Doc cuts his Bermuda lawn low with a TruCut Reel mower.  Doc is
Cutting Bermuda Lawn Short This is the first in a series of videos where Doc decides to remove the entire
Power Lawn Edgers & Edging Bermuda Lawns Doc shows you the various types of power lawn edgers and his new
fall lawn tips and lawn care
Fall Lawn Care Tips There are lots of things to do to our fall Bermuda grass lawns, Doc covers many
pet safe lawn products
How to Apply Pet Safe Lawn Products If you have pets you are concerned about the products you apply to
Diagonal Lawn Cutting Cutting your lawn on the diagonal will often help with uneven cutting and rut marks.  Doc records
september lawn update
September Lawn Care Updates Just a quick update about the new email alert system and a look at the lawns
fall pre emergent
Fall Pre Emergent for Lawns Timing of your fall preemergent is the critical factor, but also understanding how they work.
scalping bermuda
Scalping Bermuda Lawn vs. Scarring In this video Doc shows you the difference between a lawn scalping and lawn scarring
hurricane lawn care
Think ahead and plan your lawn care with the incoming hurricane. Getting some heavy rains? Cut the lawn before they
lawn care updates
Bermuda Lawn CareUpdates Doc goes over some Bermuda lawn care news, tips, and updates. Some new information on Bermuda grass
wireless home video camera
Wireless Home Video Cameras - Blink XT2 October 2020 UPDATE: See new version below. I put this project off for
trimming around pavers and stones
Edging and Trimming Stepping Stones Several people have asked how I trim the grass around my stepping stones. Here is
pgf complete results
PGF Fertilizer Results Fall is an important time of the year for lawn care. Doc shows you some of the
backlap reel mower
Reel Mower Backlap Backlapping a reel mower is not that hard and doesn't require special tools.  Doc shows you how
kill armyworms in lawn
Kill Armyworms in Lawn Lawn Armyworms can be found in most southern lawns but especially in Bermuda lawns.  The fall
fall lawn grubs
Fall Lawn Care - Fall Grubs Doc shows you some easy signs for detecting grubs in your lawn. Updates the
kill fall crabgrass
Kill Crabgrass Bermuda Lawn Most of the time we don't treat crabgrass in the lawn during hot temps. However, if
fall lawn fertilizer
Fall Lawn Fertilizer Fall lawn fertilizer plays an important role in lawn care. The primary goal of a fall lawn
Super Juice lawn spray
Super Juice Spray at Night Spraying Super Juice on a HEALTHY lawn in the early evening hours.  Applying Super Juice
lawn renovation
Lawn Renovations Lawn renovation of three ugly lawns. Doc walks you through the renovations and shows you results. The first
convert easy oil change john deere
Easy Oil Change Conversion John Deere Doc shows you step by step how to convert the easy oil change system
Doc discusses some lawn care updates.          
fix ugly bermuda lawn
This summer has brought not only fungus, but also bugs to our now ugly Bermuda grass lawns.  Doc shows you
tomato garden watering
Doc shows you his watering spikes he uses on plants to avoid foliage watering and get water directly to the
adjusting scalp wheels
Mower Scalp Wheels Doc shows you how scalp wheels work, how to adjust scalp wheels, and he also adds a
fall lawn schedule
Fall Lawn Care Schedule Product Links Are Below Simple Rules to Follow for Fall Lawn Care Rule #1 Only
lawn drought recovery
Lawn Drought Recovery and Repair The summer months bring your lawn long, hot droughts.  When that pattern breaks, you need
lawn cutting height
Bermuda Grass Cutting Height Doc shows you how he varies the cutting height of Bermuda lawns during the summer months.
summer lawn burn
Summer Lawn Burn Doc shows you lawns with summer burn and lawns hit by drought conditions.  Learn how to keep
Moths in Your Lawn If you see moths in your lawn, you need to get ready to battle with what
Two Notes #1 Prime Sale Update If you want Amazon sale pricing it appears you have to use a "coupon".
trimming round bushes
How to Trim Round Ball Bushes Doc shows you two methods for trimming round ball bushes.  The first is the
bugs in lawn
How to Kill Bugs in the Lawn There are many types of bugs in your lawn, many don't harm it
summer lawn care tips
Summer Lawn Care Tips Doc discusses summer lawn care and summer Bermuda lawn care.  This includes summer watering schedules and
amazon prime days
You must a PRIME Member Amazon prime days are available to prime members. You can sign up with a 30
lawn natural areas landscaping
Doc shows you how to put down a BASE natural area. From there, simply add landscaping flowers and plants. Natural
pressure washing concrete driveway
Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways Pressure Washing Products Top Picks PICK AND ADD TO YOUR CART When you click on
summer lawn care
Summer Lawn Care Tips Taking care of lawns in the summer can be tricky. Doc shows you some summer lawn
Fertilizing your lawn in the summer is not recommended by most.  However if you truly understand how fertilizers work, and
Hard to Reach Grease Fittings Most power equipment such as lawn mowers, riding mowers, and even some spreaders have grease
Kill Nutsedge in Lawn Nutsedge is a really tough lawn weed, but Doc shows you how to kill nutsedge in
What's the best lawn fertilizer? It has taken close to a year to bring to market, but finally the new
How to Get Dark Green Lawn The new PGF Complete lawn fertilizer has undergone months of testing and development. The
Sharpening Mower Blades vs. Replacing Doc discusses sharpening mower blades but also the benefits of simply buying new blades.  Balance
fast green lawn fertilizer
Fast Green Lawn Fertilizer Pizza at your door in 30 minutes.... Next day shipping on Amazon... so why wait 3-4
summer lawn fertilizer
Summer Lawn Fertilizer We've all heard it, and yes even I have preached it in the past.  Lay off the
powerwashing concrete driveways
Pressure Washing Driveways Legally Doc shows you how to avoid fines when pressure washing your driveway and sidewalks. NOTE: While
leveling lawn
Leveling lawns is not a simple job. Doc shows you both contracting out the lawn leveling and doing your own
If you have several days of rain moving in, it's not a bad idea to scalp your Bermuda grass lawn
restore bermuda grass lawn
Doc does an initial Bermuda lawn evaluation on a Bermuda grass lawn in need of repair. If you want to
Why Doc choose TruCut Reel Mower Ordering a Tru-Cut Mower →  UPDATE 9/3 Last month Tru-Cut and their top distributor
Over seeding a Bermuda lawn?  Here are a few tips. Seeds are listed below. Make sure the soil temp
Doc shows you how to spray Super Juice lawn fertilizer in the heat of the summer. He also mixes other
bermuda grass seed
Best Bermuda Grass Seed Which is the best Bermuda grass seed?  The best Bermuda grass seed is one that produces
watering lawns
How do you water lawns properly? The heat and drought can really take a toll on your grass during the
Lawn fungus appears often the warm humid months of May - Sept.  Preventing is the best method but curing and
lawn hot spots
Hot spots are quick to brown out in the summer heat. They are often caused by debris or tree roots
summer heat bermuda grass
Doc discusses some tips about handing Bermuda grass lawns in the summer heat. Tips... 1- Water hot spots in
summer lawn fertilizer
Summer Lawn Fertilizer Summer time, with its heat and low rain falls,  is often the time to rethink your lawn
how to aerate lawn
Doc shows you how to aerate your lawn and gives you some aerating lawn tips. Aerating Bermuda Lawn tips
Doc shows you how to fix large holes in your lawn. Same can be done for bare spots.
mosqito trap bug zapper
Best Mosquito Traps and Bug Zappers 2019 (Product links below) Doc shares his thoughts on the electronic bug and
thick green lawn
How to Get Thick Green Lawn Simple, FAST,  rules to follow on how to get a healthy thick green
battery packpack sprayer
The best battery backpack sprayer review Doc reviews and tests one battery powered backpack sprayer which he thinks is one
wifi sprinkler controller
Wifi Sprinkler Controller Rachio Review Rachio Generation 2 This is the WIFI sprinkler controller Doc ordered. Keep in mind it
reel lawn mower
Reel Lawn Mower Review Reel lawn mowers are by far the number one choice for Bermuda grass lawns, as well
expamd irrigation system
Want to modify or expand your irrigation system? WARNING: Irrigation systems generally use HIGH pressure water directly from the main
liquid iron lawn
Adding Iron to your lawn Yes, adding iron to your lawn will generally make it "greener" and often give it
How high or low should you cut your Bermuda grass?  Doc shows you his spring Bermuda grass cutting height.  In
best lawn edger
Best lawn edger for 2019 Doc reviews what he thinks is the best VALUE when it comes to a gas
We want to push our Spring Bermuda grass lawn and get it to thicken up and be ready for the
kill armyworms lawn
How to Kill Armyworms in Lawn This past year armyworms in the lawn were a huge problem.  The south east
kill lawn grubs
How to Kill Grubs in Your Lawn ← Click to view on Amazon About $34 including shipping.      
A simple and easy way to add general nutrients to your lawn soil. Your lawn's NPK numbers often need adjusting.
Just a quick video showing an early green up of the lawn using nothing but Super Juice. Early spring
online soil test
Online Soil Testing Most home owners never get a soil test done for their lawn and I think I understand
bag or mulch lawn clippings
Should you bag your lawn clippings or mulch and return them? There are some simple rules. #1 If the grass
humic acid for lawns
The Best Humic Acid for Lawns There are many products that Doc says are the "industry's best", but this humic
Which is the best Bermuda grass seed for lawns? LINKS TO BEST SEEDS ARE BELOW BEFORE you seed... read
Quick fix for the spray bottles. BOTTLE LINKS HERE
granular lawn fertilizer PGF
Best Granular Lawn Fertilizer? Which is the best lawn fertilizer?  It's not a simple question but in our eyes, there
home vegetable garden
Easy Home Vegetable Garden This simple and easy to build vegetable garden puts out a HUGE amount of produce. Very
Doc decided to post a video about slow spring Bermuda grass growth and colder temperatures that often sneak in this
restore bermuda lawn
A step by step guide how to restore your Bermuda grass lawn. UPDATE POSTED ON FACEBOOK----->  CLICK HERE TO
Removing algae and mold from fences and house siding is fairly easy. However you are exposed to all kinds of
lawn fertilizer schedule
The lawn fertilizer schedule is a brief overview based on DAILY HIGH TEMPS, not soil temps or location. This allows
In this video Doc talks about lawn fertilizer numbers and particle size. The new PGF Lawn Fertilizer will be available
2021 Update Doc's Best new pick.  Click to see the new top pick. In this video Doc reviews several lawn
lawn soil PH
Lawn soil PH testing and treatments are the one test that home owners should do every year.  Your lawn soil
Doc shows you how to scalp and records the scalping of his Bermuda grass lawn in the spring. Spring
The basic of using Super Juice. Fertilizer Schedule for Dummies (Dummy being Doc) 1- Very early spring we use SuperJuice
spring lawn fertilizer
Spring lawn fertilizer tips. Spring is the CRITICAL time for Bermuda grass lawns. It's when we want to push
There are only a few things to cover for the spring Bermuda lawn checklist.  A critical part is having the
lawn fertilizer information
There's a lot of lawn fertilizer information and Doc breaks it down in the video below. "With regard to
It's a question we get all the time, when is the best time to scalp my Bermuda grass lawn? Here
Yes, I'm excited.  I LOVE my Zero-G hoses but have wanted them to produce a 3/4" version for over two
Here's the easy way to kill winter weeds, going into early spring. Inspect your lawn and determine what weeds you
hose end spray bottle
In the video below Doc talks about calculating YOUR lawn's application rates and volume when it comes to hose end
best credit monitoring 2019
Hey Doc, why are you talking about credit monitoring services?  Two reasons, first it's cold and rainy outside and I
granular preemergent
Not all granular pre-emergents are the same. Doc explains why the DG formula of lawn preemergent is the best. The
In the video below, Doc shows you a few ways to measure and calculate your lawn square footage. Know the
killing winter lawn weeds
I've been getting a lot of questions from average home owners about killing winter weeds in their lawns.  Let's face
bermuda grass calendar 2019 678
The NEW 2020 Bermuda Grass Calendar and the Bermuda Lawn Guide can be found by clicking the banner below. It
Sometimes... I have to laugh... Obviously some people can't read at the 8th grade reading level... (the level of my
when to put down preemergent in spring
When to put down pre-emergent in spring? ← Best granular pre-emergent, click for pricing.       From our →
winter lawn weeds treatments
Winter lawn weeds should be dealt with BEFORE the temps start rising. We want to treat winter lawn weeds now
lawn soil temperatures
Lawn Soil Temperatures Soil temperatures in your lawn play a critical role as to WHAT you do... and WHEN you
winterizing lawns
Winterizing Lawns is a term that often SELLS a lot of product, but for the most part lawns take care
fertilizer npk numbers
Understanding lawn fertilizer NPK Numbers, Nutrients, and which are best. Super Juice Recipe is >>> HERE Ask any "educated"
hurricane michael prep
Generator setup and hurricane prep Doc walks you through HIS generator setup and hurricane prep for the upcoming storm, hurricane
bermuda lawn scalp
Bermuda Lawn Scalp You really should not scalp your Bermuda lawn in the fall, but Doc had his reasons. he
fall lawn care information
Fall Lawn Care and Tips Doc walks you through fall lawn care tips and information in this video. To see
green up lawn fast
ImportantUpdate... Doc now only uses PGF Complete Granular... Then treats with Super Juice. Click the Bag below to see on
mushrooms in lawn
Mushrooms in your lawn? Mushrooms in lawns is quite common for those of us that actually care about our lawns.
amino acids on lawns
Amino Acids on Lawns Amino acids on lawns will be the talk of the industry for years to come. They
fall preemergent lawns
Fall preemergent is applied in two phases in our program. First you apply the granular now, then when the first
army worms in lawn
Fall Army worms can show up in your lawn at anytime depending on your location. For most army worms show
fall lawn care
A quick video from Doc going over some fall lawn care tips. See the updates on all the fall lawn
best home hvac filter
Choosing the best home HVAC / air conditioning filter seems simple, but I think there's a balance between price and
organic lawn fertilizer
Best organic lawn fertilizer for ALL LAWNS... NOTE: Before using an ORGANIC fertilizer later in the year, you should FIRST
storm preparedness
Storm preparedness and preparing for emergencies has always been a "beef" of mine.  The fact that 90% of the homes
best storm generator
Doc's top picks for home generators. Hurricane, Winter storm, and general outage prep. Today, I'm ordering my new generator
best camera youtube
Are you looking for the best video camera for YouTube videos?  Pick the camera that will make your life easy,
fall bermuda care
Fall care of Bermuda grass lawns and treatments.  There are certain things to do and prepare for in the fall
lawn bugs and grubs
UPDATE BELOW... You may not even know you have lawn grubs, but they can do massive destruction to small and
bermuda grass calendar
Bermuda Grass  and Zoysia Grass Calendars Doc has published both the Bermuda lawn guide and Zoysia lawn guide and both
pressure washing fence
The FULL video on proper fence power washing.  Doc walks you through the best methods, equipment and tips on pressure
super juice lawn 123
Doc's SUPER JUICE ...  Lots of people have asked... so here it is. IMPORTANT 2019 UPDATE The New Super Juice
bermuda grass full of weeds
Is your lawn or Bermuda grass full of weeds?  Need to know that it CAN be fixed?  In this video
stop video camera wind noise
In this video Doc shows you how to stop and prevent wind noise on video cameras.  This method is the
organic lawn fertilizer
NOTE: Before using an ORGANIC fertilizer later in the year, you should FIRST USE PGF Complete. Organic fertilizers do not
deer repellent automatic
There are many deer repellent products on the market, but most wear off or simply get ignored by the deer.
liquid aerator lawns
Liquid aerators for lawns have been a big subject over the past couple of years.  Some liquid aeration products are
liquid lawn fertilizer sprays
Liquid lawn sprays are not only convenient but they allow you to get the needed nutrition to the grass when
glue soles back on shoes
How do you glue the sole of a sneaker or shoe back on? In this video Doc shows you his
fix bermuda lawn
Doc evaluates a Bermuda lawn to see what it needs to improve.  He will evaluate soil and thatch layers, density
dog urine spots lawn
Dog urine / pee will leave burn spots in your lawn. In this video, Doc shows you how to deal
bermuda lawn restoration
Project "Bermuda lawn restoration" is now complete.  She is now a LAWN GOLD... Barb's yard is looking fantastic.  Now to
kill aphids black leaves crepe mytrles
Killing aphids on plants is not as easy as many lead you to think.  You walk out to your crepe
summer lawn scalp chlorosis
UPDATE Picture.... When we talk about scalping Bermuda lawns it almost always is done in the spring.  However, as the
fence and deck cleaners
In the end... this is really about understanding CLEANERS... vs. KILLERS Whether you're going to pressure wash a fence or
best humic acid lawns
New for 2020 Humic Acid and Biochar Blend   HUMICHAR™  is Doc's TOP PICK for the 2020 New Product Awards,
lawn spreader for bermuda grass
2021 Update Doc's Best new pick.    In this video Doc reviews his new Scotts Elite lawn spreader.  There is
top dressing lawns
In this video Doc shows you how to make top dressing for lawns.  If you are top dressing lawn bare
worlds best grilled chicken recipe
This grilled chicken marinade recipe is designed for use on chicken thighs, but it works great on breasts and pork
improve bermuda in shade
Growing Bermuda Grass in Shade? Bermuda grass does not grow well in shade...  let's repeat that... BERMUDA GRASS DOES NOT
leveling lawns and yards
Leveling you lawn and yard is a major undertaking if you are doing the whole lawn.  However, you can level
best house wash spray
The product link is below...  Doc is pretty strong in his opinion on this one. He has tested many different
cutting wet grass
Do you think Doc hates cutting wet grass? After this video you know the answer.  Grass should be cut dry,
pressure washing concrete sidewalks
Power washing your sidewalks and curbs seems like a small task, but man... what a difference it makes.  After pressure
summer weeds in bermuda lawn
In this video Doc shows you how to treat small areas of weeds in your Bermuda grass lawn. In the
pressure washer review
While the title sounds a bit definitive... it really is Doc's opinion based on research, use, and years of experience. 
kill nutsedge in bermuda
UPDATED PICS and VIDEO NEAR BOTTOM. NOTE: The application rate using this method is WELL BELOW the labeled recommended usage.
treat lawn disease fungus
Treating your lawn for fungus and disease should be done as soon as the problem starts.  You should also prevent
leveling your mower deck
Leveling a riding mower deck is probably the critical step missed by many. In this video Doc shows you some
thick bermuda grass
Want a really thick Bermuda grass lawn?  In this video Doc shows you his trick to thicken up lawns that
best john deere riding mower
We know... everyone has opinions... but after doing a LOT of research this was Doc's pick as the winner of
best soil test kit
Product link below... By far this is the best soiling testing kit for lawns that we have found.  We tested
pressure washing concrete driveway
Pressure washing your driveway. There are product links below FYI....  Best methods and tips on pressure washing / power washing
edge bermuda lawn
Edging Bermuda grass lawns really requires an edger if you want those perfect square lawns.  Yes, I can do it
fix bare spots bermuda grass
You can fix and repair bare spots in your bermuda grass lawn fairly easy.  Using bermuda grass RUNNERS, which are
easy smoked ribs
An easy recipe for smoking pork ribs. If you want a simple way to smoke ribs, this is your video.
keep veggies fresh in fridge
This little tip will change the way you store your vegetables forever. Think we're kidding? Once you try and it
Cutting wet grass and wet lawns is a bad idea. The clumping wet clippings can breed fungus. With this lawn
summer lawn care drought
The summer heat and drought can REALLY take a toll on your lawn. In this video Doc talks about ways
bush trimming drop cloth
In this video Doc shows you his time saving trick using bush bibs... or drop cloths for hedge and bush
fix new style gas cans
In this video Doc shows you how to fix those new cans without vents that won't let gas come out. 
bermuda lawn cutting height
What height should you cut your Bermuda grass lawn?  While most experts agree about one inch is the right height,
over seeding bermuda grass
There is a big temptation to over seed a Bermuda grass lawn, however you must understand the risks before you
best summer fertilizer
UPDATES BELOW... Which is the best summer fertilizer? Once the heat starts hitting we need to tone down our fertilizing
moving a sprinkler head
How do you move a sprinkler head? In this video Doc has his irrigation expert come out and show us
spray vs. granular fertilizers
Which is better, spray fertilizer or granular fertilizer?  In this video Doc shares his WISDOM... and thoughts about the pros
fix lawn bare spots
We ALL have it... those embarrassing and ugly bald spots and bare spots in our lawns. Bermuda grass lawns can
best tomatoes to plant
Most people don't know the difference between Determinate or Indeterminate tomatoes, but the right selection will make a HUGE difference.
replace inground sprinkler head
A quick and easy way to replace any in-ground sprinkler head either RainBird or Hunter.  No real digging, just open
lawn sprinkler review
In this video Doc shows you his new high volume lawn sprinkler.  We don't think about them often but lawn
mosquito control sprays
Spraying mosquito control sprays or hiring a service to control and kill mosquitoes is becoming more and more popular.  In
This is the first in a full series of videos and posts about pressure washers and power washing.  We'll be
hand aerator for lawns
In this video Doc takes a look at two hand aerators for the lawn. These are great hand aerators for
aerating lawn how to
In this video Doc walks you through the full process of aerating your lawn. A critical step in heavy clay
perfect bermuda lawn tips
In this video Doc gives some quick pointers about thickening up your Bermuda Lawn. These are great points for spring
planting in clay soil
After a LOT of research and trial and error, dead plants, we have finally figured out the BEST way to
kill moss in lawn
Doc shows you his tips on how to kill moss in your lawn. Unfortunately this is usually an annual treatment
root bound plants
When you buy plants from the stores the majority of them will be root bound. The roots will be growing
bermuda fertilizer mix
In this video my main point is that MOST Bermuda lawns need a full treatment of all the nutrients.  If
grass clipping lines
It's important that you also watch the videos on diverting the water flow from your downspouts.  REALLY IMPORTANT... you can
best solar lawn lights
I finally found these lights at Walmart, but I'll keep looking for some other good ones at Amazon. I'll post
dye for lawn spray
Lawn dyes are not really for adding color to your lawn, even though they can, they are used for two
spring fertilizer for bermuda
Bermuda lawns need a FULL RANGE fertilizer, you need nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. However, most of the BIG BOX stores
scalping bermuda lawn video
In this video Doc records the crew scalping his Bermuda Grass Lawn.  It's a BIG mistake people make, not scalping
cleaning smoker glass
Doc shows you a simple and easy way to clean you smoker glass. It's safe, won't scratch and very easy.
scalp bermuda lawn
Scalping your Bermuda grass lawn is critical in producing an amazing bermudagrass lawn later in the year. It is NOT
bermuda preemergent
In this video Doc walks you through the subject of preemergent for Bermuda grass. Probably the most important step /
best chicken marinade
This marinade for grilled chicken and pork truly is amazing.  It has a clean, crisp, flavor that will have you
small smoke detector
This tiny little smoke detector is a great unit.  In this video I talk about my thoughts and review it.
best auto pool cleaner
I upgraded my automatic pool cleaner after a great deal of research.  I'm VERY happy with it. In this video
winterize bermuda lawn
There's not a whole lot to do for bermuda lawns come the fall, but here are things we do that
solar swimming pool heater
This DIY system can be built for about $7 and it really heats up the pool fast.  The water warms
what size generator for home use
A question we get all the time, what size generator should I get for my home use.  I think it's
watering bermuda lawns
Watering your Bermuda Grass is not an exact science, but understanding your soil type will really help.  If you have
fall bermuda grass treatments
While there is not much to do in the fall for Bermuda grass, there are things we can do depending
pruning knock out roses
We all have it... knockout roses that keep falling over. I use this trick on so many of my garden
cracked feet cure
Dry cracked feet are both ugly and painful. It's something that I deal with as well as many people I
move ac drain pipe
We all have these little drains from our AC units but we really need to watch where this water goes.
stop deer rubbing
Yes, our property is infested with deer and the bucks love to rub on cypress trees and other young bushes. 
burn out spots in lawn
Burn out spots usually occur due to what's BELOW the surface. Low organic matter depth resulting from tree roots, rocks,
applying termidor and taurus termiticide
I have found this method of application MUCH easier than the "bucket pour" when it comes to Taurus or Termidor
deer resistant flowers
A very subjective term based on YOUR deer's pallet I guess.  However, the rule I have learned over the years
cool swimming pool
In the heat of the summer swimming pools can get very warm. Nothing worse than expecting a COOL DIP in
battery powered hedge trimmer
Here are Doc's thoughts on his new Kobalt battery hedge trimmer.  This trimmer has now been used time and time
stone steps in lawn
A few tips on installing lawn stone steps that will make your life much easier.  Also, I show you how
set nest sense to manual mode
It's a BIG gripe of mine with the Nest Sense.  There SHOULD be a way to easily turn off the
should you bag lawn clippings
During peak growing seasons it's a good idea to start bagging clippings. Too much thatch can cause issues.  If you
washing machine odor
Most people understand that running bleach alone in a wash cycle is a good practice every few months. However, SMELL
bermuda cut height
One of the biggest mistakes I see is people allow their Bermuda lawn to get TALL and too high.  Bermuda
two dog leash
In this video Doc shows the new tandem dog leash he got for his two "rescues". (Children as he calls
remove door hinge with cap
These hinges with a bottom cap can be a pain to remove unless you know the little trick.  Most people
kill crabgrass in bermuda
This is a great way to spot treat crabgrass in a Bermuda lawn, especially in the hot summer time.
lawn fungus bermuda grass
In this video Doc talks about fungus in your Bermuda lawn and how to treat it. Lawn fungus starts
fix bare spots bermuda grass
In this video Doc shows you a few tricks to help heal those bare spots in Bermuda grass lawns.