Hard to Reach Grease Fittings

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Hard to Reach Grease Fittings

Most power equipment such as lawn mowers, riding mowers, and even some spreaders have grease fittings. However, many of these grease fittings are hard to reach.  Doc set out to find a solution and order several products to test.  He shows you his winners for solving hard to reach grease fittings.

Grease Fitting Video

Mower Grease Fitting Products

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Metal 90 degree mower grease fitting





Metal and plastic snap on mower grease fitting…







Grease Gun – Hand Squeeze








Grease Fitting Caps

Mower Grease

Read your owner’s manual and check for the grease they recommend.  Doc uses this all around.






Hard to reach mower grease fittings and the products to fix them.

PGF Complete Fertilizer


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