How to Get Thick Green Lawn Spring

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How to Get Thick Green Lawn

Simple, FAST,  rules to follow on how to get a healthy thick green lawn this year. (Product links below)

This info is designed for people that have a “weak lawn” and want to REALLY kick it up and have that thick green lawn as soon as possible.  Follow the steps below and you too can have a thick green lawn in roughly 6-8 weeks.  Keep in mind, this info does NOT cover killing weeds.  SEE THAT VIDEO HERE

Healthy Lawn Rule #1 – Do you know your soil?

99% of the lawns in the US never get a soil test, while we always recommend it, we will assume you have not.  If you start to see issues such as yellowing blades (chlorosis) you REALLY should get one.  Until then we really are playing a “guessing game” on how to get a healthy lawn. So we’ll following some BASIC RULES.

Healthy Lawn Rule #2 – Granulars feed the soil, liquids feed the plant.

Granular fertilizers put nutrients into the soil, then YOUR PLANT decides what it wants. Example: If your soil has plenty of phosphorous, adding MORE will NOT increase root growth. (Period…)  Excess nutrients can cause issues so hence the need for soil tests or at least avoiding unbalanced fertilizers.

If your SOIL is lacking nutrients, you need to add a granular to replace them.  The only way to replace LARGE amount of lacking nutrients in the soil is via poundage of granular fertilizers.  Liquids simply don’t offer the high levels to feed the SOIL. So….make sure you put down BOTH a balanced granular in the spring and apply a supplement spray.  The FAST and SLOW combination of the two will really green up and thicken up your lawn within 6-8 weeks.

Healthy Lawn Rule #3 – Push hard in the spring.

Especially for Bermuda lawns, we don’t run the risk of hot and dry weather (hopefully) so it’s a great time to REALLY push your lawn. This is the time when your lawn can grow strong and fill in all those weak areas. This also preps us for the summer heat and droughts that come up.  As summer approaches, we tone down anything that would PUSH the growth.

Healthy Lawn Rule #4 – Improve your soil’s nutrient functions.

By adding Humic Acid to our soil, we help it become a better place to live for grass. We also help the plant’s ability to USE the nutrients better.

PRODUCTS – What to apply for a healthy lawn?

(Note: If any of the products sell out, simply come back here in a few days and check stock again.)

Here is my QUICK FIX formula to take an UNHEALTHY lawn… and transition into a thick green healthy lawn.  (If I don’t have access to soil test info)


→ 5 pounds of 10-10-10 per 1000 sq ft of lawn. (Any cheap 10-10-10 will work)

→ Apply → PGF fertilizer at the bag rate of one bag per 5000 sq ft. (3.6 pounds per 1000 sq ft)

→ Apply → Humic DG at the bag rate of one 40 pound bag treats 10,000 sq ft at the heavy rate.

→ Start spraying → Super Juice every 1-2 weeks.

Again… you can do this ALL AT ONCE.

Once this is done….

Sit back and watch what happens over the next 5-8 weeks.

While we still have things to worry about like disease and bugs, at least the FOUNDATION for nutrients has been established.

Example Lawns

Pictures taken in the BRIGHT SUN


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