Best Security Camera WIFI and Cellular

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Best Security Camera WIFI and Cellular

Doc shows and reviews his top pick for the best security camera for 2023 and 2024.  This highly intelligent home security camera is the lastest in VERY smart tech. It will not only video record the movement and subjects but then track them with both a wide view camera and a zoom camera at the same time.  

Home Security Camera Video

Ordering the Security Cameras

This first camera is the CELLULAR version that requires a TMOBILE sim card. Simply call TMOBILE and tell them you want a DATA only card for a security camera. You’ll also need a micro sd card for saving videos.  


Below is the WIFI version. You will need to order a micro SD card. 


Micro SD Card Doc Uses

Dual View on One Screen: With the wide-angle and telephoto lenses, you can enjoy simultaneous full-view and close-up images as events unfold, and check them on one screen.

Auto Tracking & Auto Focus: The camera can pan (up to 355°) and tilt (up to 90°) to automatically track moving objects and show it in both the wide-angle and close-up views.

Solar Power & Waterproof Design: With a 6W solar panel and its 10400mAh rechargeable battery, charging is a thing of the past. The non-stop power supply and the waterproof design give you 365-day protection.

Be Alerted to What Matters: The camera distinguishes people, vehicles, and pets from other objects, providing more accurate alerts. You can also create customized motion detection zones to focus on the movement you care about.

Secure Local Storage, No Subscription Fees: Keep your video recordings secure with local storage (up to 128GB microSD card) for playback. Rest easy with our lifelong technical support and two years of excellent after-sales services.



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