New For 2020 Season HUMICHAR

40 pound humichar

HUMICHAR™  is Doc’s TOP PICK for the 2020 New Product Awards, HUMICHAR™ is a 50/50 blend of SUPER high quality organic humic acid and biochar which is then formed into tiny DG particles that disburse in roughly 15 seconds after water is applied. 

Does this product replace Humic DG?
Yes, Doc is now replacing Humic DG with HUMICHAR™ in all his lawn programs.

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Size Matters

lawn biochar


Ends the MESS that normal Humic and Biochar create

A 50/50 mix of biochar and humic acid in DG form.





HUMIC DG Info Below


This product is 70% Humic Acid vs. most liquids that are 6 – 12%

Note: If it shows “CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE” it will be back in stock usually within 3-7 days.  Come back and check.

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High Tech Humic DG is NOT the same as normal humic products.  See the ultra fine disbursement pics below.  The PATENTED process of these granules makes the application more even, cleaner, and easier to use.  DON’T try and save money by buying a cheap powder or nasty raw granular product.  Once you use it… you’ll understand and NEVER use anything else.

This can be done ANY TIME during the growing season and there is no risk of burning. Doc plans on doing THREE treatments this growing season. 

Doc recommends core aeration once the lawn is just fully green but still short. (late spring) Then add this product. The coverage rate is roughly ONE POUND per 1000 sq feet.  (43,000 in an acre roughly) I use the number 40,000 for easy math. If you have 1/4 acre then 1/4 of 40,000 is 10,000 which means you put on 10 pounds, one bag, twice a year.  You can apply anytime during the growing season.


1- Delivery method.  Tiny little BALLS distribute evenly and with out mess. Once they are wet, they break down into 1000’s and 1000’s of tiny particles. (see next pic)

2- Quality control and research. Lots of “little guys” putting out pour quality products that are just a MESS. This company has spent 100s of thousands of dollars on research, technology, and patents. Their quality control is AMAZING from what I have experienced first hand.


humic acid for lawns

humic dg for lawns

There was a 30 minute light rain after applying, here are the particles on the driveway Doc missed with the blower. This image can be expanded.

humic dg lawn particles

HUMIC is a naturally occurring part of soil organic matter. HUMIC DG applies essential carbon and Humic substances which are key to soil health and plant growth. HUMIC DG contains three primary Humic substances –humic acid, fulvic acid and humin that act like building blocks for soil organic matter. These three basic components provide carbon as an essential element for healthy soil microbial activity and optimal plant growth. They improve the plant’s ability to take-in nutrients, including unlocking existing nutrients form the soil, and make them available to the plant for a longer period of time. The Andersons Humic DG is especially effective on sandy soils due to increasing CEC (cation exchange capacity.) As a homogenous prill granule, our product is easy to handle and spread. The humic acid granules were designed by a patented DG process that is activated by moisture to disperse the granules. This increases surface area exposure and ensures quick incorporation into the soil.


Can Humic DG be considered for use in an organic or sustainable garden or vegetable patch?

Yes! HUMIC DG is a great fit for organic or sustainable gardening. HUMIC DG is OMRI Listed and is a naturally mined product.

How does Humic DG compare to other liquid or dry Humic acid products?

Humic DG contains 70% activated Humic acid. This is a highly concentrated Humic acid product. The patented preparation process allows HUMIC DG to be applied at 25% of the rate required for granular screened humates. At recommended rates, Humic DG can apply 3.5x more active Humic acid and a complete range of Humic substance compared to liquid products in market.