How to Move a Sprinkler Head

How to move sprinkler heads and how they work

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How do you move a sprinkler head? In this video Doc has his irrigation expert come out and show us how it’s done. We move several in-ground sprinkler heads to line them up so they spray and cover the lawn correctly.  Lining up your sprinkler heads is vital to good irrigation coverage on all lawns.

Moving a sprinkler head.

A in-ground sprinkler system is actually pretty simple.
PVC pipe is run from your main water source to valves or control valves in the ground.
Each one of those “stations” as they are often called, control a certain number of heads.
When the control board tells the station to GO ON… the valve is opened sending water to the heads.
These sprinkler heads are connected to the PVC via FUNNY HOSE or a flexible, tough smaller hose.  (Kind of looks like a small garden hose).

Because the hose is flexible you can remove it and replace it with a longer hose, which allows you to MOVE that sprinkler head where ever you want. Now just cover up the head and you’re all set.  Simple really.

UPDATE:  The repair is going nicely. Bermuda grass is filling in and repair marks are almost gone.

moved sprinkler head repair

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