How to get Thick Green Lawn

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Doc now only uses PGF Complete Granular… Then treats with Super Juice.

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The NEW Super Juice is now easier and in stock.

The OLD formula has been replaced by the new all in one Super Juice mix.

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Simply mix with water and spray.





I this video Doc shows you how to get a thick green lawn, and his steps to making your lawn the best in the neighborhood.  Product links are below.

Product links….

UPDATE: 10/2/2018

I ordered 3 of these bottles to test them. MAKE SURE you screen your JUICE. But they worked VERY well.  The bottles only hold about 26 ounces, but the slightly reduced feed rate compensated and they covered about the same.  SPECIAL NOTE:  when ordering only order ONE bottle, then once in your cart change that to 2 or 3.  The MULTI PACK pricing is out of whack. You’ll see what I mean.

They seem to be the same sprayer head FYI which is a model K1 after much DIGGING.





Very good bottle for super juice.

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Nice MISTING spray pattern for spraying lawns and covering the foliage. Very few clogging issues.






Blue Dye

We use the BLUE when the grass is growing. In the winter we switch to the green.






Humic acid.

Amazing results from this stuff.





innova lawn fertilizer


The NEW organic lawn fertilizer.











Making your lawn thick lush and green is not hard. Simply follow Doc’s program and within weeks you’ll start to see a thicker, greener lawn. Within months, you’ll have the best lawn in the neighborhood.  This requires no special work. Just apply and sit back. Let nature do the rest for a thick green lawn.

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