Winterizing Your Lawn

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Winterizing Lawns is a term that often SELLS a lot of product, but for the most part lawns take care of themselves.  When preparing your lawn for winter, you simply need to do a few things. VIDEO BELOW

NOTE: Our Bermuda grass calendar is now available but watch for UPDATES every few weeks. (They are coming)

Winterizing Bermuda and Warm season lawns….

Fall and cooler temps make Bermuda and warm season grasses get LAZY. Their growth slows and their energy is put into a storage mode. DON’T push them for growth… don’t put down slow release fertilizers, don’t put down heavy nitrogen.

  1. Apply a light coat of 10-10-10 NOT a slow release version. Most 10-10-10s are not slow release FYI.  About one 40 pound bag per 1/4 acre.
  2. Apply our SUPER JUICE every 3-4 weeks until the weather is cold and grass has stopped growing.
  3. DO NOT use slow release fertilizers. If your lawn needs a nutrient… it needs it NOW.
  4. Make sure you have or are going to put down a good PER-EMERGENT
  5. Not a bad idea to apply a granular FUNGICIDE.
  6. Cutting height: Keep Bermuda fairly long or near its current height. About 2- 2.5 inches is fine.

Winterizing Cool season lawns…

Fall and cooler temps is when fescues and cool grasses COME ALIVE… then only thing we DON’T want you doing is putting down SLOW RELEASE fertilizers that you have no control over.

  1. Many people like to aerate and over seed cool season lawns in the fall.
  2. Fall is when fescue gets active so keep up feedings until COLD weather moves in.
  3. DO NOT use a nitrogen ONLY fertilizer. Use a NPK balanced one like Super Juice, and also put out some 10-10-10 if you want.
  4. DO NOT use slow release fertilizers. Your lawn needs nutrients NOW… give it to it.
  5. It’s also fine to use the generic / big box winterize brands in a LIGHT amount.
  6. Once the REALLY cold temps move in, put down some pre-emergent.

Winterizing your lawn.

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