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Best video camera for making YouTube videos.

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Are you looking for the best video camera for YouTube videos?  Pick the camera that will make your life easy, remove additional problems and work, and one that will constantly shoot great looking video NO MATTER where you are and what you are doing. PRODUCT LINKS ARE BELOW…. and I am allowing questions and comments on this post at the bottom.

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My #1 choice PERIOD… I own THREE of these cameras and have shot all over the country, in all settings, live streamed, etc.  This is my EASY to use, high quality video camera choice. About $690




My #2 choice is the 53 model. Basically the same camera without the USB plug. About $890






SIM card I use.  A must if you shoot in 4k FYI.  About $80






UV clear screw on 52mm lens cover.






Love this bag… only one I use.  About $25





Buy this exact software. You will be able to download it immediately via the Amazon digital download.  It’s cheap, and it’s what I’ve used for years. Very powerful for the cost.  $79 or the upgrade full version below.








<-  This includes a bit more features than the above.  Probably worth the extra $20 at $99
This link takes you directly to their website.







5 TB external storage. This is the newer version. Mine requires power plug, this one does not. I’m getting one next week.





Why listen to me?

Yes, I actually get ANGRY when I see people recommending PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERAS to people wanting to shoot videos. Here’s why…

I come from the REAL WORLD… time is money and added work sucks.

I have been around the “video business” for 27+ years.  When I started, good video cameras had to be carried on your shoulder and videos were shot on TAPE.   I have shot, edited, and produced thousands of hours of video whether it was product video, YouTube content, advertising, learning, teaching, coaching, outdoor adventure… the list goes on and on.

I have been “doing photography” for over 40 years.  When I started we had a dark room at my friend’s house and we washed paper photos in liquid.

When I started my first major business, I was selling online nationally and via my chain of retail stores BEFORE… the domain name was registered as a domain.  (Yes, there was world without Google.) When I sold them, we were doing 7 million a year in sales.

Too many people recommending what camera to buy have never actually been in the REAL WORLD. They have become “camera experts” but have no clue what it’s like to be on your own, starting out, and wanting to create, produce, edit, and USE videos as a TOOL or in a business.  Yes, you are a business.


In the REAL WORLD… a SOLE / individual video producer has too much to worry about.

You, on your own, have to create, shoot, produce, edit, output, upload, and USE the videos you want to shoot.  You have audio, video, lighting, and a TON of things you have to focus on, BESIDES the actual content.  The LAST THING you need is something that ADDS to your work and breaks the creative flow.  DSLR cameras are NOT the answer for individual video producers… PERIOD.

They add a HUGE amount of MANUAL work and thought process to your process.  Let me say that again… they make your work HARDER and give you a TON to worry about.

Too expensive…

A GOOD DSLR will cost you about $3000 – $4000 with a mixed use lens.  The video cameras I suggest cost roughly $690 – $890 and the RESULTING VIDEO… will be amazing.  I have learned that it’s better to have 3 of these cameras, a good tripod, good editing program, carry case, extra batteries, good SIM Cards, and audio recording devices, for the SAME PRICE or less, as one good DSLR.  You basically can outfit a full “production company”… for the price of one good DSLR.

Some of my pics…

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5 years ago

Do you do anything special for sound to record your voice? When outside do you use the built-in mic?