Best Large Capacity Lawn Spreader

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Best Large Capacity Lawn Spreader

“Once you USE IT… you’ll fall in love with its performance of this large lawn spreader.”

With more and more lawn treatments become lighter, the SIZE of your lawn spreader hopper becomes more important.  The new ProGrade spreader is the perfect balance of hopper volume capacity, (15 gallons) carry weight (100 pounds), quality and price. (About $300 including shipping)  It’s a mid range on the price scale for lawn spreaders, but handles like a professional $600 unit.  A great value in lawn spreaders. 

Lawn Spreader Review and Assembly

Lawn Spreader Tires… They make a huge difference.

When we were searching for our new “top pick” large lawn spreader we would only review spreaders with air filled, 13 inch tires.  We have learned that having air filled larger tires make SUCH a difference, it’s not even comparable.  Don’t worry about ruts and pot holes. These tires make the ride super smooth.

best lawn spreader 2021

Lighter Weight

Most of the larger spreaders we have used are in the 40 lb range. That makes it a bit challenging to hang them up. This model is only 29 pounds and easy to hang up and handle. 

Lawn Spreader Features

SIDE SPREAD CONTROL: Accurate placement without wasted fertilizer. The even spread pattern eliminates stripes that are common with mass market spreaders.

DURABILITY: Solid linkage means no more cables & springs. A spreader that lasts year after year.

QUALITY: Professional grade pneumatic 13″ tires, oversized steel frame, full metal (no plastic) controls, and a heavy duty gearbox delivers performance.

CAPACITY AND ERGONOMICS: Features a 100lb capacity hopper attached to a sturdy tube steel frame with an adjustable length handle for taller operators.

Other Lawn Spreaders Shown

Lower priced big spreader.

The Agrifab spreader is a “good” spreader for the money.

The LCO 1000 is a great spreader…

it just also has the top end price.





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Pro Grade Earthway Spreader
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Pro Grade Earthway Spreader
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Chad Elder
Chad Elder
3 years ago

Just got the agrifab spreader. Already laid down a bag of Humichar 2 weeks ago. What are your thoughts on gypsum and Humichar mixed together to amend this red clay? Maybe some potting soil or peat moss over it after I spread the mixture.

Chris Kitchens
Chris Kitchens
3 years ago

hey doc, great video, thank you! I would probably save me from getting fed up and chucking this thing into the garbage, lol.