Bermuda Grass Scalping

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Scalping Bermuda Lawn vs. Scarring

In this video Doc shows you the difference between a lawn scalping and lawn scarring that often occurs when trying to cut long Bermuda grass short.  Scarring is when patches of the lawn are cut below the green line of the blades because of soil terrain. While scalping the lawn is the intentional removal of ALL the grass.

Scalping Bermuda Video

PGF Complete – After any Lawn Scalping

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Bermuda Lawn Scalping Tips

True scalping should only be done in the spring or when leveling your lawn during the growing season.

When scalping Bermuda grass, it will generate a huge amount of clippings. Most should be removed.

Reel mowers do the final scalp better than rotary mowers.

If lowering your grass height, not scalping, return to cutting about 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the scalp.



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