Lawn Soil Test and Fixing Your Soil

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Lawn Soil Test and Fixing Your Soil

In this video Doc shows you how to do a lawn soil test and how to fix the soil in preparation for the upcoming spring.  Soil testing is usually a pain and most put it off. Doc shows you an easy way to do multiple soil test for $6 each.

Soil Test Video

Jump Start Program

Remember, we are NOT fertilizing our lawn. We are simply adding a SMALL amount of nutrients that have been leeched away during the winter  months.  A light coat of 10-10-10 and some HUMICHAR is all we need right now. TRUST ME… this will make a huge difference in your early spring Bermuda lawn.  Read more in the → BERMUDA LAWN GUIDE

Pre-Emergent Warning

Order your early… mine is already in the garage waiting. it runs out.

Test Links



→ Link to Bermuda Lawn Guide

Lawn Soil Test Core Puller

Soil Test Sample Bags

→ Link to Granular Pre-Emergent

This is NOT the Clemson test but an online test. It is for ONE soil test. 

→ 10-10-10 Fertilizer Lowes



Remember… Put your pre-emergent out WELL before the date shown.

Example: Doc will apply his GRANULAR around March 1st even though the chart shows April 20th for germination.

pre-emergent application

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