Pressure Washing Driveway Legally

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Pressure Washing Driveways Legally

Doc shows you how to avoid fines when pressure washing your driveway and sidewalks.
NOTE: While this is no GUARANTEE of legality and compliance, you are moving “runoff” from the storm drain to a natural area. It’s going to be VERY hard for anyone to receive a fine if following this setup.

Good read about pressure washing and fines. → EPA and Pressure Washing

Second good read → EPA and Pressure Washing

Car Washing vs. Pressure Washing Driveways

The clean water act gives local authorities and governments the ability to regulate “runoff water”.  Many areas both in the US and Canada have passed local laws banning car washing when the soap filled water runs off into storm drains.  Pressure washing your driveway is a little different. According to our call to the EPA… pressure washing your driveway creates a polluted runoff filled with potential chemicals, greases, oils, etc, that are released by the act of pressure washing.  Therefore it is illegal almost everywhere. Car washing on the other hand, may not. Check with your local office and county.

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