How to Pressure Wash Fences

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How to Pressure Wash Fences

Doc and crew pressure wash the new fence and prep it for staining. Doc covers pressure washing both new fences and old fences step by step.  Many think new fences don’t need to be cleaned. However the layer of MILL GLAZE needs to be remove as well as any dirt from installation.  Old fences can be treated with 30 Second Cleaner and then pressure washed.  A HYBRID stain is being used on the fence after pressure washing so there is no need to wait.  It can be stained the next day.

Pressure Washing Fences Video

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Best Pressure washers for cleaning fences.
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6″ Spring wrapped hose extension – This little thing makes your life SO much easier. Rather than reaching under or around power washer frames, just attach it and leave it.  Best idea he’s had in months.

Pump Saver

Turbo Nozzle – Regular TIPS… can leave sharp, flat cut lines, and this nozzle prevents it. It also give you a nice round cleaning area and less likely over clean areas.

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Doc likes the transparent or semi-transparent. Make sure it does not say OIL BASED.

→ Olympic Stains

Here (below) is the EXACT stain Doc is using.

Old Fence Video Below

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