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Fast Acting Whitetail Deer Attractant

Doc explains Moonshine Gold deer attractant and how it attracts deer so quickly.  Moonshine Gold contains corn distillates and dry molasses particles. This combination draws whitetail deer in quickly.  The product was design to be light for easy deer hunter transport and several packs can be put in your day pack.  Each time you go hunting take a pack and freshen up your deer stand. Putting out game cameras, put out some Moonshine Gold.   

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Comes in a THREE pack of 2 lb bags. 

Moonshine Gold is a deer attractant made from a mixture of dry molasses and corn-based distillers grains, a byproduct of the distillation process. Due to their high protein, nutrient and amino acid content, distiller grains are popular in the livestock feed market. In addition to their desirable nutrition values, the distiller grains used to make Moonshine Gold have a very rich, roasted smell that is extremely appealing to deer. Moonshine Gold won’t only hep you cultivate your deer heard, it will help them develop great body condition and big racks

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