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UPDATES BELOW… Which is the best summer fertilizer? Once the heat starts hitting we need to tone down our fertilizing a bit, however it’s critical to understand the difference between granular fertilizers and spray fertilizers.  Sprays can start working in minutes, while granulars can sit for days or even weeks without enough rain and have no impact on you lawn.
In this video Doc shows you his LONG TIME method of mixing both granular and spray fertilizers.

Best fertilizer for summer time Bermuda lawns.


Liquid Lawn in Video:

Lawn Dye in Video:

Sprayer Used:


Lawn pics after 45 hours… early morning pics with dew.

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bermuda grass summer fertilizer

Exactly what is Milorganite?

Milorganite is one of the oldest branded fertilizers on the market. It’s composed of heat-dried microbes that have digested the organic matter in wastewater. Milorganite is manufactured by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. The District captures wastewater from the metropolitan Milwaukee area, including local industries such as MillerCoors.

Using large-scale processes that mimic nature, microbes digest the nutrients found in the water. The cleaned water is returned to Lake Michigan while the microbes are kiln-dried into small pellets. So Milorganite is actually a bag of dried microbes!

How’s Milorganite made?

Milorganite is made using one of the nation’s oldest recycling efforts. Instead of plastic and glass, nutrients are recycled.

Wastewater enters the Jones Island water reclamation facility where all solid materials such as sand, boards, shop rags, plastic and debris are first removed. Microbes are added to the water—the activation process—and oxygen is bubbled through the water to create the ideal environment for the microbes to digest the nutrients in the water.

The microbes die after they consume all of the nutrients. Binding agents are added to the water causing the microbes to clump together and settle to the bottom of the undisturbed water in sedimentation tanks. After everything has settled the cleaned water is returned to Lake Michigan and the microbe clumps are sent on for dewatering and drying.

Moisture is first squeezed out of the clumps using belt presses resulting in something similar to wet cardboard. The semi-solid material moves on to one of 12 rotary kiln driers heated to 900–1200 ⁰F. The extreme heat kills pathogens.

Milorganite is analyzed for at least 20 parameters every day to comply with all applicable safety guidelines for protecting human health and the environment. After passing all tests, it’s ready to be packaged and shipped throughout the U.S.A.

Liquid Lawn:

Liquid Lawn 10-1-2 from Urban Farm Fertilizers is a professional, custom-blended fertilizer for all lawns, pasture, and hay production. It is the only instant lawn fertilizer with both Calcium and Iron. All nutrition, including calcium, is instantly available for quick, lush growth. Perfect for quick and easy hose-end and boom sprayers. One gallon dilutes into 256 gallons of full-strength lawn fertilizer that will provide a foliar spray for up to 80,000 sq ft. Liquid Lawn also contains mycorrhizae, humic acid, kelp, bat guano, worm casts, and enzymes for root zone bio-activation.To use a 5,000 sq ft lawn as an example, you will get approximately 8 applications from one gallon of concentrate. At twice/month, this equates to roughly 4 months for 39.95. This economy is hard to beat. Spend a little more, apply it more often, and get an even deeper green lawn with next to zero runoff.The Urban Farm Fertilizer Co is a small, family-run business dedicated to the crafting of high-performance fertilizers for the backyard gardener. We began in hydroponics, and have now taken our knowledge of specific plant nutrition and applied it toward the production of highly accurate and balanced fertilizers for soil, containers, and hydroponics.We offer both super-concentrated liquid and dry mix formulas. Go to our store to see all of our specialty products.


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