How to Make the Best Garden Soil and Compost

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How to Make the Best Garden Soil and Compost

Doc explains how to make the best garden soil and garden compost in just days.  Using Dirt Booster Plus and composted manure Doc makes super garden compost that is extremely high in nutrients and carbon.  This process only takes days, not months like normal composting.  You will never need to use fertilizers again in your vegetable gardens yet have great crop yields. 

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Dirt Booster Plus

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  • Dirt Booster Plus is an all-natural compost starter and soil amendment
  • Works much faster than traditional composting methods – Get rich garden compost in about 7 to 12 days
  • Increases and feeds the good microbes, bacteria and fungi in your soil to create ideal growing conditions that will last all season long
  • Dirt Booster Plus contains microbials, biochar, humic acid, corn distillates and molasses
  • Do not plant directly in Dirt Booster Plus super compost as this material will be very high in nutrients and doing so could result in burning. Instead, mix Dirt Booster compost into your garden.
  • Dirt Booster Plus can also be used to add organic matter to lawns. Simply apply with the spreader of your choice and then water in thoroughly.

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