Fall Bermuda Grass Care

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Fall care of Bermuda grass lawns and treatments.  There are certain things to do and prepare for in the fall for your Bermuda grass lawn. Doc discusses in the video.

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FALL – Bermuda Lawn

FOOD: As temps fall from the 90’s+ to the 80’s this is the time to get down your last feedings of the growing season. Our goal is to feed a BROAD spectrum fertilizer to promote HEALTH and store nutrients for the winter.  This includes ALL N-P-K  nutrients, iron, and AMINO ACIDS.  I will put down the new organic fertilizer as well as apply super juice.  I will apply the super juice every 3 – 4 weeks until the first cold temps hit. Then we totally stop feeding.  NOTE: I no longer use Milorganite®  for THREE reasons. 1) I am no longer putting refined ‘waste products’ on my lawn. 2)  The ratio of Phosphorus is too high. 3) I am getting VERY focused on making sure I put out a LOT of amino acids. (There is massive research on this.)

SOIL: As long as you have about 2 months left of temps in the 70’s – 80’s I would make sure you have put down some of the HUMIC.

PRE-EMERGE:  While the grass is still GROWING and feeding I would probably put down the GRANULAR pre-emergent vs. the spray. We want to put down the spray HEAVY so we’ll wait until the cold hits. If you’re not having weed issues, hold off on this until maybe October.

GRASS LENGTH: Keep your grass normal length as you have been, but as temps start to cool allow the grass to go up ONE additional inch from your normal cutting height.  When the first frost hits we will keep it tall. That gives us a really cool FUZZY brown soft look throughout the winter and adds SOME frost protection depending on your grass density.

BUGS: Not a bad idea to treat for grubs and bugs now before they hide for the winter. Just posted a video.

NEW SOD NOTE:  Stick with super juice and do NOT apply pre-emerge at this time. We will wait for  cold temps

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