Spring Bermuda Lawn Checklist

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There are only a few things to cover for the spring Bermuda lawn checklist.  A critical part is having the right products in stock, at the right times. Nothings worse than needing to do a spring lawn treatment and not being able to the needed products.

Tip #1 – Make sure your pre-emergent is down when soil temps are constantly in that 52 degree temp zone.

Tip #2 – Think ahead and order products before they sell out. Early bird gets the worm in spring lawn care.

Tip #3 –  Watch the fertilizer video and understand the WINDOWS we talk about.

Tip #4 – Use ORGANIC FERTILIZERS later in the season when soil temps warm up.

Tip #5 – Scalp your lawn when the soil dries out so you don’t create RUT marks.

Tip#6 – Be prepared for army worms.

Understand how spray fertilizers like Super Juice can help your lawn. Read the study.

To achieve the greatest efficiency, use low application rates (0.1-pound nitrogen per 1,000 square feet); wait several hours to maximize foliar uptake, and then water-in, washing any unabsorbed nitrogen remaining on leaf surfaces into the soil for uptake by the roots. With the range of results reported for the studies conducted in Arkansas and Illinois, further research on the environmental and application factors that affect foliar nitrogen uptake would be valuable.

The spring Bermuda grass lawn checklist is short, but you need to learn it.

Below is Bermuda grass coming out of dormancy.

spring bermuda grass

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