Fall Lawn Care Schedule

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Fall Lawn Care Schedule

Doc goes over the fall lawn care schedule step by step. Bermuda lawns will continue to grow and be healthy throughout the fall season if you take a few simple steps.  Cooler temps arrive in the fall, but so do some issues like armyworms and grubs.  See the FULL fall lawn care tips below NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Fall Lawn Care Video

Fall Lawn Care Products

PGF Balance will be listed on Amazon the first week of September. 

It will be 18 pound bags of 10-10-10 with micros and iron.  Apply to any lawn that does not have high phosphorus levels.

pgf balance fertilizer

Fall Pre Emergent granular for lawns. Sold in 18 lb bags.

GGR Lawn Growth Regulator

Click the bag below to order via Amazon.
Price INCLUDES shipping.

ggr lawn growth regulator

Click the Bag for current listing.

A 50/50 mix of humic acid and biochar made specifically for lawn care. Great fall treatment.

PGF Complete lawn fertilizer

Sold in 18 and 40 lb bags. Great for all lawns warm and cool season. PGF will help get that thick green lawn.
PGF Complete is the PERFECT fertilizer for all fall lawns, new lawns, and new turf. Can be applied every 3-4 weeks during the growing season.


Super Juice is a spray supplement that can be used on ANY type of lawn. Supplements help with the healthy green lawn all year long.

The DOUBLE KILL product below is the granular in step one for army worms.

Free Bermuda Lawn Guide.

Click the book to see the free Bermuda lawn guide.

Fall Bermuda Lawn Tips

Remember, we are located in Georgia and in August the temps will remain in the 90s.  Come September, we’ll generally see a mix of 90s and 80s.  I recommend the LONG TERM weather forecast I show in the video.  It will simply give you a good idea of what’s coming the next 60 days for YOUR area.  

  • Be prepared for Army Worms and Sod Worms. There are several videos showing how to test and how to treat them.  We list the treatments on the page where this sheet is located. You may have to treat every 28 days to battle the cycle.  We apply the granular and the spray at the same time if you detect them.  If you don’t see armyworms… it’s a good idea to do a granular treatment anyways because of grubs.  
  • Grubs… if you have a lot of DEAD spots on your lawn, check for grubs. The armyworm treatment we list will also kill grubs, just use at a higher rate and water in. If treating for grubs… it takes a LOT of water to reach them, so usually a good rain is what drives it down deep enough. Also apply at the HEAVY rate.
  • PGF Complete every 3-4 weeks. As long as the rains return, your Bermuda will want food. Keep applying PGF until temps drop into the 70’s.  At that time you’ll want to apply PGF Balance. (NEW)  PGF Balance is a FAST release fertilizer which is 10-10-10 plus micros.  It’s a good last soil correction without a heavy nitrogen push. Remember… Bermuda likes to SLOWLY shutdown in the fall.
  • If you have not done a soil test, NOW is a good time to do one. PH adjustments are best done in the fall and early spring but I really like to do them while grass is dormant. That way there is no worry about issues. Get a soil done in the fall so you can plan your winter PH adjustments. 
  • Pre-Emergent? If you don’t have weed issues then hold off on the PE.  I prefer to apply PE when my lawn goes dormant. Dormant Bermuda allows winter weeds to establish. So apply around the first frost and then again in the late winter.  Poa Annua seems to be the BIG issue for most.  It grows in the cold temps.  Apply a HEAVY coat of the granular listed once your Bermuda is dormant or the frosts move in. 
  • HUMICHAR… keep it coming. Keep applying Humichar as it will continually work into the soil and add carbon.  Remember that Humichar contains NO NUTRIENTS… it’s simply a way to improve your soil and lasts for HUNDREDS OF YEARS.  So, we can continually add it to our soil all year long.  We will have a WINTER program out soon.

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