Doc has spent the past few weeks studying up on the newest and best concrete sealers.  His lesson… a GOOD sealer is not cheap.  You should look for one that is water based, breathable, and is a Silane / Siloxane mix.  So far the one below is the winner and he’ll be doing a video on it soon.

Now… what’s difficult to find is how much you need / coverage rate.  We’re saying about 100 sq feet per gallon for now.  So if you have a 12 x 40 driveway that is roughly 5-6 gallons to be safe.  It’s not cheap. But is it worth it?  We are testing.

MasonryDefender Concrete Driveway Sealer is an architectural grade, silane/siloxane blended product that bonds with the minerals in concrete and masonry to provide long-lasting water repellency. It is ideally suited for concrete where maximum chloride ion (de-icing salts) protection is needed. MasonryDefender Concrete Driveway Sealer is breathable, non-film forming, and will not alter surface color or appearance.

MasonryDefender® Concrete Driveway Sealer protects most horizontal, exterior, above-grade concrete surfaces. Product is suitable for use on residential driveways, patios, or sidewalks. Natural substrate color and surface textures are unaffected with little or no gloss created. Slight darkening may occur on dense surfaces. Testing is recommended before treating any surface to ensure desired results.