February Lawn Care

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Late Winter Lawn Care February and March

Doc goes over some early points to apply to late winter and early spring lawn care.  Now is the time to apply your preemergents  and focus on soil health. February is a great time to making your lawn’s soil healthy.  We add HUMICHAR along with some mild nutrients to pre-load the soil.  We don NOT want a bunch of nitrogen at this time, we just want healthy soil.

Products for Early Spring – Late winter lawn care

HUMICHAR for adding carbon to the soil.

PGF Balance a pro grade 10-10-10 lawn and garden fertilizer

Granular Pre Emergent for the lawn

Dirt Booster for garden composting

The Bermuda Lawn Guide

bermuda lawn guide

The Bermuda Lawn Calendar

bermuda lawn calendar

The Bermuda Lawn Cheat Sheet

bermuda lawn cheat sheet

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Early Spring Lawn Care - Warm Season Grasses
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Early Spring Lawn Care - Warm Season Grasses
Late winter and very early spring are times to get your lawn's soil ready for the newly arriving spring lawn. Doc goes over steps to make your spring lawn amazing.
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