How to Fix an Ugly Lawn

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How to Fix an Ugly Lawn

Doc will fix an ugly lawn full of weeds in just a few hours. In this time he will apply the weed killer, pre-emergent, and fertilizer.  You must wait for the right weather pattern before applying the lawn treatments. Within 4-6 weeks all the weeds will die off, new weeds will be prevented, and the lawn fertilizer will kick in and the Bermuda lawn should emerge as a nice green lawn. 

Fixing Ugly Lawn Video

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Weed Killing Spray Used

The below  kills a broad spectrum of weeds. Available in various sizes.

Surfactant For Spraying Liquid Products

Lawn Pre Emergent granular for lawns.

Sold in 18 lb bags it will STOP WEEDS before they begin.  Apply in the fall and very early spring.  Apply at the heavy rate and make sure you get TOTAL coverage for best results.  Price INCLUDES shipping costs.

GGR Lawn Growth Regulator

The granular growth regulator will reduce the UPWARD growth of your lawn and reduce the amount of cutting required.  A must have once your lawn is healthy and great when going on vacations.  Will not impact side growth or root development.

ggr lawn growth regulator

HUMICHAR… humic acid and biochar.

A 50/50 mix of humic acid and biochar made specifically for lawn care. CONTAINS NO NUTRIENTS and can be applied at anytime, as often as you want, and with any other product the same day. Price INCLUDES shipping.

PGF Complete lawn fertilizer

Sold in 18 and 40 lb bags. Great for all lawns warm and cool season. PGF will help get that thick green lawn.PGF Complete is the PERFECT fertilizer for spring, summer, and fall lawns.  Great on new lawns, and new turf. Can be applied every 3-4 weeks during the growing season.  PGF Complete is very mild and needs to be applied more often than other brands.


Super Juice is a spray supplement that can be used on ANY type of lawn. Supplements help with the healthy green lawn all year long.

The Insect DOUBLE KILL Granular

Will kill grubs and army worms in your lawn along with 100s of other invasive bugs and pests.  Apply when there is a dew on the lawn and then lightly water in.  For GRUBS… water in heavy or allow rains to move it deep where they live. 

Doc’s Top Pick for Reel Mower

The link below.

Free Bermuda Lawn Guide.

Click the book to see the free Bermuda lawn guide.



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