Invisible Window and Porch Screening

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Invisible Window and Porch Screening

Window screens in years past were pretty ugly and heavy. The new generation of invisible window and porch screening material makes all the difference.  Not only are extremely fine threads used but the screens have a watershed tech that beads up water and allows it to run off.  If you want a great view, look into these invisible window screen products. 

Invisible Screen Video

Ultraview the most see-thru screen.

UltraVue Insect Screen Black 48 inches by 50 feet is an excellent Visibility screen that offers a premium viewing experience. It is designed for 15 percent greater openness providing 25 percent better airflow. 25 percent more optical clarity for a crisper, brighter outward view. Improves light transmittance in low-E glass windows. This screen is GREENGUARD certified. Ideal for windows or low traffic applications where the focus is on the view.

Betterview which is very fine, but just a bit stronger. Great for porches and what Doc used.

BetterVue Insect Screen Black 60 inches by 100 feet is an improved Visibility screen that offers clearer views with enhanced insect screen performance. It is ideal for any situation where homeowners seek a better view with improved airflow and insect protection. Greater openness provides 20 percent better airflow, allowing light and breezes to flow through. 20 percent more optical clarity for a sharp, more brilliant outward view. This screen improves light transmittance in low-E glass windows with 10 percent better insect protection. Passed accelerated weathering tests (QUV 1200hrs. and Xenon Arc 2500 Kjs.). GREENGUARD certified.


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Terry Fields
Terry Fields
2 years ago

I have 3 areas that does not produce grass very well. I seeded the area well and grass did grow and came in well. After a while the grass died off. The area gets some sun, but mostly shade. I thought the ph may be off since I was getting alot of moss, but when I checked it it reads about 6.4. Should I hit those areas with a fertilizer or a heavy over seeding & fertilizer. Any information would help me out. Thnaks.