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The basic of using Super Juice.

Fertilizer Schedule for Dummies (Dummy being Doc)

1- Very early spring we use SuperJuice in the 14-2-4 ratio and spray every 2-3 weeks.  If your lawn is weak, you can spray every 1-2 weeks. Daily high temps in the 60s. Wait on any granulars. You’ll be scalping, there will be heavy rains, etc, etc.

2- Spring, apply the new PGF  Complete granular fertilizer  once daytime temps start hitting the 70s. Keep applying Super Juice every 2-3 weeks in the 14-2-4 ratio. Note: The new PGF is a golf course quality, professional, slow release, non-organic, fertilizer.

3- Late Spring, temps are starting to hit in the 80s, you have slow release PGF down that is working, just keep spraying Super Juice.

4- Summer, temps hitting the 90s constantly. Go swimming.  If you have some nice weather patterns move in, feel free to hit the lawn with Super Juice in the 7-1-2 ratio.

5- Early fall, temps dropping back to the 80s, heavy heat and droughts are gone. Apply a light coat of the PGF ( 1/2 strength) and start spraying with Super Juice again. Keep spraying every 2-3 weeks until the first freeze is about 30 days away.


How many POUNDS of nitrogen do I need to put down on my lawn?

Doc hates the POUND lingo…. most lawns need less than people use, especially if spoon feeding with Super Juice and using Humic DG to improve the soil . Example: In 2018 Doc applied 8 treatments of Super Juice to his lawn and two treatments of Organic. The TOTAL pounds of nitrogen for the ENTIRE YEAR was approx .88 pounds per 1000 sq ft.  That’s POINT… 88 pounds to have a golf course quality lawn.

super juice treated lawn

Do I have to wait before spraying Super Juice if I put down other fertilizers?

No, spray at anytime it is very mild. Spray it ANY TIME… with any other product.

How much water do I use when I mix it?

14-2-4 ratio = 1 cup treats 1500 sq ft    ////   7-1-2 ratio = 1 cup treats 3000 sq ft
(The amount of WATER used is irrelevant)
Focus on the amount of dry mix per 1000 sq ft.

The amount of water is really not a concern. The only thing you need to regulate is the amount of DRY MIX. Use enough water to apply that amount of dry mix. Example: One gallon of  WATER with 3 cups of dry mix is the SAME… as 2 gallons of water with 3 cups of dry mix. As along as ALL that water and mix combined is applied to the same sq ft of lawn.

Can it be used on “X” type of grass?

It can be used on ANY type of grass. Period.

Is it safe around pets and kids?

Read the label, there’s nothing in it that is considered “toxic” or dangerous, and the amount used is VERY light. No worries.


If you want to ask a SUPER JUICE question, ask below.

NON Super Juice questions will not be allowed here.


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  1. Hey Doc enjoy the videos/site. Curious if super juice can be applied as is, dry, just before it rains? Any benefit to both spraying per schedule but also lay it down dry as you would do w Milo or the new PG organic. Thanks

  2. I have 1/2 an acre (roughly 22,000 sq ft). According to my calculations I would need around 5 cups to apply in the 14-2-4 ratio. But in your video you said 1 cup treats 15,000sq ft. Could you clarify this for me?

  3. I placed an order for both the super juice and Andersons preimmergent. I will be receiving the super juice before the Andersons pre immergent (1week). Is it an issue to apply the juice 1 week prior to the preimmergent or is that ok?


    • Forget the amount of water……….. it’s the amount of DRY MIX per 1000 sq feet.
      Add as much water as you want or need.

  4. Hey Doc great site/videos thanks for all the great information you provide my question is can I use super juice on my vegetable garden too and if so would I use it every 2 weeks as well

  5. With super juice being applied as a liquid, Should I be concerned about super juice staining my concrete surfaces if I happen to get some on them while applying to my lawn?

    • I talk about this in the next video. The dye is not a “permanent dye” and you don’t use enough to really see it much. One tablespoon per gallon of water. It’s actually easy to get real accurate after a few times and that’s what I show. But if used as I said, it’s a VERY mild blue you really can’t see.

      • Sorry Doc, I should have been more specific. I was moreso asking about the iron in it staining the concrete. I am used to using granules and ensuring I sweep up the concrete before watering to prevent staining. With this being a liquid, is there any concern for that?

  6. Hey Doc – Should superjuice be applied prior to scalping or wait until after lawn has been scalped to start the fertilizer program?

  7. I’ve been watch all you video I went on to amazon and says no dealer or is it don’t ship to Canada been trying for. While now would love to try it out and add it to my service in my lawncare business

    • Each product in the industry has to registered in the US and in Canada and gets expensive. My guess is that they are not going to go through the Canada process.

  8. Hi Doc,
    Lot’s of good info, thanks. I have a hose sprayer with a dial for product flow. I am using SJ for the first time and not quit sure where to set the dial?The highest dilution rate is 8oz. Per gallon. I have approx. 10,00 sf. Thanks in advance.

    • I’ve talked about those in the past. I don’t care for them. Low PSI, no mist, etc. But you CAN use them. You’ll have to “figure out” what number and walk rate a bottle will cover. Since it’s adjustable it changes with each number. Make sense?

  9. If you only applied .88 lbs per thousand in total nitrogen for the entire year, do you think you would have seen the same results with a cheaper product and why?

    • It’s because it’s not JUST about nitrogen. If your using sea kelp, humic, and all the micros, you SHOULD be able to use less nitrogen. Otherwise why do all the “crap”. Make sense?

      • Thanks Doc! Yes the other nutrients make sense. Perhaps you should also add to the Q&A how many pounds of them also. Also, what do you mean by crap? Milo?

        • I meant… why go to the effort of humic, sea kelp, and all the other “health benefits” if your lawn isn’t using nitrogen more efficiently. If you have to keep throwing out pounds and pounds of nitrogen on a lawn that is over 3 years old… something is wrong.

          • Thanks Doc! If you are starting out on a lawn like the worlds worst Bermuda lawn or a lawn like Barbs, do you need more or less nutrients than a lawn like the worlds best Bermuda lawn? If you have a small amount of Bermuda but trying to get it to fill in what would you recommend? Since there is Less Bermuda grass per thousand does that mean you need less nutrients per thousand or more nutrients per thousand?

          • You can go ahead and UP your treatments especially in the spring. Put down heavy treatments, check your PH, and super juice the hell out of it while the weather is nice. Come summer, ease up and chill.

  10. Doc, great information, keep it up. My situation is I have a mix of KBG and rye grass. My question is how long, after mixing the super juice will it maintain its working properties? If I mix too much or wish to mix some ahead of time, how long will it keep?Thanks

    • The truth is I don’t know. Since it’s such a new product that testing has never been done. My guess is that if you seal it up in a small bottle it will last a few weeks. After that… let me know.

  11. Can super juice be used on a newly seeded lawn to improve the chances of seed germination or will humic do that job?

    • Yes use on newly seed lawn but I don’t think it’s about “germination” more about overall health. MUCH better than a granular for newly seeded.

  12. Doc I have a fescue lawn and bought super juice. Would you push the cool season lawn in the spring and fall with a 14-2-4 mix or only in the spring like a warm season lawn?

    • Sure… remember, you’re not DUMPING POUNDS of N down, it’s a VERY mild formula. But fescue needs to be pushed during the cooler months, and not during the heat. Nice thing is that you can SHUT OFF the superjuice when heat comes. You can’t pick up any granular.

  13. Hey. Doc im located in California with the yard size close to 2000sq ft front and back. Please let me know if I got this right. If I mix 1 1/4 cup of super juice into 1 gal of water and fill up 4 of the 32oz spray bottles. I would be using 2 3/4 in front grass area and 1 1/4 on the back side? Front is about 1150sq ft and back is about 779sq ft

    • You could mix the 1 1/4 cups in 1/2 gallon of water. I think that is enough to cover all the grass.
      One bottle will cover about 2000 sq feet at a slow pace walk, so I think 4 bottles is just too much work and spray time.

      • Perfect. One more question because I’m going to use super juice as my primary can I still put down my left over liquid fertilizer, Iron, and Humic DG? Or will that now be over kill?

  14. Hey Doc,
    Love your page and vids. Been struggling with my Bermuda being green and weed free. Feeling good about this year. So in to my question. Seen someone asked about super juice in the garden. You going the same rate as on the lawn. What about adding some in a watering can. To do potted flowers and around palm trees.

    • I’m adding one TEASPOON in a gallon and feeding plants. On veggies adding some 10-10-10 to the soil, and then using SJ as a supplement.

  15. Hey Doc, my bag of super juice and the spray bottles with dye you recommend arrive today. Just south of Atlanta where it’s been in the 60’s and 70’s this weekend, the Bermuda is still brown, too early to use SJ this weekend or can I do the first application and push every two weeks from here on out?

    • Remember… at this point you’re feeding your soil… not the plant really. But that’s why mine comes up early. The nutrients are there waiting for it. So yes, you can apply.

  16. Hey Doc, I live in the Phoenix area which doesn’t get a whole lot of mentions. Obviously the dates for applying various items don’t match up with my temps. Should I be focusing instead on the temperatures you mention?
    Thanks for all you do!

    • Yes, that’s why I did the “temp thing”. I think it’s easier to get a grasp on daytime temps rather than soil temps.

  17. Hey Doc, I just moved into a new home last year and I did soil test this winter. My phosphorus levels came back very high. 1900 lbs per thousand! Super juice has a small amount of phosphorus. In my case would you recommend super juice for my lawn?

    • Sure… you’re only putting down a TINY amount with it, just don’t put down poundage of granular with phosphorous in it. Add extra iron to the mix if you see any yellowing of the grass.

  18. Hey Doc, I’m a little late to the program and therefore still struggling with weeds. Right now I have a bumper crop of chickweed and hairy bittercress which I will address with my fall preemergent. For now, should I wait until the warm weather kills off the weeds before applying Super Juice?

    • Care for your LAWN… first. So give your lawn what it wants, when it wants it. The weed thing is kind of secondary.

  19. Thank you for all your help, Doc! During summer, if you’re expecting 10+ days of no rain, would you recommend watering the 1″/week all at once on one day, or over multiple days? I’ve heard 1 day helps roots grow deeper, but I know when you went on vacation in the past, you set your sprinklers to water lightly every day to avoid burnout. Thanks again for your time and dedication!

    • I’ll be doing watering video next month. My yard has crappy soil areas so I have to water differently than most. During hot droughts I do water with short daily morning cycles. Much like a golf course does. However, if your soil is healthy, then break the 1″ up into 2-3 waterings.

  20. My bermuda hasnt started growing yet, just weeds. Put down SJ now before the bermuda even starts?? And is pre-emergent a weed preventer of sorts? Just trying to get my definitions right (in my mind). Thanks for your videos. I want a great lawn but didnt have a gameplan before watching your videos.

    • Put down SJ when the grass starts growing. PRE….. Emergent does what the name says. Stops weeds from developing at the seedling stage. Not really a “weed killer”.

  21. A neighbor of mine mentioned something about a root growth stimulator (RGS)? I haven’t heard of it at all, and was curious if you thought it would be worth adding to the the regimen?

  22. I am going to overseed a very bare part of my Bermuda lawn. I was going to put granular fertilizer on top of that and supplement with SJ. Should I immediately spray the SJ on top of the granular and seed or wait some time? Thanks and I can’t wait to turn my horror show lawn around with your videos guidance.

  23. Hey Doc, I’m out in Central Texas & I have already done 2x treatments of SJ in the past 2 weeks and already seeing new growth here

    Would it be ok to do 2x SJ treatments per week or would that be pushing it too much?

    I have spots closer to the back patio that is just dirt & thin. Any ideas on how to bring that section back? Here is what it currently looks like

    • I would stick to the once a week and as soon as the PGF hits Amazon put it down.
      Wait on the bare spots and see what comes up. My guess is that they don’t get full sun.

    • That’s really not how you calculate the application. You apply one cup of dry mix per 1500 sq ft of lawn for the 14-2-4 ratio. It really doesn’t matter how you apply it, as long as that one cup all goes out on the 1500 sq ft. So… if you have 6000 sq ft of lawn (6000 ÷ 1500 = 4 cups of dry mix) However you apply it.

    • You can mow anytime you want… You’ll just be taking a little of the grass off. But next time, mow and then spray.

    • It’s VERY unlikely. If applied with the hose end sprayers, you are diluting a very small amount of nutrients even more.
      It is very mild

  24. Hi Doc, I used Super Juice today for the first time. I made a gallon too much, can I store it for the next use in 3 to 4 weeks. Or, will it lose its potency? Thanks for your help.

  25. Hi Doc, thanks for all you do. My question about the. Super juice is using the sprayer you recommend how long does a full bottle last or how much SF you can cover with one full bottle? I don’t have a big lawn everything total about 4500sf. I did the 3 cups with 2 gallons of water and It seams like it take a long time to go through one full bottle. Am I doing something wrong? Your help is greatly appreciated.


  26. Can you add 2,4-D to the super juice mixture? I’m experienced with SJ, and the lawn is gorgeous, but we have an outbreak of ‘Aster’ (in the bad part) apparently, and want to kill it as I feed the good areas 🙂

    • I have done it before… but I think right now I would use a tank and only treat the weeds. Really tough time to be spraying it as it will probably have a little burn on the Bermuda.

    • It’s not “long term” as with any mixed product, but it’s fine to use for up to 2-3 weeks. The only thing you may see is a bit of mold on the surface which is normal. It’s a highly nutritious liquid… so mold may form on top, so simply skim off any you see.

  27. Hey doc, can I apply super juice in a 15 gallon boom sprayer equipped with 3 floodjet nozzles? I have roughly a half acre yard, part zoysia and the rest common bermuda. Aside of granular fertilizers, all of my herbicides, pre & post, plus liquid iron, I have always applied with my boom sprayer setup with sufficient water. When dealing with a larger yard, boom spraying makes it quite easier than water hoses and bottles. What do u recommend? Can I apply that way, with sufficient water, and get good results? Thanks for your time, and your videos, knowledge, and info which is of great appreciation!

    • The only TRUE way to fight it is LOTS of pre-emergent in the late winter – early spring. Both heavy granular and spray.
      If you have any around in the winter / spot treat with roundup on a rag and treat each spot. But make sure your Bermuda is dormant.

      • Doc! I need your help! I’ve been following you for a year and my lawn looks great (except for some needed leveling). But – I woke up this morning to two kinds of mushrooms in the yard! I can’t find anything about mushrooms and what to do.

        • Kind of normal really. In the spring with the nice weather and good soil. Let soil dry out some, pull them early eve and morning. I’d hate to start “treating them” but a fungicide watered in will help some.

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