Low Reel Mowing Home Putting Green

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Low Reel Mowing Home Putting Green

Doc trains Jr on how to reel mow a putting green.  When cutting a putting green in the spring, it needs to be cut in stages. Slowly cutting the putting green lower and lower as the temps rise.  During this reel cutting process in stages problems such as lawn fungus and bugs can also be dealt with. 

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The Bermuda Lawn Guide

bermuda lawn guide

Large Spreader Used – Top Pick for 2021

Probably one of the best VALUES for a large spreader with huge 13 inch wheels. 

Best VALUE in Reel Mowers

Flower and Veggie Garden Compost Booster

DirtBooster will be available on Amazon soon. It contains everything you need to create an active compost pile. It can also be tilled into your gardens.  

organic compost mix

Should be applied to ALL LAWNS and can be applied as heavy and as often as you like.  It contains NOTHING that can hurt your lawn and is 50/50 mix of biochar and humic acid. 

PGF Balance 10-10-10 

A professional grade 10-10-10 with tiny particles, micro nutrients, and iron. 

Granular Pre-Emergent in DG Particles

Spring Lawn Fertilizers

PGF Complete website to pick the right fertilizer. 

Killing Grubs in the Spring

Preventative products should be used in the late summer.  Killing products work best in the spring. The product below can be applied anytime of the year to kill grubs. 

Bermuda lawn care and caring for your gardens. 

More information and Products

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Jesse Sanchez
Jesse Sanchez
3 years ago

Hey Doc, I’m in the San Antonio, Tx area and was wanting to ask about dethatching our lawns. I couldn’t find anything on your video list. Is that something that needs to be done on an annual basis? We had a hard freeze in February here in Texas so a lot of our bushes, shrubs, plants were killed off. Some of my grass looks very matted so is dethatching the answer to give the lawn some breathing room? The 10 day forecast has 70’s highs and 50’s for lows. Thank you in advance