Lawn Full of Weeds

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Is your lawn or Bermuda grass full of weeds?  Need to know that it CAN be fixed?  In this video Doc shows you an amazing transformation in just about 6 weeks.

Fixing a weed filled lawn.

#1  Understand that if your lawn is Bermuda grass, it will fill in quickly if you push it with the right products such as liquid lawn.

#2 First step is to attack the broadleaf weeds and use something with a per-emergent such as this season long control.

#3 Attack the crabgrass, but be prepared for some Bermuda burn. Yes it hurts to watch. Near bottom of the weed killer page.

#4 Let the lawn rest for about a week or two, then push with the SUPER JUICE.

A Bermuda grass lawn does not have to have a HUGE amount of existing Bermuda grass to make a come back.  As you can see in this video there was just a SMALL amount of Bermuda grass. We simply took away the competition, weeds, and then pushed the Bermuda.



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