Improve Bermuda Lawn Treatments

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Doc evaluates a Bermuda lawn to see what it needs to improve.  He will evaluate soil and thatch layers, density of the current Bermuda grass population, and weeds that are present.

Thatch and Soil…
The is almost no thatch layer present and the soil quality is very poor.  Soil is almost solid red clay with no signs of organic content.  We will leave all grass clippings ALL YEAR and add the HUMIC PRODUCT.

Bermuda Density…
There is a very good density / population of Bermuda grass throughout most of the lawn.  Really no need to transplant runners at this time.

A small amount of broad-leaf weeds are present, and a few areas of crabgrass have been spotted. We’ll apply both weed killer, weed pre-emergent, and crabgrass pre-emergent.

Within a few days and with a good rain, the microbial activity should kick in.  That is when we’ll apply the new organic fertilizer.



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