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Best Lawn Biochar

It’s critical to understand that biochar must be located around a plants roots to actually work. The problem with most biochars made for lawns is that the particle size prevents it from reaching the root zone.  By far the best biochar on the market for lawns is HUMICHAR ™. 

Remember… it’s NOT a Fertilizer

HUMICHAR ™ contains no nutrients and is a 50/50 mix of Humic Acid and Biochar.  It’s designed to improve your soil and help your soil hold more nutrients and good microbes.  Do not confuse it with fertilizers that also contain biochar or humic acid.  THIS IS A GOOD THING. We need to apply biochar in heavy amounts to really show a visible impact on the soil.

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Size Matters in Lawn Biochar

HUMICHAR™ breaks down into TINY particles that can easily leach through thatch layers and start entering the soil.  It slowly works down lower and lower in the lawn soil, but most biochars simply never move past the thatch layer.

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It’s a 50/50 blend of Humic Acid and Biochar

Improve your soil health, lawn health, plant health, and reduce the use of fertilizers. HUMICHAR™ is a 50/50 mix of Humic Acid and BioChar which is then pelletized into DG granules for easy and clean distribution.  Humichar ™ should be used on ALL lawn and turf types as well in ALL garden soils. And yes it is OMRI listed as ORGANIC

HUMICHAR ™ can be used in ANY soil but is specifically designed for TOP APPLYING on lawns. Normal biochars can NOT enter the soil quickly due to their size and remain on TOP for months and even years. HUMICHAR ™  is ground EXTREMELY fine allowing quicker movement to the ROOT ZONE which is where biochar does most of it’s work.

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