Backlap Reel Mower and Reel Mow Bermuda Lawn

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Backlap Reel Mower and Reel Mow Bermuda Lawn

Doc experiments with a quick back lapping method for the Mclane Reel mower.  Then he cuts the Bermuda lawn with the lighter reel mower which makes a big difference.  See below for mower details. 

Back Lapping Reel Mower Video

Ordering Reel Mowers

Why Mclane?  Lightweight, easy to work on, back lapping done at home, easy to get parts, same design for 30+ years, made in the USA.  

Doc STRONGLY suggests you purchase from the distributor below. Not only do they retail them but will answer questions and stock parts. They start around $1700 with shipping.  Model notes…  Doc STRONGLY recommends the 25″ GR series, not the greens keeper, unless you never cut above 3/4″.   The GR unit is more “inline” with the average homeowner.  From the factory, it will cut between 3/4″ and 1.5″ tall.  It will not cut what the page says.  Also, he STRONGLY recommends the 25″ model.  Most that buy any reel mower below this width end up wishing that they had gone wider in time.  It produces a better cut and is better with uneven areas in the lawn.   

The link below will take you directly to the 25″ model Doc suggest.

Reel mowing Bermuda lawns and back lapping reel mowers. 

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