Fall Lawn Cutting Height

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Fall Lawn Cutting Height

In the fall when temps drop into the 70s our Bermuda lawn starts to SLOW DOWN its growth.  We call this the STALL period. During the warmer months of the 80s and 90s our Bermuda grows and spreads rapidly, but now it may only grow 1/2″ per week.  At this point we need to use care not to create DAMAGE to our turf and let the lawn prepare for its long winter dormancy.  

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PGF Balanced Fertilizer 10-10-10

PGF Balanced is a professional grade 10-10-10 with micros and iron.  Great for fall and spring lawns as well as all gardens and landscapes.

Lawn Pre Emergent granular for lawns.

Sold in 18 lb bags it will STOP WEEDS before they begin.  Apply in the fall and very early spring.  Apply at the heavy rate and make sure you get TOTAL coverage for best results.  Price INCLUDES shipping costs.

GGR Lawn Growth Regulator

The granular growth regulator will reduce the UPWARD growth of your lawn and reduce the amount of cutting required.  A must have once your lawn is healthy and great when going on vacations.  Will not impact side growth or root development.

ggr lawn growth regulator

HUMICHAR… humic acid and biochar.

A 50/50 mix of humic acid and biochar made specifically for lawn care. CONTAINS NO NUTRIENTS and can be applied at anytime, as often as you want, and with any other product the same day. Price INCLUDES shipping.

PGF Complete lawn fertilizer

Sold in 18 and 40 lb bags. Great for all lawns warm and cool season. PGF will help get that thick green lawn.PGF Complete is the PERFECT fertilizer for spring, summer, and fall lawns.  Great on new lawns, and new turf. Can be applied every 3-4 weeks during the growing season.  PGF Complete is very mild and needs to be applied more often than other brands.


Super Juice is a spray supplement that can be used on ANY type of lawn. Supplements help with the healthy green lawn all year long.

The Insect DOUBLE KILL Granular

Will kill grubs and army worms in your lawn along with 100s of other invasive bugs and pests.  Apply when there is a dew on the lawn and then lightly water in.  For GRUBS… water in heavy or allow rains to move it deep where they live. 

Free Bermuda Lawn Guide.

Click the book to see the free Bermuda lawn guide.

Reel Mower Product Links

Reel Mower Special for Doc’s Viewers


Order ONLINE ONLY via the link below.  (DO NOT CALL THEM)  The point is to REDUCE customer service and personnel requirements during this time.  When checking out, write “free grass catcher per Doc” in the notes / memo.

Doc STRONGLY recommends the 25″ GR series (not the greens keeper) This unit is more “inline” with the average homeowner.  From the factory, it will cut between 3/4″ and 1.5″ tall.  Also, he STRONGLY recommends the 25″ model.  Most that buy any reel mower below this width end up wishing that they had gone wider in time.  It produces a better cut and is better with uneven areas in the lawn.

The link below will take you directly to the 25″ model Doc suggest.

PRICING and Order Time NOTES: 

The unit linked is roughly $1890 + roughly $200 freight (included in TOTAL price) plus front grooved roller (Included) and grass catcher (included). That total is about $2099.

Shipping times vary and are roughly 1-3 weeks due to COVID delays.

If that is too long for you… please don’t order.

Broad Spectrum Weed Killing Spray

The below  kills a broad spectrum of weeds. Available in various sizes. Can be used on KGB, Fescue, Perennial Rye, Bermuda and Zoysia Lawns  

Good Lawn Spreader for the Money

LARGE hopper and air filled tires for a smooth push over bumpy lawns.
A great VALUE for the money.

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