Planting Deer Food Plots

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Planting Deer Food Plots

Doc finishes planting the deer food plots for the upcoming fall season.  Once these food plots start to grow the bucks come out to them.  There is very limited crops in the area being mostly cow pastures so the deer come in by the dozens every morning and evening.  This mixture of plantings has worked very well for us in the past in the warmer climates.   

Deer Food Plots Video

Products Used in the Video

Moonshine Gold Deer attractant. Will be back in stock on Amazon around Sept 19th. 

Swivel Chair for Tree Stand

Winter Pea Mix Deer

Clover Seed for Deer plots

Purple Top Turnip for Deer plots

Solar Game Camera Used

Cultivator for ATV / UTV Deer food plots

Field Tuff Tow Behind ATV Cultivator, 48 i…

Soil Tests used for plots

Planting deer food plots in the fall and southeast .  It’s best to mix a variety of leafy greens for the deer and these will also help our no till plantings next season. 

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