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Leveling lawns is not a simple job. Doc shows you both contracting out the lawn leveling and doing your own small level lawn projects.  He also has posted some tips below the video based on lawn leveling experience.

Leveling Lawn TIps

  • Get leveling lawn quotes and make sure you now what is going to be done by the lawn leveling company and what YOU have to do.
  • Make sure your lawn is SCALPED very low. Tall grass will layover and impact the lawn leveling.
  • DO NOT have the lawn aerated before the leveling. Unless they are going to scalp after the aeration. The core plugs flatten out and create a real problem.
  • Spray the lawn with Super Juice right before the leveling.
  • Once the lawn leveling job is ALL done, put out PGF Fertilizer or PGF Complete once it is in stock. (July 2019)
  • Leveling is done with a leveling mix, not sand. roughly 80% sand and 20% organic matter.


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