Now in Stock The New PGF COMPLETE

“The best fertilizer we have ever tested…PERIOD” Doc

The new PGF COMPLETE is a truly amazing product. We have helped CUSTOM DESIGN this blend to perform on ANY type of lawn and grass.  It is a COMPLETE and BALANCED professional grade fertilizer.








A spray supplement for any granular program.

After a two YEARs of testing…there are only two fertilizers that Doc now uses and recommends in his lawn program.

Simply put… Doc puts down the organic fertilizer and sprays → SUPER JUICE every 3 weeks or so during the growing season.  The results are simply amazing.



The PGF Professional Grade Granular

16-0-8 with Humic DG and Iron

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NOW IN STOCK… the new PGF granular fertilizer is amazing stuff.  Tiny particle size give you great coverage and it has iron and Humic DG already inside. 18 lb bag feeds 5000 sq ft. 3.6 lbs per 1000 sq ft of fertilizer.  Feeds for 6-8 weeks depending on weather.  Good on all grasses warm and cool season lawns.








The new organic lawn fertilizer.

Best organic lawn fertilizer for ALL LAWNS…

Use on ANY lawn type… Bermuda Grass, Fescue, etc.  One bag treats 11,000 sq ft at the “normal application rate” we have been using double that.

innova lawn fertilizer

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Ask an expert to design a PERFECT lawn fertilizer… this is what you would get.

  • 7-1- 2 Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium  Ratio (The perfect ratio)
  • VERY HIGH in amino acids.
  • High carbon to nitrogen ratio  6:1
  • 100% Organic Listed and verified via OMRI
  • No WASTE products – Animal Parts – manure – composted waste.
  • 100% safe for pets and kids to walk and play on.
  • WILL NOT burn your lawn… PERIOD.
  • 100% Natural

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organic lawn fertilizer


Doc’s favorite fertilizers are list below. Some have their own page for more info.

Doc’s philosophy on fertilizers:

Want a REALLY THICK, LUSH LAWN?   Put down a slow release granular, mostly nitrogen fertilizer, at 50% of the recommended rate. (Example: if the bag says it covers 5000 sq ft push that to 10,000)  Then apply SUPER JUICE  right away and every 2-3 weeks following that until lawn goes dormant.

a) When you put down a SLOW RELEASE granular fertilizer you are at the mercy of the fertilizer and the weather in most cases.  i.e. – if it doesn’t rain for 7 days after applying, no MELTING occurs and your lawn receives no nutrients. You really have no way to control WHAT your lawn gets… and when it gets it. They are good for lazy people or beginners because you put it down and walk away. (NO LAWN LOVE) HOWEVER… they play an important role in spring and early summer of making sure your lawn has plenty of nitrogen.  This is also the time of year you run less chance of burn and there is little STRESS on the lawn from drought.

b) Most granulars and other BIG BOX sprays… have eliminated phosphorous due to many states (wrongly) banning the use. They can’t sell them nationally if it contains it so they just remove it.  So YOU… are being regulated by OTHER STATES’ regulations.  Most lawns need it and it is vital part of a healthy lawn.  (it’s the middle number  20-0-5 )  READ THE PAPER ABOUT WHY THEY ARE WRONG  Doc explains this in a few of his videos.

c) Doc likes to put out a LIGHT coat of granular (about 50% of what they recommend) then he applies LIGHT coats of SUPER JUICE every 2-3 weeks. HE… controls what his lawn gets and when it gets it.  This can be done all season long except for long periods of drought.