Trimming Palm Trees – How to Trim Palms

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Trimming Palm Trees – How to Trim Palms

How to trim palm trees the right way?  Most palm trees should be trimmed in the early spring and only dead palm fronds and berries should be removed.  That’s what most will tell you.  However, many like the cleaner look of a 9 to 3 cut or a 10 to 2 cut on their palm trees.  In this video Doc shows the palm tree trimming operation at the beach house and discusses various cuts.

DO NOT do a hurricane cut on palm trees.  Keeping a fair amount of palm fronds on the tree will act as a vibration dampener and reduce high vibration levels.  Palm trees also need to the green leaves to product food.  

If you’re in the Savannah, Hilton Head, or Bluffton area give Action Aborist a call. If not, please do not call them with questions, etc.  They are hard working people with busy schedules. 

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The Insect DOUBLE KILL Granular

This granular product can be tossed into the cut fronds of a palm tree and around the base. 

Palm Tree Cutting Styles

untrimmed palm tree

natural palm tree cut

9 to 3 palm cut

10 to 2 palm tree cut


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