Pressure Washing Concrete Pool

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How To Pressure Wash Concrete Pool

Doc and the crew pressure wash the concrete pool deck.  He walks you through the best equipment and techniques for pressure washing the concrete.  There are a few accessories that make the job much easier and also some tips that need to followed when pressure washing a pool.

Pressure Washing Video

Pressure Washing Products

Both Models Below CLEAN roughly the same.

It’s more about a few features and the amount of HOURS you put on them.

Pressure Washer Choice #1

This unit has a GREAT price (around $390 delivered to your door) and is the perfect unit for the AVERAGE homeowner.  If you use a pressure washer a few times a year, for only a day or two at a time, you’ll get years and years out of this unit. Has TONS of power and is Docs top pick. Comes with the Honda GC190 premium residential engine. 3200 PSI – 2.5 GPM One Year warranty. Add 2 years warranty for about $30 

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Pressure Washer Choice #2

This Pressure washer (around $499 delivered)  is for the home owner, contractor, or farm owner that does a LOT pressure washing. (Lots of hours) If you’re pulling out a pressure washer every few weeks or constantly using it on job sites it’s a good choice.  Comes with larger Honda GX200 engine, 3300 PSI and 2.5 GPM.  Has a larger AAA water pump and comes with a 3 year warranty.  It DOES have a variable RPM motor speed (throttle) and a pressure reducing valve. 

Surface Cleaners –  MUST HAVE

Click the link below to search for 15″ surface cleaners


 Extension Wand – Must Have

Small Hose Extender – 2 Pack

Pump Saver Treatment

Zero G Hose

The Review Video

Pressure washer review - Best pressure washer

New… Cool Gear

PSI vs. GPM. What matters most?

When choosing a pressure washer, PSI and GPM are both equally important. The PSI refers to the amount of pressure produced and GPM refers to the amount of water flow. Each pressure washer is designed to have the correct combination of PSI and GPM to have the most effective cleaning experience for your needs.

Imagine PSI being a “stripping” action to blast off the grime with force on the surface you’re cleaning and GPM as the “flow” to move/rinse the dirt and grime off the surface.

PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) refers to

  • the amount of cleaning pressure the machine can produce.
  • the amount of cleaning pressure the machine can produce.
  • the amount of cleaning pressure the machine can produce.

GPM (Gallons per Minute) is the amount of water that is coming from the machine.

We often measure this PSI/GPM combination to create Cleaning Units (CU.)

Cleaning Units (CU) is the result of multiplying the PSI by the GPM. Cleaning units gives us a measurement of machine performance (efficiency) to compare one pressure washer to another.


Pressure washer A has 3000 PSI and 2.0 GPM = 6000 Cleaning Units

Pressure washer B has 2000 PSI and 3.0 GPM = 6000 Cleaning Units

The difference? The rinsing power is greater in pressure washer B than the stripping power. Meaning, Pressure washer B will clean (rinse dirt away) faster  than pressure washer A.  Although the CU is the same in both pressure washers, the higher the GPM, the faster the job will be finished.

How to Pressure Wash Concrete Pool
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How to Pressure Wash Concrete Pool
Pressure washing concrete varies slightly from the materials used but also what surrounds the concrete.
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