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Fall Lawn Care Tips

There are lots of things to do to our fall Bermuda grass lawns, Doc covers many of them in this fall lawn care video.  Doc discusses fall lawn fertilizers and how to apply them and shows results. Next he takes a look at fall grub damage in the lawn and digs up some grubs in the lawn. Fire ants in the lawn are often a trouble in the fall. Doc shows you how he got rid of all his fire ants.  Then Doc talks about cutting fall lawns more often.

Fall Lawn Cutting

Remember, in the fall after we fertilze with PGF Complete, our grass will start to really grow fast. The mistake many people make in the fall is to keep the same grass cutting schedule. What we need to do is INCREASE the number of lawn cuttings per week, if not double them.

Fall Lawn Care Video

Fall Lawn Products and Treatments

Warning: many of these products sell out quickly. (They will read NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE on Amazon) Simply come back here to check in 5-7 days as more are on the way.

PGF Complete Fertilizer

DG Pre-Emergent

DG Armyworm and Grub Killer

Ortho Mound Treatment

Ortho Yard Treatment

Spreader Doc uses.

Fall Lawn Tips

  • Cut your fall lawn more often and don’t let it get out of control.
  • Check for fall lawn grub damage.
  • Inspect your lawn for fall lawn army worms.
  • Apply fall lawn fertilizers now… before temps start dropping too low.


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