How to Make Organic Garden Soil

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Hot to Make Organic Garden Soil

Using HUMICHAR and a few other ingredients, Doc makes a super nutrient rich garden soil and shows the results.  The organic matter in the compost is broken down and digested by the soil microbes releasing large amounts of nutrients naturally.  This super rich garden compost is then mixed into the garden soil and the results have been simply amazing.  In the video below Doc walks you through the process step by step. 

The HUMICHAR adds biochar and humic acid. That process releases a large of amount of nutrients and great new organic matter.  These organisms are primary decomposers of organic matter, but they do other things, such as provide nitrogen through fixation to help growing plants, detoxify harmful chemicals (toxins), suppress disease organisms, and produce products that might stimulate plant growth.

Organic Garden Soil Video

Products Used

HUMICHAR can be used on lawns soil or garden soils.
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MICROBIAL PACK for garden soils.

Cheap Organic Material


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Composted Manure – Link is to Lowes but it is sold in many places.

Vegetables Grown in Super Rich Compost


natural organic compost
The finished natural organic compost


organic grown tomatoes
Naturally fed organic grown tomatoes at 7 weeks.


organic grown squash

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