Doc is “one of those” people that has to figure things out.  Yes, he wakes up at 2am and writes down his thoughts and ideas.  Not only does he do his research and pass on the best information out there, but he also has a unique style of SIMPLE teaching.  His ‘motto’ is…

“There are lots of people MUCH smarter than me out there, so I learned a long time ago to stop trying to SOUND SMART… and talk to people in a down to earth style and give them the info they want and need. Too many people try and impress folks, when all they want are good answers.”

Doc is a Marine Corps veteran, father, grandfather, businessman, entrepreneur, inventor with over 27 patents, outdoors-man, photographer, and yardnut.

All his YouTube videos can be found here:

Where are most of the videos shot?  – Georgia

Why is he called Doc? – Nick name given to him by his wife due to his annoying habit.   When he sees a problem, can’t figure something out, or hears something that just doesn’t sound right… he has to research it, diagnose it, and find a cure.

A “blunt” personal note from Doc…
If you’re looking for the CHEAPEST way to care for your lawn, go to Pinterest and learn how to mix beer and ammonia as a fertilizer or put Epson salts down to magically cure lawn problems. (Good luck)   That’s NOT what I do here. If you own a 1/4 to 1/2 million dollar home and can’t figure a way to budget in $300 – $800 a year for lawn care products… that’s a personal issue I can’t solve.  For me, it’s a small price to pay to pull up 365 days a year to a BEAUTIFUL lawn and feel PRIDE in my work, effort, and time.  If your yard looks like CRAP… then YOU look like crap.  It’s the first impression people get and they get it 365 days a year.

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