January 25, 2021

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bermuda lawn calendar
Bermuda Grass Care

Bermuda Lawn Calendar 2021

Bermuda Lawn Calendar 2021 Below you will find links to the 2021 Bermuda lawn calendar, the Bermuda lawn guide, and the new Bermuda lawn cheat sheet.  All of these lawn care schedules and learning tools […]

early lawn preemergent
Bermuda Grass Care

Early Lawn Preemergent

Lawn Preemergent Application and Timing When to apply your lawn pre-emergent. Doc explains the QUARTER year method of using and applying lawn preemergent.  Using the 3 month or quarter year timing method we can better […]

Around the House

Bathroom Vent Replacement

Replacing Old Bathroom Vent Fans Doc replaces the bathroom vent cover and and fan plate that is over 20 years old.  Not only are the vents gross, but they perform poorly and can be a […]

Around the House

DIY Home Renovation Interior

DIY Home Renovation Interior The final days of the beach house interior renovation.  Two weeks of long days and lots of projects to update the interior of the beach house during phase one.  Doc will […]

Around the House

Installing Shiplap Nickel Gap

Installing Shiplap Nickel Gap Doc installs shiplap nickel gap on the back of some open stairs to give it a finished look. The nickel gap shiplap addition really turned the ugly stairs into a modern […]

cheap bathroom remodel
Around the House

Cheap Bathroom Remodel

Cheap DIY Bathroom Renovation Doc starts to finish the guest bathroom remodel and renovation.  New shiplap / nickle gap wood, vanity, toilet, paint, and accessories.  The remodel is just part of the full beach house […]

cheap wood floors
Around the House

Cheap Wood Floors

Installing Cheap Real Wood Floors Doc installs real wood floors in the upper two rooms of the beach house. These rooms get very little traffic so the objective was to keep the wood flooring cost […]

ceiling shiplap nickel gap
Around the House

Shiplap Ceiling Installation

Shiplap  Nickel Gap Ceiling Installation Doc installs shiplap nickel gap on the ceiling of the first bathroom.  This is done to cover over the popcorn ceiling which is being removed on the rest of the […]

battery nail gun
Around the House

Battery Nail Gun

DeWalt Battery Powered Nail Gun – Brad Nailer Doc reviews his new Dewalt 20 volt brad nailer / nail gun that makes installing wood trim and floors simple and easy.  The new Dewalt brad nailer […]

painting wood cabinets
Around the House

Painting Wood Cabinets White

Painting Wood Cabinets White How to paint wood kitchen cabinets white. Doc walks you through the process for the average home owner.  New kitchen cabinets can easily run $12,000 – $25,000  and quickly eat up […]

Beach House Renovation

Beach House Renovation

Beach House Renovation The work starts on the beach house renovation. The first few days of interior work. Painting, appliances, lighting, new fence and more. It’s Christmas and Doc heads to the beach house to […]

Bermuda Grass Care

Christmas Lawn Care

Christmas Lawn Care Cold weather moves in and Doc prepares for the Christmas work trip to the beach.  Cutting the fairway annual ryegrass and cleaning up the lawn with a little deer hunting mixed in.  […]

Bermuda Grass Lawn Care Information

lawn care tips

This website is devoted mainly to Bermuda Grass lawn care, but we also post a wide variety of subjects.

If you’re looking for lawn care information or Bermuda grass info, you have come to the right place.  Just a few subjects covered… Proper fertilizing and fertilizer tips for Bermuda grass.  Cutting height for Bermuda grass and lawns.  Watering schedule for Bermuda grass and lawns.  Aerating Bermuda grass and lawns. Chlorosis in lawns, blades turning yellow.  Adjusting and tuning your riding mower deck height.  Soil testing kits for lawns.

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