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2020 Bermuda Lawn Guide is Here

The first draft of the 2020 Lawn Guide and Bermuda Calendar are here. Click below to preview it now.

bermuda lawn guide book

2020 Bermuda Grass Lawn Calendar

2020 bermuda grass lawn calendar

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fescue lawn calendar
Fescue Lawn Care

Fescue Lawn Calendar

Fescue Lawn Calendar Doc put together an easy to use fescue lawn calendar with some simple lawn care tips.  You can also read the calendars linked below from several extension offices.  Keep in mind that […]

garden bed edging
Around the House

Garden Bed Edging

How to install Garden Bed Edging Garden bed edging will really reduce the amount of maintenance you do during the year. This is especially true with grasses like Bermuda that crawl everywhere.  Doc shows a […]

leveling lawns
Bermuda Grass Care

Level Bumpy Lawn

Level Bumpy Lawn Doc shows you how to level a bumpy lawn, but focuses more on lawn ruts and holes.  This is different than a normal LIGHT lawn leveling.  Light lawn leveling puts out roughly […]

smoked boston butt
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Smoked Boston Butt Recipe

Smoked Boston Butt Recipe Doc shows you how to smoke a Boston butt with an easy overnight smoke recipe.  Using jack Daniels Apple and a few simple ingredients. Most smoker recipes always seem complicated. This […]

thick green lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

Thick Green Lawn

How to Get Thick Green Lawn Doc shows the steps to get a thick green lawn. Follow some simple rules and your lawn can be super thick and green in a matter of weeks.   Spring […]

cheap organic lawn fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Cheap Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Cheap Organic Lawn Fertilizer Organic lawn fertilizer is a little tricky to understand but Doc explains it.  Doc shows you the cheap organic material that he tested last fall and is currently using.  Remember, you […]

bermuda cutting height
Bermuda Grass Care

Bermuda Cutting Height Spring

Bermuda Reel Mowing – How Low In today’s video Doc discusses the proper cutting height of Bermuda lawns in the spring.  The number one mistake made at this time of the year is to allow […]

home vegetable garden organic
Around the House

Home Vegetable Garden Organic

Home Vegetable Garden Organic In this video Doc shows you how to make an organic home vegetable garden.  Using the super rich compost this garden will need NO fertilizers all year and produce a huge […]

Bermuda Grass Care

Cutting Bermuda Grass

Spring Cutting Bermuda Grass Some people make the mistake of not cutting their Bermuda grass until it is tall.  In the Spring we want to keep our Bermuda grass the height we want it all […]

spring lawn grubs
Bermuda Grass Care

Spring Lawn Grubs

How to Kill Lawn Grubs Grubs remain in your lawn all winter long and now that spring is here it’s time to kill them if you have a grub lawn problem. Treating lawn grubs is […]

Around the House

Best Garden Soil

Making Great Garden Soil The best garden soil for Flower and vegetable gardens require healthy, rich soils to produce great flowers and crops.  However, just fertilizing is not enough. You must create a TOTAL CULTURE […]

lawn fungus webs
Bermuda Grass Care

Spring Lawn Fungus

Small Webs on Lawn?  Lawn Fungus If you see the small webs on your lawn and they are in in great numbers, it’s probably dollar spot lawn fungus.  These webs that disappear with the morning […]

Bermuda Grass Lawn Care Information

lawn care tips

This website is devoted mainly to Bermuda Grass lawn care, but we also post a wide variety of subjects.

If you’re looking for lawn care information or Bermuda grass info, you have come to the right place.  Just a few subjects covered… Proper fertilizing and fertilizer tips for Bermuda grass.  Cutting height for Bermuda grass and lawns.  Watering schedule for Bermuda grass and lawns.  Aerating Bermuda grass and lawns. Chlorosis in lawns, blades turning yellow.  Adjusting and tuning your riding mower deck height.  Soil testing kits for lawns.

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