July 24, 2021

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Recent How To Posts

thinning your lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

Thinning Bermuda Lawn

How to Thin Out Bermuda Lawn Doc prepares to thin out his thick Bermuda lawn.  We don’t dethatch Bermuda but we can scalp, verticut, and aerate the lawn.  Doc prepares to do several steps to […]


Fast Acting Deer Attractant

Fast Acting Whitetail Deer Attractant Doc explains Moonshine Gold deer attractant and how it attracts deer so quickly.  Moonshine Gold contains corn distillates and dry molasses particles. This combination draws whitetail deer in quickly.  The […]

Around the House

Trimming Large Bushes and Hedges

Trimming Large Bushes and Hedges Doc prunes, cuts, and trims large overgrown bushes around the house.  The older bushes and hedges keep getting larger and larger each year and regular trimming will no longer control […]

wireless rain gauge
Around the House

Wireless Rain Gauge

Wireless Rain Gauge – Self Emptying Doc buys two wireless rain gauges and puts them to the test. One of the rain gauges is easily ruled out because it would not work. The other rain […]

Around the House

Lawn Care and Gardening Tips

Lawn Care and Gardening Tips Doc, JR, and Jess work all day on the lawn and garden.  Doc spends a good amount of time giving some lawn and gardening tips and advice.  Work the tomato […]

growing huge tomatoes
Bermuda Grass Care

Growing Big Tomatoes Naturally

Growing Big Tomatoes Naturally Doc shows the natural garden and the big tomatoes that are being produced.  The natural garden uses no fertilizers and blends in wildflowers.  To grow the big tomatoes Doc is using […]

verti cutting lawns
Bermuda Grass Care

Verti Cutting Lawn and Growth Regulator

Verti Cutting Lawn and Growth Regulator Doc explains the various forms of dethatching, verticutting, and the difference between residential lawns and sports turf.  He also applies growth regulator to control the summer growth.  Sports fields […]

dethatch lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

Should You Dethatch Your Lawn

Should You Dethatch Your Bermuda Lawn Doc explains why he does NOT dethatch the Bermuda lawn.  Bermuda and other grasses that grow via a system of RUNNERS should not be dethatched.  It can do extensive […]

Bermuda Grass Lawn Care Information

lawn care tips

This website is devoted mainly to Bermuda Grass lawn care, but we also post a wide variety of subjects.

If you’re looking for lawn care information or Bermuda grass info, you have come to the right place.  Just a few subjects covered… Proper fertilizing and fertilizer tips for Bermuda grass.  Cutting height for Bermuda grass and lawns.  Watering schedule for Bermuda grass and lawns.  Aerating Bermuda grass and lawns. Chlorosis in lawns, blades turning yellow.  Adjusting and tuning your riding mower deck height.  Soil testing kits for lawns.

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