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2020 Bermuda Lawn Guide is Here

The first draft of the 2020 Lawn Guide and Bermuda Calendar are here. Click below to preview it now.

bermuda lawn guide book

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2020 Bermuda Grass Lawn Calendar

2020 bermuda grass lawn calendar

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putting green cutting
Around the House

Home Putting Green Cut

Cutting the Home Putting Green Doc cuts the home putting green with the reel mower in preparation for July 4th. Home Putting Green Video Lawn Care Products HUMICHAR… Click the Bag for current listing. A […]

lawn army worms
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Kill Lawn Army Worms

How to Kill Lawn Army Worms Army worms live in the thatch layer of your lawn. There is a two step process to totally kill army worms in your lawn.  Armyworms start to show up […]

Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Care Gear and Tips

Lawn Care Gear Tips and Updates Doc goes over some tips, updates and wear gear.  Wearing the right foot wear and taking care of your feet. Putting green update. Application of HUMICHAR and chicken feed. […]

dark green lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

How to get a Dark Green Thick Lawn

How to get a Dark Green Thick Lawn Getting a dark green thick lawn is easy with two simple steps.  Doc walks you through the steps using PGF COMPLETE and HUMICHAR.  Apply both of these […]

lawn care fall planing
Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Care Planning 2020

Lawn Care Planning for the Summer and Fall Doc talks about lawn care planning for the late summer and fall.  He expects to see some supply chain shortages as the fall approaches.  He goes over […]

Summer lawn scalp
Bermuda Grass Care

Summer Bermuda Lawn Scalping

Summer Bermuda Lawn Scalp Bermuda lawns are usually scalped in the spring, however if your lawn starts to look a little ugly from growing too tall a summer lawn scalp is not a bad idea.  […]

bermuda lawn care summer
Bermuda Grass Care

Bermuda Lawn Care Summer

Summer Bermuda Lawn Care Doc and crew had a rather strange week of Bermuda lawn care but in the end, the lawn is looking great.  Doc goes over HUMICHAR and some myths as well as […]

reel mowing lawns
Bermuda Grass Care

Reel Mowing Lawns

Reel Mowing Lawns and Best Reel Mowers Reel mowing lawns and Doc explains his top pick for reel mowers. The crew spends the day reel cutting the Bermuda lawns.  During the hot summer months it’s […]

Around the House

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Harvest

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Harvest Doc spends the morning harvesting from the raised bed vegetable garden.  This year’s vegetable garden was grown without traditional fertilizers. Instead a compost of HUMICHAR and organic matter was used. […]

putting green seed and leveling
Bermuda Grass Care

Overseeding and Leveling Lawn Putting Green

Overseeding and Leveling Lawn Putting Green Doc overseeds the Bermuda lawn / putting green with dwarf style grass seed.  During the seeding process the lawn / putting green is leveled. Seeding and Leveling Video Products […]

improve lawn soil humichar
Bermuda Grass Care

Improve Lawn Soil

How to Improve Your Lawn Soil Doc walks you through how to improve your lawn soil using Humichar biochar and explains how it works. HUMICHAR is micronized which is the ONLY way that biochar can […]

pressure washing concrete pool deck
Around the House

Pressure Washing Concrete Pool

How To Pressure Wash Concrete Pool Doc and the crew pressure wash the concrete pool deck.  He walks you through the best equipment and techniques for pressure washing the concrete.  There are a few accessories […]

Bermuda Grass Lawn Care Information

lawn care tips

This website is devoted mainly to Bermuda Grass lawn care, but we also post a wide variety of subjects.

If you’re looking for lawn care information or Bermuda grass info, you have come to the right place.  Just a few subjects covered… Proper fertilizing and fertilizer tips for Bermuda grass.  Cutting height for Bermuda grass and lawns.  Watering schedule for Bermuda grass and lawns.  Aerating Bermuda grass and lawns. Chlorosis in lawns, blades turning yellow.  Adjusting and tuning your riding mower deck height.  Soil testing kits for lawns.

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