Cheap Lawn Mower and Zoysia Grass Planting

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Cheap Lawn Mower and Zoysia Grass Planting

Doc shows the results of the first Zoysia seeding and cuts with the new cheap lawn mower.  Doc treats the lawn with PGF Complete and PGF Balance lawn fertilizers. He will be reseeding the lawn next week. 

Zoysia Seeding and Cheap Mower Video

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The Bermuda Lawn Guide

bermuda lawn guide

Zoysia Grass Seed

GreenShocker Fast Acting Granular

GreenShocker will be available Sept of 2021 Click to Read more  

Should be applied to ALL LAWNS and can be applied as heavy and as often as you like.  It contains NOTHING that can hurt your lawn and is 50/50 mix of biochar and humic acid. 

PGF Complete 16-4-8 Lawn Fertilizer

This is the main fertilizer for ALL lawns during the growing season.  Warm season and cool season lawns. 

PGF Balance 10-10-10 

A professional grade 10-10-10 with tiny particles, micro nutrients, and iron. 

Flower and Veggie Garden Compost Booster

DirtBooster helps you make super compost in only a few days. 

Granular Pre-Emergent in DG Particles

Spring Lawn Fertilizers

PGF Complete website to pick the right fertilizer. 

Killing Grubs in the Spring

Preventative products should be used in the late summer.  Killing products work best in the spring. The product below can be applied anytime of the year to kill grubs. 

Super Juice Lawn Supplement and Bio-Stimulant

Lawn Hose End Spray Bottles

WARNING: Use only the 20:1 ratio bottles and do not pay more than $19 for TWO bottles.  When out of stock, others will charge up to $40 if out of stock. Simply wait until they come back in stock from Andersons. 

Microbe and Good Fungus Booster

Bermuda lawn care and caring for your gardens. 

Large Spreader Used – Top Pick for 2021

Probably one of the best VALUES for a large spreader with huge 13 inch wheels. 

Best VALUE in Reel Mowers


Lawn care tips and Bermuda lawn care.  


More information and Products

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Ronald MacDonald
Ronald MacDonald
2 years ago

Doc good to see you made it to your beautiful beach house. Hopefully you will have sometime to enjoy the place and relax. Question, if you’re an impatient type person, is it best to plant plugs or sod for zoysia? Which one has the best success in growing? The family and I enjoy your videos. Keep’em coming!

2 years ago

Good morning sir,

The weed you needed help identifying is dove weed. It is very invasive and spreads quickly.

Eric Porter
Eric Porter
2 years ago

Doc, can you resend zoysia after staying weed killer? Is there a timespan that you have to wait to reseed?

Brian Crow
Brian Crow
2 years ago

Would love to see your french drain work. Please don’t leave that one out of the videos.

Brian Crow
Brian Crow
2 years ago

Funny story.. so i’m out in the yard cutting grass and I guy stops by to comment on how good it looks. We start talking and turns out he watches your videos also. We compared notes. Love what you are doing. Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy your time on the coast.

David C Zimmermann
David C Zimmermann
2 years ago

Greetings from Texas!
That weed at the beach house looks like Doveweed. Check out

Note that the Univ of Florida article says that for dogs who come in contact with it, it can cause serious contact dermatitis.
Take care of the girls!

Tony Tate
Tony Tate
2 years ago

Can I seed with the ZOYSIA SEED IN MARYLAND ?