How to Aerate Lawn

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Doc shows you how to aerate your lawn and gives you some aerating lawn tips.

Aerating Bermuda Lawn tips

Check on pricing, renting vs. having a service aerate your lawn. Remember to factor in the TIME aspect and possible injury.

Aerate your lawn shortly after a rain, or at least run your irrigation system the night before.

Let the plugs dry, then mulch them in or rake them heavy.

Fertilize to encourage new growth.

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← Fungus Treatment








← Fungus









← PGF fertilizer




The soil under a lawn becomes harder and harder as the years pass. It is rained on, walked on, played on and mowed regularly. Digging up the whole lawn to soften the soil is usually out of the question. What can be done to loosen the earth in a lawn while avoiding extreme damage to the lawn grass?

The answer is to aerate the lawn – using an aerator which pokes holes in the ground and loosens it. The holes allow oxygen and water to penetrate more deeply. This causes roots to go deeper, making the lawn more resistant to drought and disease.

According to The Lawn Institute, over two-thirds of American lawns are growing on compacted soils. The signs of compaction are tricky to detect: grass seems to be off-color, thinning and shows signs of stress in high temperatures. Because the grass is weak, it may be susceptible to disease and insect damage.

Aerating your lawn is not difficult but can be rather exhausting. Doc recommends contacting a yard service, check out their equipment and pricing. Often it’s not much more than aerating your lawn yourself.

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