Best Lawn Edger 2019

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Best lawn edger for 2019

Doc reviews what he thinks is the best VALUE when it comes to a gas powered lawn edger.  Keep in mind, he said best value.  Battery powered edgers simply don’t have the battery life needed for most. The reviews for battery lawn edgers are horrible. So Doc went shopping for a gas unit.

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Doc gives this lawn edger a B+ as far a GOOD VALUE.  The engine is a china made engine, not a Honda or Briggs, but let’s face it. You might only run it 10 – 15 hours a year. Just make sure you add gas treatment to the fuel of the edger.

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  • Manual recoil easy start fuel delivery system
  • Adjustable to 5 depth positions up to 2 ½-inch deep
  • Blade angle adjusts +/- 15 degrees for bevel edging capabilities
  • Metal frame and blade guard for increased durability
  • Triangular 3 point blade

Get the professional landscaping look without paying the professional price. The lawn edger is equipped with a 79cc OHV engine that delivers a powerful 3.5 foot pounds of torque. Starting the edger is simple and quick thanks to the manual recoil easy start. The three 9 inch triangular blades can be adjusted to five different depth positions to reach a cutting maximum of 2.5 inch. The blade can also be adjusted 15 degrees left or right for beveled edging.

No need to struggle with those rough spots around the curb, adjustable front and rear wheels provide a curb hopping ability to swiftly slice through those tough edges. The sturdy metal frame and blade guard ensure the ability to protect your edger for whatever your yard throws its way. The  lawn edger is easy to assemble, runs quietly, and can tackle those tricky edging spots leaving your lawn looking professionally manicured. The Southland lawn edger is backed by a 2 year limited warranty* and is EPA and CARB certified



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