Deer Repellent for Garden and Lawns

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There are many deer repellent products on the market, but most wear off or simply get ignored by the deer. Some can actually be toxic to your plants and soil.  This automatic deer repellent is actually a deer water shooter with auto sensing eyes.  It’s the BEST product on the market and works 100% of the time.

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  • Only deterrent sprinkler with both night and day detection options, so you can select different detection settings for different times of the day
  • 120-degree arc motion sensor with night only, day only, and always on activation modes, giving you the flexibility to ensure it only activates when you need it
  • Intelligent sensing technology for optimum water and battery conservation, in a way that sprays and deters unwanted animals without wasting water or energy
  • 35-foot adjustable impact sprinkler and 30 minute timed watering setting, so you can use it both as a pest deterrent and a regular sprinkler
  • Over 7,500 activation cycles on just 4 AA alkaline batteries, making for a long-lasting product that will keep your plants and gardens safe
  • Heavy-duty construction with metal dual step spike and brass hose connection for stability and durability


If you’re dead set on a spray… this one come highly recommended.

  •  Deer Repellent is proven the most effective long lasting spray on the market.
  •   is environmentally friendly, using only natural ingredients that stop deer browsing by using multiple smell and taste deterrents
  • Apply the spray directly on the surface of foliage to repel deer. It is readily diluted in water.  WILL NOT WASH OFF!
  •  is environmentally compatible and harmless to all wildlife including humans, pets, birds and aquatic life.
  • This ready-to-use formula comes with it’s own trigger sprayer.





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