How to Kill Armyworms

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How to Kill Armyworms in Lawn

This past year armyworms in the lawn were a huge problem.  The south east and Texas areas were hit very hard and we expect the same since we had a mild winter.  The product below will kill armyworms in the lawn as well as other pests.

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Tips on killing Armyworms

1- Armyworms need to come into contact with the DOUCIDE, so do a little planning.

2- Armyworms are surface feeders mainly and active in the early morning and in the evening hours.

3- Apply when rain is not expected for 24 hours.

4- After applying water lightly and wait for about 20-30 minutes.

5- Water again, lightly, and this will further disperse the granules.

Do not WATER IN HEAVY. Contact with the armyworms is needed.

Our favorite time to do this treatment is in the early evening as the sun gets lower in the sky. (like 6 or 7 pm)  The next morning you may see 100s of armyworms dead or dying.


Armyworm in Lawns Video

Armyworm Info

When a homeowner discovers an army of caterpillars marching across his lawn, devouring the Bermuda grass, this aphorism is proved true for the insect world as well! Armyworm caterpillars are incredibly voracious as they feed on Bermuda grass pastures and lawns in August and September.

The first signs are brown patches of Bermuda which rapidly grow bigger. The caterpillars feed at night, so the damage is not explainable at first. Your first sign of a fall armyworm infestation might be several birds clustered on a turf area. Although birds eat the caterpillars, they are no match for hundreds of them in one lawn.

As their numbers grow, entire lawns and fields can be eaten to the ground. The caterpillar is approximately 1 1/2 inch long, with white stripes down its body. There are usually two angled stripes on its head – joined to a longer stripe, the marking looks like a long “Y”.

If you have had army worms before, there is an easy early detection system: a gallon can with both ends removed and a bucket of soapy water. By plunging the can firmly into the turf and filling it with soapy water, caterpillars in hiding will quickly float to the surface. If more than five are found in the water, it’s time to treat.

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