setting beaver traps
Farm Life

Trapping Beavers

Setting Live Beaver Traps Doc sets the live beaver traps around the pond. The beaver damage is getting quite extensive and the beavers must be removed. Over 40 trees have been stripped by the beaver […]

lawn soil treatments
Bermuda Grass Care

Improving Lawn Soil

Yard Care Tips Improving Lawn Soil A full day of yard work on Monday and some soil testing results from HUMICHAR applications. A look at growing Bermuda grass in shade and using a spray supplement […]

lawn grubs and bugs
Bermuda Grass Care

Treating Lawn Grubs

Treating for Lawn Grubs and Armyworms Late summer and early fall bring on the subject and problem of armyworms and lawn grubs.  In this video Doc shows you how to break and treat the grub […]

lawn army worms
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Kill Lawn Army Worms

How to Kill Lawn Army Worms Army worms live in the thatch layer of your lawn. There is a two step process to totally kill army worms in your lawn.  Armyworms start to show up […]