lawn soil treatments
Bermuda Grass Care

Improving Lawn Soil

Yard Care Tips Improving Lawn Soil A full day of yard work on Monday and some soil testing results from HUMICHAR applications. A look at growing Bermuda grass in shade and using a spray supplement […]

lawn grubs and bugs
Bermuda Grass Care

Treating Lawn Grubs

Treating for Lawn Grubs and Armyworms Late summer and early fall bring on the subject and problem of armyworms and lawn grubs.  In this video Doc shows you how to break and treat the grub […]

lawn army worms
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Kill Lawn Army Worms

How to Kill Lawn Army Worms Army worms live in the thatch layer of your lawn. There is a two step process to totally kill army worms in your lawn.  Armyworms start to show up […]

vegetable garden disease insects
Around the House

How to Treat Vegetable Garden Disease and Insects

How to Treat Vegetable Garden Disease and Insects With the warm humid weather comes problems with our vegetable gardens.  Doc explains some simple steps on treating vegetable garden disease and fungus.  It’s just a fact […]

lawn fungus lawn insects
Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Disease and Lawn Insect Damage

Lawn Disease and Lawn Insect Damage The warmer temps and humid conditions of late spring bring lawn disease and often lawn insects.  Doc shows some of the damage that can be done to your when […]

carpenter bee control
Around the House

How to Control Carpenter Bees

How to Control Carpenter Bees Doc shows you a few methods to control and kill carpenter bees.  Carpenter bees can do a huge amount of structural damage to buildings, fences and decks.  The female carpenterbee […]

spring lawn grubs
Bermuda Grass Care

Spring Lawn Grubs

How to Kill Lawn Grubs Grubs remain in your lawn all winter long and now that spring is here it’s time to kill them if you have a grub lawn problem. Treating lawn grubs is […]

armadillo lawn damage
Bermuda Grass Care

Armadillo Lawn Damage

Armadillo Lawn Damage Doc shows you armadillo lawn damage due to the armadillos digging up grubs. Then he shows you how to prevent them from digging into your flower beds because armadillos also like to […]

kill armyworms in lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

🐛 Kill Armyworms in Lawns

Kill Armyworms in Lawn Lawn Armyworms can be found in most southern lawns but especially in Bermuda lawns.  The fall armyworm has a life cycle that keeps them in our lawns for up to 3 […]