Restore Bermuda Lawn

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Doc does an initial Bermuda lawn evaluation on a Bermuda grass lawn in need of repair. If you want to restore a Bermuda lawn see the tips below. Remember, Don’t SPOT over seed when restoring Bermuda turf if you can avoid it.

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To restore Bermuda lawns we fix the soil with cheap 10-10-10 fertilizer. After that we use the new PGF Complete fertilizer which is truly amazing and greens up lawns fast.

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Restore Bermuda Lawn

  1. Inspect the Bermuda lawn to determine whether over seeding is needed. (usually not) If it is, over seed the ENTIRE lawn.
  2. Before seeding treat weeds with broad leaf weed killer. Give the Bermuda lawn 2 weeks before seeding and water.
  3. Dethatch the Bermuda lawn to rough up the top 1/2″
  4. Apply 10-10-10
  5. Apply the Bermuda seed
  6. Water every day for 14 days.

Once the Bermuda lawn is established, roughly after 3-4 cuts, you can apply the PGF COMPLETE fertilizer.

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