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Yes, I’m excited.  I LOVE my Zero-G hoses but have wanted them to produce a 3/4″ version for over two years. Guess what has arrived? The new Zero-G Professional 3/4″ garden hose.

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The new 3/4″ pro garden hose from Zero-G 75 feet long and about $67


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This is the 100 foot version Doc uses in most of his videos. It’s a 5/8″ hose and is good for 95% of your needs. Runs about $50






Read these IMPORTANT points first…

Don’t buy the cheap Walmart version…

They make a BLUE version that is a mass market garden hose. It is 1/2″ and not the same quality as the ones below.

My Personal Experience

I have a total of 11, yes that is ELEVEN, of the Zero-G gray 5/8″ hoses. Some are over 3 years old and I have NEVER stored them inside. I’m a horrible HOSE DAD. I leave them out in the elements all year round, lying on the ground.  My neighbor Barb has 3 of these hoses. My shop has 4 of these hoses.  We have NEVER had one fail.  These are NOT the old EXPANDABLE hoses that came out years ago.  I have had those and ALL of them eventually failed.

Barb’s Hoses have sat outside hanging for over 2 years. No failures.

I have read some reviews and found some people that have had them fail. Not me. 



Why and when to use the PRO 3/4″ vs. 5/8″

This is where you need to understand PSI vs. GPH…  Pressure  vs. Volume…   90% of the time a 5/8″ hose is all you need. You get the same PRESSURE… PSI but a lower water VOLUME… GPH.  The one time this really comes into play for me is when running sprinklers. You need both pressure and volume.

Great Warranty

The standard hose comes with a 5 year warranty and the pro version comes with a 10 year warranty.  What else could you ask for on a “garden hose”.

Super Light

I often have to grab the hoses and haul them across the street to spray the neighbor’s yard.  I can grab 200 feet of hose and throw it over my shoulder. There is NO WAY I could do this with a rubber style hose. LOVE THEM.

Kink Resistant

Rubber hoses develop weak points over time, this is where they kink. The “material like” skin of the Zero G is soft and has no MEMORY.  Sure you’ll still get a kink once in while but I have found this to happen about 75% less than traditional hoses.


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