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Lawn Preemergent Application and Timing

When to apply your lawn pre-emergent.

Doc explains the QUARTER year method of using and applying lawn preemergent.  Using the 3 month or quarter year timing method we can better understand when we should apply preemergent to our lawns.  It’s always best to apply your preemergent a little earlier.

Pre-Emergent and Products

The granular pre-emergent below is available in both 18 and 50 lb bags.


Should be applied to ALL LAWNS AND ALL GRASSES.

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PGF Complete Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn Spreader Used in Video

Bermuda Lawn Guide


Spring Preemergent Zone Map

How Preemergents Work

Preemergence herbicides prevent germinated weed seedlings from becoming established; either by inhibiting the growth of the root, the shoot, or both. The herbicide must be incorporated into the soil via rainfall or irrigation, and be present when the weed seeds are germinating to be effective.

Preemergents have NO EFFECT on weed seeds.

Preemergents stay in the soil for a while, preventing weed growth. This is termed — residual. Over time the herbicides are degraded by soil microbes.
Reapplication is required before the concentration of the herbicide drops below the critical level required to control weeds.

Most preemergence herbicides will last between 8 and 12 weeks; however, some last longer and some shorter. Check the label and your Cooperative Extension agent for re-application guidelines in your area.


Preemergent herbicides which control grasses and a few broadleaf weeds may be used in many different planting situations, but those which are better on broadleaf weeds injure many ornamentals. More caution is needed when dealing with those herbicides or in planting situations (herbaceous perennial beds) where sensitive plants will be planted.



How and when to apply lawn preemergent
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How and when to apply lawn preemergent
Doc explains how to apply and when to apply your lawn preemergent. The proper application of pre-emergent will keep weeds out of the lawn for 3 months.
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