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New for 2020 Humic Acid and Biochar Blend

40 pound humichar


HUMICHAR™  is Doc’s TOP PICK for the 2020 New Product Awards, HUMICHAR™ is a 50/50 blend of SUPER high quality organic humic acid and biochar which is then formed into tiny DG particles that disburse in roughly 15 seconds after water is applied. 

Does this product replace Humic DG?
Yes, Doc is now replacing Humic DG with HUMICHAR™ in all his lawn programs.

Visit the website and learn more about this ground breaking product.

Will be available on Amazon late Feb 2020










From Texas A&M… “The most important limiting factor for microbial growth in soil (assuming moisture is adequate) is the abundance of available organic carbon sources. The vast majority of soil microbes require organic carbon compounds.”

The title of this post is of course subjective, but it’s not written on a whim.  Doc has been testing and studying humic acid and fulvic acid acid acid products designed for lawn care and the turf industry.  What he has found… ended up hurting his head.  It seems that all the humic lawn product companies want to spend more time telling you what’s wrong with other products, rather than telling you what is GOOD… about theirs. Andersons has invested a large amount of money in research, design, production, and testing. It has resulted in a GREAT humic lawn product that Doc now uses exclusively. We will be building a humic learning center.

humic dg lawn particles

Humic DG particles

HUMIC is a naturally occurring part of soil organic matter. HUMIC DG applies essential carbon and Humic substances which are key to soil health and plant growth. HUMIC DG contains three primary Humic substances –humic acid, fulvic acid and humin that act like building blocks for soil organic matter. These three basic components provide carbon as an essential element for healthy soil microbial activity and optimal plant growth. They improve the plant’s ability to take-in nutrients, including unlocking existing nutrients form the soil, and make them available to the plant for a longer period of time. The Andersons Humic DG is especially effective on sandy soils due to increasing CEC (cation exchange capacity.) As a homogenous prill granule, our product is easy to handle and spread. The humic acid granules were designed by a patented DG process that is activated by moisture to disperse the granules. This increases surface area exposure and ensures quick incorporation into the soil.

Great info from Humic Trade Association

Humic Substances are the dark colored substances that remain after the natural biodegradation of biomatter, and whose distinct characteristics are their relative resistance to further biodegradation and highly heterogeneous molecular structure.

Humic Acids is a broad term used in commerce and science to identify a class of isolated compounds that can be extracted from natural humic substances in a number of ways, typically with alkali solutions, and then precipitated from the alkaline aqueous solutions by acidification.

Fulvic Acids is a broad term used in commerce and science to identify a class of isolated compounds extracted from natural humic substances that are soluble in both alkali and acidic aqueous solutions.

Humic Products are composed either in part or primarily of humic substances, humic acids and/or fulvic acids.

Humic products have been utilized for many years in turf and landscape applications as natural chelators, soil conditioners, and nutrient enhancers. Humic products are typically used in turf management to help retain soil moisture, stabilize nutrients, and to increase nutrient efficiency. Because of their effects on soil microbial activity, some of indirect effects of humic substances are:

  • Increase soil aeration
  • Positive impact on soil structure
  • Improved drainage

Humic substances are complex long chain carbon materials that interact with nutrients, soil colloids and microbes in soil-plant root zone, called the rhizosphere. They primarily influence micronutrient interactions and soil health, which are essential to plant root development and plant health. The chemically active fractions of humic substances are called Humic and Fulvic acids.

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